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Quimperain is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XIV. He is a retainer of House Durendaire in the service of Jannequinard. When seen in battle, he is seen to go by the name Quimperain Evertrue.





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Quimperain is tasked by Jannequinard to assist him, Leveva, and the Warrior of Light during the Astrologian job quests. Though he willingly carries out his master's orders, he initially confides his skepticism of Sharlayan astrology. This stance gradually changes as he sees first-hand how effective the art is in combat as used by Leveva and the Warrior of Light (though he admits he wouldn't trust Jannquinard's lackluster effort).

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Quimperiain appears in many instanced duties during the Astrologian job quests. He primarily serves a tank on behalf of the Warrior of Light, Jannequinard, and Leveva, and as such must be kept healed during combat.

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