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Quina is a playable character in Final Fantasy IX. S/he is a Blue Mage and can cast Blu Mag spells obtained from enemies by consuming the enemy who possesses the attack. S/he equips forks as weapons, which deal random damage. While not possessing as high a Magic stat as the other mage characters, Blue Magic grants Quina versatility.

Cinna is an early temporary character whose levels (not statistics) are transferred to Quina, should Cinna's level be higher than the party average upon Quina's joining.

Though some localizations treat Quina as a female, the game mechanics treat him/her more as a male. Quina is affected by the Lamia's "Entice" ability, like all male characters. If Quina is weakened, Zidane will not take damage in place of him/her with his "Protect Girls" ability like he does to Dagger, Freya, and Eiko. Even Beatrix would be protected if Zidane fought alongside her. The Rubber Suit that can only be equipped by female characters, cannot be equipped by Quina.

Party memberEdit



Quina joins the party.

Quina can be recruited to the party on disc 1 after first leaving Lindblum on foot. The party is supposed to make its way to Gizamaluke's Grotto, but if they visit the Mist Continent Qu's Marsh, they can meet with Quina and Quale, the latter asking for the party to take Quina along. If the player forgoes visiting the marsh, Quina will not be recruited and the player must complete Gizamaluke's Grotto, Burmecia and Cleyra with a three-member party.

After Cleyra, Quina leaves the party and returns to the marsh to again join the party when it next visits, this time as a mandatory part of the story, looking for a route to the Outer Continent. If the player never recruited Quina before, the same recruitment event takes place. If the player had already recruited Quina previously, the party members are surprised to find Quina alive, and s/he explains how s/he ended up back at the marsh.


Support abilitiesEdit

Quina's ability repertoire is geared toward magic rather than physical fighting, although s/he does learn Counter. Quina takes far longer to learn the Trance-boosting High Tide ability than any other character, bu all his/her weapons possess High Tide (and only this ability).

Quina's unique abilities are Millionaire, which allows the party earn more gil from battles, and Absorb MP, which lets Quina gain as much MP as the cast ability required when struck by an enemy's spell when s/he has no MP left.

Name Learned From AP
Auto-Reflect Reflect Ring 75
Auto-Float Feather Boots 40
Auto-Haste Running Shoes 70
Auto-Regen Golden Hairpin, Glutton's Robe, Light Robe 30
Auto-Life Rebirth Ring 165
MP+10% Magician Robe, Magician Cloak, Magician Shoes, Emerald 50
Healer Garnet 60
Add Status Feather Hat, Twist Headband, Bone Wrist, Bracer, Chimera Armlet, Glass Buckle 35
Gamble Defense Adaman Hat, Twist Headband, Power Vest 40
Half MP Light Robe, Protect Ring 90
High Tide Fork, Needle Fork, Mythril Fork, Silver Fork, Bistro Fork, Gastro Fork, Dark Hat, Jade Armlet, Gaia Gear, Sapphire 250
Counter Ritual Hat, Power Vest, Power Belt 55
Body Temp Holy Miter, Jade Armlet, Glutton's Robe, Fairy Earrings, Madain's Ring, Diamond 20
Level Up Egoist's Armlet, Fairy Earrings, Rosetta Ring 60
Ability Up Green Beret, Silk Robe, Ribbon, Lapis Lazuli 40
Millionaire Yellow Scarf 100
Insomniac Bandana, Holy Miter, Gaia Gear, Magician Cloak, Coral Ring 40
Antibody Mantra Band, Glass Armlet, Glutton's Robe, Survival Vest, Glass Buckle 20
Jelly Circlet, Dark Hat, Dragon Wrist, Bronze Vest, Dark Gear 35
Absorb MP Promist Ring 80
Auto-Potion Magician Robe, Demon's Vest, Mythril Vest, Gold Choker, Running Shoes 30
Loudmouth Mage's Hat, Golden Hairpin, Silk Robe 30
Locomotion Black Hood, Golden Skullcap, Demon's Vest, Survival Vest 20
Clear Headed Circlet, Green Beret, Lamia's Tiara, Magic Armlet, Dark Gear, Magician's Shoes 25


FFIX Eat Command

Quina eats an enemy.

When an enemy drops below 25% of its maximum HP, Quina can eat it, defeating the enemy instantly, and teaching Quina any Blue Magic abilities available from the enemy in question. Not all enemies can be eaten, such as humanoid enemies and bosses.

The Eat command is required for obtaining new Blue Magic skills. If successful, the enemy is killed and Quina will learn a new skill. Each skill can only be learned once and eating more of the same type of enemy does not increase the attack's power or accuracy.

If the player is trying to learn a Blue Magic ability from a fairly weak enemy and is worried about killing it before Quina can eat it, they may want to try using a Demi-based ability or Quina's Blue Magic Matra Magic, that reduces an opponent's HP to 1.

Blue MagicEdit

Blue Magic is versatile but often MP-costly. Quina's Blue Magic includes series's staples like Mighty Guard that grants Protect and Shell to the party, the White Wind healing spell and the level-based Instant Death spell Level 5 Death. Quina's Frog Drop is powered up by catching frogs and can become one of the most powerful attacks in the game.



When in Trance, the "Eat" command is replaced with the "Cook" command. As opposed to "Eat", "Cook" will work on an enemy whose HP has fallen below 50% of its maximum.


Quina uses forks as weapons. Despite their odd appearance, they can be powerful. Forks deal random damage, and the odds of dealing higher damage are not affected by Quina's row placement, and thus it may be a good idea to leave Quina in the back row. All but two of his/her forks are imbued with status effects; Quina's Needle Fork is a useful weapon acquired early in the game that can inflict Petrification with the Add Status ability. The ultimate fork is the Gastro Fork acquired after catching 99 frogs in the various swamps around the world and defeating Quale.


Frog catchingEdit


Quina on a marsh with frogs.

When Quina is in the party, the player can play a frog catching minigame at the Qu's Marshes around the world to earn rewards. Catching 99 frogs is a required to earn Quina's ultimate weapon. More frogs spawn gradually after being caught, but return faster if the player leaves a male and female behind rather than catching all frogs. A golden frog can also spawn randomly to a marsh, which expedites the rate the frogs spawn. Catching frogs also powers up Quina's Frog Drop spell.

Visiting Quan's dwellingEdit


Gourmands' reunion.

If both Quina and Vivi are in the party, and the player visits Quan's Dwelling after obtaining the Hilda Garde III, Quina has a vision of food on the stone table. After some dialogue, Quale, Quan and Vivi enter, Quan saying a gourmand is nothing without an imagination, telling that Quina is on the right track. Afterwards, the player can look into the clock to receive a pair of Running Shoes.

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