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Quetzalli - FF6 iOS
This magical bird gives the party Jump Attack. You can't be attacked while jumping.
Final Fantasy VI PlayStation esper section

Quetzalli (ケーツハリー, Kētsuharī?), also known as Palidor, is a recurring creature in the Final Fantasy series.


Final Fantasy VIEdit


Sonic Dive

Quetzalli is an esper in Final Fantasy VI, originally translated as Palidor. It is obtained by returning to the Solitary Island after obtaining the Falcon and going to the beach on the island. Its summon attack, Sonic Dive, allows the entire party to perform a Jump attack. Characters that are under Petrify, Sleep, Stop, Hidden, or Frozen will not jump. It costs 61 MP to summon, and it teaches the following spells:

Through Setzer's Slot battle command, there's a chance the player can summon a random esper without having the equipped Quetzalli's magicite.

Final Fantasy XIEdit


Roc 2 (FFXI)

The Quetzalli from Final Fantasy XI.

The Quetzalli is a Notorious Monster of the Roc family that appears in Abyssea - Tahrongi in the Vision of Abyssea expansion. It casts spells such as Fire V, Firaga IV, and Flare, and uses Benediction repeatedly throughout the battle, fully recovering all HP.



Quetzalí is the name given to a young Quetzal. The word originates from the Nahuatl language, the primary language of the Aztecs. The word Quetzalli translates into English as "large brilliant tail feather". The root quetz means "to stand up", accurately describing the position of the quetzal's colorful posterior plumage.

Palidór is Romanian for "pale".

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