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Shapeless MelodyEdit

  • Start NPC: Starts automatically after character creation
  • Reward: Baloonfish
  • Repeatable: No
  • Required Level: 1

Journal EntriesEdit

You wake to the soft sound of singing, yet upon looking around, you see no one resembling a songstress. Perhaps one of the other passengers knows something.

When your exploration of the hold leads you above decks, you find the ship has sailed into the midst of a mighty storm. To make matters worse, a horde of slavering sea beasts has spilled onto the ship and begun to harass her hopelessly outnumbered crew. Join Sthalmann and Y'shtola in battle, and help them to repel the aurelias.

The storm has retreated,and with it the aurelias. However, several mysteries remain, the biggest being the colossal beast which you witnessed leap forth from the depths and nearly destroy the ship. Now that you have safely arrived in Limsa Lominsa, perhaps it is best to start by gathering information that may help shed light on the events that occurred on your journey.

Treasures of the MainEdit

  • Start NPC: Hob - Limsa Lominsa (3-5)
  • Reward: Baderon's Recommendation, Baloonfish, 6000 gil, 200 exp
  • Repeatable: No
  • Required Level: 1

Journal EntriesEdit

Captain Hob has escorted you to the Drowning Wench, also known as the Adventurer's Guild, and introduced you to her proprietor, Baderon. After speaking with several of the guild's patrons, talk with Baderon once again to see if he has any advice for a fledgling adventurer such as yourself.

Baderon has suggested that you visit Camp Bearded Rock, located just beyond Zephyr Gate leading out of Limsa Lominsa. Once you have arrived, place your hands upon the aetheryte and attune yourself with the crystal. This will allow for swift travel to the location in the future.

Shortly after attuning with Camp Bearded Rock's aetheryte crystal, you receive a message from Baderon's private linkpearl. It seems he has gifted you with a "guildleve," granting you access to a simple levequest. Whether you accept the quest or not is up to you. However, Baderon would like to speak with you in person when you reach a lull in your adventures.

Baderon has told you about a few of the city's other guilds and how they may be able to provide you with a means of earning some coin. The Culinarians' Guild --the Bismarck-- is always interested in purchasing some rare, deep-sea delicacies, while rumor has it that the Musketeers' Guild, headquartered in the Coral Tower, is recruiting adventurers for enlistment in a provisional unit of the Knights of the Barracuda. Use your map to find both locations.

To learn more about Limsa Lominsa, Baderon has suggested you visit Fisherman's Bottom. There you will find the pullers--the city's hard-working fishermen and women.

Now that you have learned a few of the hand signals, Sisipu believes that you are ready to escort her to the lighthouse. After making the necessary preparations, travel to Zephyr Gate where the puller awaits.

After successfully rendezvousing with Sisipu at Zephyr Gate, you must now escort the young Lalafell to Oschon's Torch in southern La Noscea, protecting her from any over-inquisitive beasts you encounter along the way.

You have arrived at the lighthouse, but something seems amiss. Search the area and see if you cannot find anything of interest.

While investigating a body lying in the grass, you spy two pullers having a hushed conversation near the lighthouse. After the pullers depart, you turn to find Sisipu is nowhere in sight. Quickly find her before something else does.

Payment for services rendered awaits you at the Fishermen's Guild. Hurry and collect it before the frugal Wawalago changes his mind.

Now that you have your reward, return to the Adventurers' Guild and see if Baderon has any more work for you.

Baderon has suggested you pay a visit to Naldiq & Vymelli's--Limsa Lominsa's premiere shipyard and home to both the Blacksmiths' and Armorers' Guilds.

Bodenolf of Naldiq & Vymelli's has told you to speak with Guildmaster H'naanza, for he will only admit those who have earned her favor. However, upon locating the guildmaster, your conversation is rudely interrupted by the unexpected appearance of the Knights of the Barracuda, whose fleet, it seems, has fallen victim to a Sahagin ambush. After assessing the situation, speak with H'naanza again and ask if there is anything you can do.

Since hearing the news about the Sahagin attack, H'naanza's mood has taken a turn for the worse. It is best you leave her for the time being and speak with Bodenolf once more.

You have just witnessed a heated conversation between H'naanza and a besotted pirate calling himself Rostnsthal, and neither are currently inclined to speak with you. Contact Baderon and find out what he makes of the situation.

Legends AdriftEdit

  • Start NPC: Baderon - Limsa Lominsa (7-5)
  • Reward: 15000 gil, 300 Exp
  • Repeatable: No
  • Required Level: 8

Journal EntriesEdit

Rumors about a mysterious island called Seal Rock are ever prevalent amongst the common folk of Limsa Lominsa. Word has it that while the Sahagin were ambushing the Knights of the Barracuda, a pirate gang known as the Kraken's Arms slipped by the fleet and landed on the rock. Speak with a few more of the Wench's patrons and see if you cannot glean any more useful information.

The outsider known as Y'shtola has revealed to you she is searching for a shadowless man accused of assisting the Sahagin. Answers may be found on the Astalicia - a rat-infested galleon frequented exclusively by pirates, miscreants, and rabble-rousers - though it would be wise to hear Baderon's opinion on the place before attempting anything rash.

Baderon had told you about the Astalicia and how it doubles as the aptly named Marauders' Guild. Locate the galleon using your map, and see if you cannot get any additional information on Seal Rock there.

Just as you seem certain to be gutted by a gang of pirates on the Astalica, the galleon is raided by the Knights of the Barracuda, who are searching for a young bandit named Emerick. While the Knights ransack the ship, you may resume your information gathering without fear of evisceration.

The Knights of the Barracuda have found what they came for and left the Astalicia. With the resident pirates still fuming about the Knights' intrusion, it may be best for you to follow suit, and void the premises.

Having exhausted all your leads, perhaps it is time to contact Baderon and ask if he has heard anything.

According to Baderon, a Lalafell named Sisipu is searching for you. Head to Fisherman's Bottom and discover her motives.

For some unfathomable reason, Sisipu has revealed to you the location of a secret fishing hole. Could it be that Sisipu has become smitten with you? Hurry to the meeting-place and find out!

When you arrive at the location indicated by Sisipu, you soon realize you are not alone; Thalassocratic Navy 1st Squadron Commodore Sthalmann has also made the journey to the puller's secret fishing spot. After a lengthy conversation with the commodore, you learn that he believe the young pirate Emerick to be the one responsible for betraying his squadron to the Sahagin, though he admits many of the details still elude him. Sthalmann finally asks that you keep an eye on Sisipu, but she is content to return to the city unescorted, having finished her fishing. Contact Baderon and let him know what you have learned.

The assessors at Mealvaan's Gate wish to question you. To avoid any trouble with the thalassocratic authorities, it is best you hurry to the custom-house and set matters straight.

It seems the custom-house believes you have to return a firearm lent to you during a recruitment evaluation in the Coral Tower. However, before you can prove your innocence, Rhoswen and her band of pirates - known as the Sanguine Sirens - raid the building, holding everyone at swordpoint while they search the place for their quarry: the young pirate, Emerick.

You cross paths once again with the mysterious Y'shtola, learning she is much more than she seems. Not only can she hold her own in a fight against great odds, but she also had inexplicable knowledge of the circumstances surrounding Seal Rock and its treasures. After deciphering an ancient message carves upon a tablet shown to her by First Assessor J'arhll, Y'shtola realizes what she must do next and hurls herself into the heard of the battle. Considering how poorly you might fare on your own, it is probably in your best interest to follow her lead.

Never the Twain Shall MeetEdit

  • Start NPC: Baderon - Limsa Lominsa (7-5)
  • Reward: 30000 gil, 500 Exp, unlocks Parley, unlocks Path of the Twelve storyline.
  • Repeatable: No
  • Required Level: 13

Journal EntriesEdit

Baderon has provided you with invaluable information about Emerick. It seems the young man was once rumored to be held prisoner on one of the Knights of the Barracuda galleons anchored far offshore from Limsa Lominsa. Captain Hob, whose ship is in port near Fisherman's Bottom, might be able to take you to the Barracuda ship. You had best make preparations for a rough sea voyage before speaking to him.

You convince Captain Hob to ferry you to the Barracuda galleon, but as soon as you arrive, you spot a Sahagin ship closing fast on your position. Follow Hob into the galleon's hold and locate Emerick before the beastman arrive.

You find Emerick on the lower decks, but soon realize that you are not the only one searching for the young Kraken. Merodaulyn of the Sanguine Sirens has also come for Emerick, murder bright in his eyes. Follow the two up onto the main deck.

When you step out onto the main deck, you find Merodaulyn and Emerick engaged in mortal combat. You feel the need to assist one of them... but which one? Select a side and join the battle.

You were successful in bringing an end to Merodaulyn and Emerick's affray, only to realize that the two parties were merely putting on a charade. Before this revelation has time to sink in, however, the enigmatic Y'shtola arrives and begins asking questions. Unfortunately, she has little time to glean sufficient answers from the two pirates before the Sahagin launch their assault on the Barracuda fleet. After being swallowed by a rogue wave, you awaken to find yourself washed up on one of Limsa Lominsa's docks, Y'shtola's words still ringing in your mind-"find the key." Perhaps a long sit-down with Baderon would help bring light to today's events.

Baderon mentioned helping Hob out of his predicament at the Coral Tower, but he also implied there may be something at a certain outcrop on the coast of Bearded Rock that may shine light on Y'shtola's cryptic warning. It might be best to travel there before visiting the Barracuda's headquarters.

Baderon has contacted you via linkpearl and told you that to avoid trouble, it would be wise for you to turn yourself in to the Knights of the Barracuda before they come looking for you themselves.

The Coral Tower is abuzz with reports of a Sahagin attack on the naval fleet. Speak with Isaudorel to turn yourself in.

Upon your surrender, Isaudorel takes you before Commodore Reyner. After telling him the tale of your ship being attacked by a Sea Serpent, Commodore Sthalmann arrives and reports his men used an artifact from Mealvaan's Gate to drive the beast back to the abyss. He also informs Reyner than they plan on arresting one Y'shtola for the crime of espionage. Follow Sthalmann to the God's Grip to learn his true intentions.

Upon arriving in the Gods' Grip, you find yourself witness to a battle unfolding between Knights of the Barracuda Commodore Sthalmann and mysterious Sharlayan envoy Y'shtola─the woman claiming that Sthalmann is to surrender to her a powerful “key” that the commodore has acquired by means most unjust. Neither side willing to yield, the world is suddenly enveloped in a bright light. When your sight returns, you find yourself in the same place you were before, yet something seems amiss. Investigate the area around you and see if you cannot make some sense of all this.

Out near the sea, you spy Sthalmann, Merodaulyn, and Emerick holding a hushed conversation, and wonder what the commodore of the thalassocratic navy and two pirates from rival crews could be scheming. Upon further investigation, it turns out that the three have contrived a plan to claim the treasure of Seal Rock for themselves and use it towards their own gain. Before you can learn more, however, you find yourself back in front of Y'shtola and Sthalmann. Y'shtola seems bemused by your appearance, and claims that you have the ability to view the happenings of the past.Perhaps a portent of ill things to come, a meteor shower erupts from the roiling skies, raining light down upon you and the others. Its end is marked by the appearance of a strange man who wrests the key from Y'shtola and claims "power as this does not belong in the hands of your kind" before vanishing again. You lose consciousness soon after.

You awaken to find yourself in the Mizzenmast Inn, knowing not how you arrived back in the city, but seeming to recall a concerned voice speak of “the Echo.” After speaking with Baderon, you learn a man named Blackburn carried you to the inn after finding you passed out near the God's Grip. The man supposedly has already left Limsa Lominsa, but entrusted the Wench proprietor with a message telling you to visit the Path of the Twelve, located in the Merchants Ward of Ul'dah, a desert city far to the east.