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Flowers for AllEdit

  • Start NPC: Starts automatically after character creation
  • Reward: Velodyna Cosmos
  • Repeatable: No
  • Required Level: 1

Journal EntriesEdit

A mysterious, dreamlike voice rouses you from your slumber. Upon awakening, you find that you arrived in Ul'dah. Now you need only speak to whomever you meet, and seek out adventure wherever it lies.

A grand procession is passing on Ul'dah's main road, and all are enjoying the festivities. But an enormous goobbue under control of a conjurer breaks loose and wrecks havoc on the town and its people. Together with Niellefresne and Thancred, subdue the beast and save the innocent bystanders.

Court in the SandsEdit

  • Start NPC: Momodi - Ul'dah (4,6)
  • Reward: 6000 gil, 200 EXP
  • Repeatable: No
  • Required Level: 1

Journal EntriesEdit

You have found the famous Quicksand, the Ul'dahn branch of the Adventurers' Guild, and had the pleasure of meeting its proprietor, Momodi, who caters to the whims of the region's adventurers with the tough love of a mother. Speak to Momodi again to learn even more of the your brethren and their exploits in the south.

Momodi of the Quicksand has urged you to venture forth to Camp Black Brush and attune yourself with the aetheryte located there. Camp Black Brush is closest of Thanalan's camps to the city. Any fledgling adventurer equipped with an adequate map should have minimal trouble finding it.

Upon attuning to the aetherye (sic) found at Camp Black Brush, Momodi of the Quicksand promptly contacted you via the linkpearl she fashioned you with earlier. She confessed to unabashedly smuggling a guildleve amongst your belongings, leaving the decision to undertake or not completely up to you. Whatever you choose to do, return to the Quicksand once you have adventured to your heart's content.

Speak again to Momodi, proud proprietor of the Quicksand.

Momodi of the Adventurers' Guild has told you of some of the other guilds to which Ul'dah is home. She has also suggested that the Velodyna Cosmos you obtained at the parade may well fetch a hefty sum from the goldsmiths of Eshtaime's Lapidaries. In addition, you have learned that the fighting at the Coliseum, home of the sword-wielding gladiators, is another means of earning potentially enormous sums of gil - should you be victorious. Visit these guilds and see what Ul'dah has to offer, using your map should you have need of it.

Visiting the Coliseum and Eshtaime's Lapidaries yielded a wealth of new information. Use your linkpearl to contact Momodi and speak to her of what you have learned.

Momodi has taught you of the Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern in Ul'dah, home to the Miner's Guild. Visit the Concern to continue in your efforts to learn all there is to know of this majestic city.

You witnessed an altercation of sorts break own at Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern. It seems the thaumaturge Corguevais has stolen away into the shafts illegally with the intention of mining up whatever valuable ores and gems he could. Speak to the Songstress of Ul'dah, F'lhaminn, to discovery some method of quelling the donnybrook.

F'lhaminn was kind enough to teach you the expressive motions "furious," "beckon," "laugh," "deny," "upset," and "soothe." Use them wisely, and put and (sic) end to Corguevais's persecution at the hands of the enraged miners.

Your timely expressions spared Corguevais a horrible fate at the hands of the miners. Immediately afterwards, the Lalafell twin brothers Popokkuli and Seserukka appeared and chased off those causing the trouble. Speak to F'lhaminn to make learn what you might of events at the Miners; Guild.

The miners will not tolerate illegal mining within the shafts. You have been charged to take word of stricter punishments being levied against perpetrators to the poor living beyond the city. F'lhaminn has offered to go along with you. Prepare for the journey and meet her at the Gate of Nald in the north of the city.

You arrived safely at Camp Black Brush together with F'lhaminn to find people there in an agitated state. The camp had just come under attack from a beast of some sort, and a small girl names Ascilia was narrowly rescued from its clutches. When the thaumaturge Corguevais attempted to tend to her, she shied away from him and broke into a fit of crying. Try to talk to Ascilia and find out the cause of her tears.

Your conversation with the camp leader revealed that a great disaster once occurred in Ul'dah's mines under the operation of Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern. The Concern taking whatever measures it must to prevent another such tragedy from happening. Your task complete, return to the Miners' Guild with F'lhaminn.

F'lhaminn paid you her thanks for traveling to the camp with her. Contact Momodi of the Adventurers' Guild and tell her your tale.

Disaster has struck in the mines, and the dead and injured are vast. Go to Frondale's Phrontistery, using your map if need be, and see if there is any work to be had.

Within Frondale's Phrontistery, you find Master Faustigeant and Checheroya speaking about the accident in the mines. Upon learning that you have come to help, Master Faustigeant has ordered you to make the rounds of the sickrooms.

In one of the Phrontistery's sickrooms, you fin young Ascilia, mourning the death of her father, Warburton. As Corguevais attempts to comfort her, she reveals that her father had said Ul'dah was in great danger, but she knows no further details. She has no family left to her, and no coin to pay for a proper funeral for her father. Contact Momodi of the Adventurers' Guild and tell her of this latest development.

Momodi has asked that you come and see her. Return to the Quicksand with all haste.

Golden SacrificesEdit

  • Start NPC: Momodi - Ul'dah (4,6)
  • Reward: 15000 gil, 300 EXP
  • Repeatable: No
  • Required Level: 8

Journal EntriesEdit

According to Momodi, a person inquiring into the warding properties Velodyna cosmos has been exiled from the city. In the midst of your conversation, Thancred entered and the topic turned to rumors of war with the Empire and Garlean spies in Ul'dah. It seems that Niellefresne and his companions have been convening at the Platinum Mirage to discuss the prospects of fighting against the Empire. Learn what you can by speaking to others adventurers in the area.

Momodi has introduced you to an opening at the Platinum Mirage, and marked the location on your map. Speak to the attendant at the front of the establishment and see what they have to offer.

Gagaruna of the Platinum Mirage had directed you to enter the gambling halls beyond the lobby. You need do no more than walk through the doors.

Walking the halls of the Platinum Mirage, you are stopped by a Lalafell named Qoqoba standing before a door. Beyond lies a room frequented by Ul'dah's elite for their high-stakes pleasures, and suddenly you hear signs of an argument coming from within. It seems that Niellefresne and Greinfarr have been gambling, and the latter is accusing their opponent, Thancred, of cheating. Speak to them to learn more of what has transpired.

Thancred wagered against Niellefresne and the others in an attempt to have the truth out of them. The incident at the parade was orchestrated by Niellefresne in an attempt to make himself and his companions seem as heroes to the townspeople. However, they are shocked and saddened when they learn that a man has died as a result of their scheming. Remaining after the others leave, you are regarded suspiciously by an employee of the Platinum Mirage, and escorted out. Contact Momodi by linkpearl to speak of what you have learned.

Momodi informs you that none other then the Songstress of Ul'dah, F'lhaminn herself, has been by The Quicksand looking for you. Find your way to the Weaver's Guild at Sunsilk Tapestries and seek her out.

Deaustie of Sunsilk Tapestries tells you that you may find F'lhaminn at a place in northern Thanalan where she regularly goes to rehearse her art, and was kind enough to mark it on your map. Travel there and find F'lhaminn.

You find F'lhaminn precisely where Deaustie said you would. With her are the Lalafell twins of the Miners' Guild, Popokkuli and Seserukka, and the nature of their conversation is serious business. While speaking to F'lhaminn after the twins depart, Ascilia appears. Talk to her and listen to what she has to say.

The thaumaturge Corguevais comes while you are speaking to Ascilia and reveals that he and her father were here for the same purpose. He attempts to give Ascilia gil enough for her father's funeral, but she refuses and lashes out at him. Dejected, Corguevais leaves, after which F'lhaminn tells you that the thaumaturges are rumored to have the power to commune with the dead. Contact Momodi with your linkpearl to see if she has any sage advice to offer.

Momodi informs you that the thaumaturges, of Order of Nald'thal reside in Arrzaneth Ossuary in Ul'dah. As an adventurer, you can easily be welcomed there as a novice thaumaturge. Use you map and visit the Ossuary grounds.

Yayake of the thaumaturges greets you at Arrzaneth Ossuary, and just as you inquire about communion with the deceased, Guildmaster Mumuepo himself enters. By what power you know not, Mumuepo divines that it was F'lhaminn who spoke to you of the dark arts and sent you to the thaumaturges to discover more. You must find someone else among the thaumaturges who may know more.

The funeral rites for Ascilia's father, Warburton, are underway at Arrzaneth Ossuary. Based on a conversation between Mumuepo and F'lhaminn, it would seem that there is no thaumaturgical means of resurrecting the dead. But as the funeral draws to a close, you notice a familiar figure lurking among the shadows. Speak to him to see what has brought him.

Speaking to Niellefresne at Warburton's funeral gained you nothing but his typical curtness. Seek out and speak to Mumuepo of the thaumaturges to see if he might have any further information.

Within the halls of Arrzaneth Ossuary, you come across Mumuepo and Corguevais conversing. After Corguevais retires, Mumuepo insists to you that there is no means known to the Order of resurrecting the dead, bringing you to an impasse of sorts. Contact Momodi, who always proves to be helpful in these situations.

Upon contacting Momodi by linkpearl, she requests that you come by The Quicksand to see her. Best do as she says.

Calamity ComethEdit

  • Start NPC: Momodi - Ul'dah (4,6)
  • Reward: 30000 gil, 500 EXP, unlocks Parley, unlocks Path of the Twelve storyline
  • Repeatable: No
  • Required Level: 13

Journal EntriesEdit

Momodi, matron of the Quicksand, has informed you that a group of the city guard has hastily left the city by chocobo. Travel to the chocobo stables to learn what you can of their destination.

Rururaji of the chocobo stables has told you that the city guard was indeed dispatched after receiving word of some kind of trouble. Among them was the Songstress of Ul'dah, F'lhaminn, who looked to be visibly panicked. The group seems to have set out after the exiled thaumaturge Corguevais, who made off with the young Ascilia. Does me mean to take her and return to Ala Mhigo? Set out by chocobo coach and give pursuit.

In the northwest of central Thanalan, you find Niellefresne and his companions, who have come upon the fleeing Corguevais. Ascilia has discovered that it was the scheming of Niellefresne and the others that caused her father's death. Raging, she reveals that the threat which they suspect to be the Garlean Empire is actually something far worse. But what could this be...? Niellefresne attempts to learn more from Corguevais, but the thaumaturge reveals only that he has no intentions of letting the companions live. it is he who now holds the mysterious horn, and he uses it to summon a swarm of minemites which attack the others. Join forces with them to defeat the beasts and escape alive.

You and the others mange to defeat the minemites, but F'lhaminn sustained wounds and has been taken to Frondale's Phrontistery. What will become of her? And of the child, Ascilia? Visit the Phrontistery to learn more.

In the Phrontistery, you are greeted by a young alchemist named Damielliot. He informs you that F'lhaminn's wounds are indeed grievous. Seek out her sickroom and visit her.

You find Niellefresne and his companions gathered in a sickroom, attempting to make sense of what they have heard and all that has come to pass. Could Corguevais be a Garlean spy? What threat could be greater than that of the Empire? F'lhaminn proposes that they speak to Thancred to learn more, though he too has been exiled from Ul'dah. Where could he be?

You come upon Damielliot, fallen in a corridor. The Phrontistery immediately becomes enveloped in a chaos as all move to help the young alchemist. There is nothing left to be done. Leave the Phrontistery and contact Momodi at the Adventurers' Guild.

As always, Momodi has provided you with valuable information. An exile has recently been sighted in the vicinity of Camp Black Brush, and members of the city guard have been dispatched to deal with the situation. Head for Camp Black Brush with all haste.

Arriving at Camp Black Brush, you meet Qoqoba of the Platinum Mirage. While speaking with her, Greinfarr arrives with the captured Thancred. You learn that Niellefresne has set about investigating the matter of the danger which threatens Ul'dah, and means to make use of the dark arts of the thaumaturges to resurrect Ascilia's dead father and question him-news which greatly distresses Thancred. Follow the three of them back to Ul'dah and visit Arrzaneth Ossuary.

You find Thancred and F'lhaminn at Arrzaneth Ossuary searching for Niellefresne. He is found lying on the cold floor of an underground cemetery, barely breathing, with Ascilia crouched by his side, shaking in terror. When you approach her, the Echo begins to reverberate and suddenly you find yourself alone...

Finding yourself again in the underground cemetery, you come upon Mumuepo and Niellefresne talking. They are discussing the thaumaturgy of resurrecting the dead, but upon opening Warburton's corpse, Niellefresne is stabbed through from behind, murdered in cold blood.You are returned suddenly to the present, Thancred having witnessed the power of the Echo that resides within you. At the same time, as some sort of ill-fated omen, dark storm clouds blacken the sky, and a rain of meteors begins to fall in all directions. Amidst the chaos and terror, Thancred gazes upward, realizing that the danger spoken of by all threatens not only Ul'dah, but all of Eorzea. With the muttering of his words, you suddenly feel light-headed...You are wakened as if from a dream by the calling of your name.

Upon opening your eyes, you find yourself in Hourglass in Ul'dah. Momodi of the Quicksand tells you that you were found unconscious and brought safely to the Adventurers' Guild by a girl by the name of Minfilia. She has asked that you come and see her at the Waking Sands in the Merchants Ward when you are able.