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Catalog # CRCP-10130
CRCP-10129 (limited edition)
Composers Gackt
Arrangers Gackt, Chachamaru
Producers Gackt
Publisher Nippon Crown
CD Info 1 CD - 4 Tracks (DVD w/limited edition)
Length 15:22
Release date January 25, 2006

REDEMPTION is a single of the opening and ending themes to Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-, sung by Gackt, a Japanese musician who also voiced and was used as a template for the character Genesis Rhapsodos. Also included are "karaoke" instrumental versions of said songs. Versions included in the game and on the single differ a bit by length.

Track ListEdit

1. "Redemption" 3:59
2. "Longing" 3:57
3. "Redemption" (Inst.) 3:58
4. "Longing" (Inst.) 3:58

Limited EditionEdit


Limited Edition cover.

A limited edition version of this single was released on the same day, and included a DVD of the official "Redemption" music video, and a music video using FMV footage from Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-.

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