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Career OpportunitiesEdit

Kindling a FlameEdit

Burning a Hole in One’s PocketEdit

Arms RaceEdit

Burning ManEdit

Know Your EnemyEdit

By Fire RebornEdit

Imperial Devices (Ul'dah)Edit

Into the Dark (Ul'dah)Edit

It Kills With Fire (Ul'dah)Edit

Prying EyesEdit

Different StrokesEdit

A Weaver and a MummerEdit

When Alchemists CryEdit

Challenge AcceptedEdit

Like Father, Like SonEdit

Gore a Lizard, HurryEdit

Careless WhispersEdit

In For Garuda Wakening (Ul'dah)Edit

Don’t Hate the Messenger (Ul'dah)Edit

United We Stand (Ul'dah)Edit

To Kill a Raven (Ul'dah)Edit

Mess with the Goat, Get the HornsEdit

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