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The Secundus l'Cie of the White Tiger Crystal, Qun'mi possesses the special ability to manipulate all sorts of armaments and amplify their powers beyond mortal limits. Confident and perhaps even conceited, she does not take kindly to being outdone or upstaged. That said, she has not been a l'Cie for very long, so she has acquiesced to her current position--for now.

Qun'mi Tru'e (クンミ・トゥルーエ, Kunmi Turūe?) is a non-player character in Final Fantasy Type-0. A recent Secundus l'Cie of the White Tiger Crystal, she is a confident woman who draws out the power of weapons in battle in conjunction with her magitek mech Dáinsleif.



FFT0 Qun'mi


Her attire is similar to many other normal Militesi, with brown boots, off-grey overalls and brown gloves. Some of the main differences features are her breastplate, pauldrons, and high collar. Her main identifying feature is her helmet, shaped like a tiger's head and sporting a feline mask. Her l'Cie brand is located just above her right breast. Beneath her helmet, she has short pale blonde hair and brown eyes. When her brand is activated, her eyes turn bright green. According to the Crimson Codex, Qun'mi is 24 years old and 160cm tall.


Is this the best the Dominion has to offer?

Unlike many other existing l'Cie, Qun'mi has a strong and distinct personality, being a new addition to the l'Cie of Orience. Her primary trait is a high level of confidence in her own abilities and Militesi superiority. She also shows disdain for weak or predictable enemies weaker than her. However, she can also understand and empathize with those who wish to protect what they value. Much of her personality is shown during her confrontations with Machina Kunagiri.


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Final Fantasy AgitoEdit

FFAgito Qun'mi Icon

In Final Fantasy Agito, Qun'mi invades the Magic Academy.

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Final Fantasy Type-0Edit

Qun'mi admires Marshal Cid Aulstyne and helped him develop the crystal jammer. Leading an invasion squad against Akademeia, Qun'mi uses a crystal jammer to disable the academy's defenses as she holds the city hostage for Cid Aulstyne. She encounters resistance when confronted by Machina Kunagiri and Rem Tokimiya in battle. She uses Dáinsleif's crystal jammer to put the pair at a disadvantage and easily overpowers them, before entering the magitek armor to finish them off. Ace, Seven, and Jack come to their aid, summoning Odin to cripple Dáinsleif. After the Class Zero members do further damage to the magitek, Dáinsleif explodes with Qun'mi falling back with her surviving forces amid the explosion. The crystal jammer inside the magitek armor is destroyed.

Machina & Qun'mi

Machina finds a dying Qun'mi.

Though she managed to escape Dáinsleif's destruction, Qun'mi is involved in a later mission - Operation Northern Dawn - the mission to drop the Ultima Bomb on the Black Peristylium. Using her l'Cie powers, she enhances the damage of the bomb ensuring the destruction of the Lorican Alliance only for things to go awry. She finds herself fused into the Lorican ground. Seeing Machina, she willingly transfers her l'Cie brand and powers unto Machina, her helmet falling off while entering crystal stasis. Machina takes up Qun'mi's helmet as he becomes a l'Cie.

She helped design teknology that replicated her power, the so-called "Engine 9" and thus made herself obsolete in the eyes of Marshal Cid, preferring to use Nimbus in subsequent sorties.


Main article: Dáinsleif (Boss)

Dáinsleif is the final boss of Mission 1-1. It is fought twice, first by Odin, then by Ace, Jack, and Seven.


Qun'mi is voiced by Megumi Toyoguchi in the Japanese version of Final Fantasy Type-0. She shares her Japanese voice actress with Elena from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Gun (Female) from Last Order -Final Fantasy VII-, Paine from Final Fantasy X-2, and Aqua from the Kingdom Hearts series. In the English version, Qun'mi is voiced by Aimée Castle.

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Final Fantasy ArtniksEdit

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Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

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