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Sundered SkiesEdit

  • Start NPC: Starts automatically after character creation
  • Reward: Treant Vine
  • Repeatable: No
  • Required Level: 1

Journal EntriesEdit

You are guided through the forest by a strange, soothing voice. Suddenly, you see a trail of smoke in the skies overhead, as an airship plummets to the ground. You hurry in the direction of the wreckage and come across two bodies lying unconscious amid a clearing. Do what you can to bring them back to their senses.

The Lalafell and Hyur you found in the forest are not injured, but a hungry pack of feral wolves has closed in around them---and you! Defeat the beasts and secure your lives!

While fighting off the hungry wolves which threatened you, a raging treant appeared to make your situation even more dire. Luckily, the power of the moogles saved you from its clutches just in time. A strange wizard of the wood and a unit of masked warriors has appeared to see you the rest of the way to Gridania.

Souls Gone WildEdit

  • Start NPC: Miounne - Gridania (6,6)
  • Reward: 6000 gil, 200EXP
  • Repeatable: No
  • Required Level: 1

Journal EntriesEdit

You have found your way to the Adventurers' Guild in Gridania, located at the luxurious Carline Canopy. Miounne, or Mother Miounne, as she is known, has a heart of gold, and sees to it adventurers in the region never lack for tasks. Speak to other adventurers in the area to learn what you can of Gridania, and then pay Mother Miounne a visit.

Miounne has suggested that you travel to Camp Bentbranch and attune yourself to the aetheryte located there. Camp Bentbranch is the closest of the camps to the city within the Black Shroud, or the Twelveswood as the forestborn call it, and should be easy to reach with a reliable map.

Upon attuning yourself to the aetheryte at Camp Bentbranch, you are immediately contacted by Miounne via the linkpearl she gave you. Whatever you choose to do from here, visit Miounne again at the Carline Canopy once you have adventured to your heart's content.

Visit Miounne again to hear what she has to say.

Miounne has seen fit to introduce you to some of Gridania's guilds. She suggests that the treant vine you obtained from the raging treant in the forest may fetch a handsome price from the leatherworkers of Atelier Fen-Yll. From her, you have also learned that you have accrued what the forestborn call woodsin--a result of angering the wood's elementals. You must be cleansed of the woodsin's taint before you may safely reenter the forest. Visit the conjurers of Stillglade Fane to hear what must be done next. Your map will show the way.

You have learned much and more by visiting Atelier Fen-Yll and Stillglade Fane. Use your linkpearl to contact Miounne and tell her all about it.

Miounne has now introduced you to the Botanists' Guild at Greatloam Growery. You must visit there to begin preparations for your participation in the purification rites, which will serve to cleanse you of your woodsin. Visit the botanists and discover what you must do.

The purification rites to cleanse you of your woodsin are to be held at a great Gridanian festival. To perform your part, you must learn the ritualized dances used to honor the forest's elementals. Practice the steps with the Gridanian younglings until you have mastered them.

You have proven more than capable of dancing in the purification rite. However, after practicing the steps, you see that the younglings have gathered around one another somewhat suspiciously. Approach them and find out what it is they are speaking about.

The younglings of Gridania have asked you to see them to a certain place within the Black Shroud. Make whatever preparations you must before setting out, and then meet them at the White Wolf Gate.

You have rendezvoused with Powle and Sansa at the White Wolf Gate. Together with them, head south of the city for Lifemend Stump. Should you encounter any beasts or beastmen along the way, be sure to keep the younglings from any harm.

Upon arriving at Lifemend Stump with Powle and Sansa, they promptly run off to see to whatever it is they came to do. While alone, you encounter a mysterious conjurer, who admonishes you for coming here and bringing the younglings with you. Search for Powle and Sansa to make sure they have not come to danger.

While searching for young Powle and Sansa, you happen upon a moogle. After overcoming its initial astonishment at your command of the mooglespeak, it conveys to you a message for a young girl named Fye concerning a purification mask that is not broken, and can therefore not be fixed. Speak to the mysterious conjurer you met earlier to see what all this might mean.

You located young Powle and Sansa who are indeed unharmed, but who bought the anger of the mysterious conjurer for wandering about the forest. Return now to Gridania and visit the Greatloam Growery.

Fufucha is relieved to see the children returned safely. Contact Miounne via linkpearl and see if she has any new tidings.

Miounne has spoken to you of Gridania's polearm-wielding defenders, the Wood Wailers. As the magical barrier protecting the forest, known as the Hedge, has been brought down the lancers are currently in the act of hunting down the culprits. Visit their headquarters at the Wailing Barracks and see if your strength is needed.

You are greeted by Willelda at the Wailing Barracks, who informs you that you are being expected within. Go inside and speak to the lancers Burchard and Nuala.

While speaking to Burchard, one of the Wood Wailers' commanding officers, several lancers suffering grievous wounds are suddenly carried into the guild. Most cannot say what attacked them, though they speak of some sort of shadow in the forest. In the midst of all this chaos, your help would certainly be welcome.

One of the wounded lancers spoke of seeing a man named Dunstan in the wood, who appeared to her as a wildling. A hunt is about to begin to find this Dunstan. Speak once more to the commanders to find what role you will play.

Nuala of the Wood Wailers has forbidden you to speak of what you have heard, but reveals that wildlings are those souls whose sins within the wood are so great that the greenwrath of the elementals claims them--damning them to wander the forest for all time. Contact Miounne via linkpearl to hear if she has any news for you.

Miounne has asked that you come see her at the Carline Canopy. Make your way there and find out what she wants.

Whispers in the WoodEdit

  • Start NPC: Miounne - Gridania (6,6)
  • Reward: 15000 gil, 300EXP
  • Repeatable: No
  • Required Level: 8

Journal EntriesEdit

Gridanian culture holds a special place for those whom the elementals of the forest entrust a task--oft calling them the beckoned. But young Khrimm refuses to believe such nonsense. Papalymo and Yda have gone to the Oak Atrium in hopes of finding Khrimm and speaking to him. You, too, must visit the Carpenters' Guild to see about the crafting of the mask you are to wear at the purification rites.

Zezekuta of the carpenters has shown you the mask you are to wear in the purification rite, explaining that the woodsin which clings to a soul is transferred to the mask by the power and magic of the dances. He warns of the danger of a mask breaking should the woodsin be too great for it to bear. Your conversation is interrupted by the entrance of a young girl named Fye, who is searching for Khrimm. You still bear a message from the moogle to deliver to Fye. Go to the Acorn Orchard just outside and see that she hears it.

You find Khrimm and Fye speaking to one another in the Acorn Orchard, and overhear talk of Fye's oldest brother Dunstan and his tragic fate of being turned into a wildling. Fye claims that she is making a new mask for her brother, refusing to give up hope of cleansing him of his woodsin. Khrimm, however, claims to no longer believe in the existence of the elementals, and the conversation ends with his leaving. Go and speak to Fye, and deliver the moogle's message.

Fye is shocked to hear the moogle's claims that the mask is not broken, having thought it to be the sole reason her brother and Khrimm's parents were turned into wildlings. She asks you to speak to the moogles again if you can, and ask if there any hope of freeing the soul of a wildling from the forest's clutches. Return to the Oak Atrium and see if there is anything Zezekuta can tell you of Fye, Khrimm, or their families.

Arriving at the Oak Atrium, you find Papalymo and Yda speaking with Zezekuta, and learn that Dunstan and Khrimm's parents both stirred the greenwrath of the elementals in the course of battling the Garleans. Zezekuta still holds your mask in anticipation of the purification rites, and assures you that your cleansing should post no problems. Contact Miounne yet again by linkshell, and see what she has to say.

Miounne informs you that Brother E-Sumi-Yan of the conjurers has returned to town to oversee the purification rites, and can be found at the Greatloam Growery. He asks that all those partaking in the rites come and see him.

At the Greatloam Growery, Brother E-Sumi-Yan seems concerned over young Fye. To aid in her wish to find a way to save a wildling, he teaches you where in the forest you man find Pearl Clover Fruits--a known favorite of the moogles, and your best chance of attracting one near enough to speak to it.

You locate one of the Pearl Clover Fruits Brother E-Sumi-Yan spoke of, which quickly attracts the attention of a moogle. In return for the delectable, the moogle agrees to ask the elementals themselves if a wildling soul can be returned from the wood. Wander around nearby until the moogle is finished conversing with the elementals.

You follow the sound of an axe, and at its source find Khrimm chopping at a tree in his attempt to prove that the elementals do not exist. He claims to have seen Fye's brother and his parents in the forest, and that they were not wildlings. It is this that has caused him to cease to believe in the elementals. The moogle entrusts you with yet another message for Fye--this time from the elementals. They ask that she stop wandering the forest. Return to the Greatloam Growery and see the message delivered.

You report all to Fufucha, and have come to be regarded as one of those beckoned by the forest--a fact evidenced by the elemental's entrusting you with a message. Fufucha hurries to take word of this to the conjurers. See tom it Miounne learns of your newfound prestige, as well.

Miounne informs you that the archers from the Gods' Quiver have visited the Caline Canopy asking after you. Visit the Quiver's Hold and see what business they have with you.

Nonolato of the Archers' Guild directs you to enter the halls of the Quiver's Hold and speak with the commanding officers.

You come upon Brother O-App-Pesi of the conjurers and Great Bow Lewin of the archers, and learn that it was indeed Fye's brother Dunstan who brought down the Hedge. Dunstan was once one of the lancers, but was later exiled from Gridania, and is now thought to be searching for his sister. Lewin requests that you lend your strength in hunting down Dunstan and protecting the forest. Speak with Miounne and see if she has any advice on the matter.

Miounne has asked that you come and see her at the Carline Canopy. Make your way there to see what she wants.

Beckon of the ElementalsEdit

  • Start NPC: Miounne - Gridania (6,6)
  • Reward: 30000 gil, 500EXP, unlocks Parley, unlocks Path of the Twelve storyline
  • Repeatable: No
  • Required Level: 13

Journal EntriesEdit

According to Miounne at the Adventurers' Guild, Dunstan has yet to be found despite the guilds' best efforts. She suggests that you offer to take part in a ranging to contribute to the effort. Proceed to the Quiver's Hold and speak to Nonolato.

During your visit, the Quiver's Hold is thrown into chaos as news arrives of some happening in the forest. Archers surge forth from the Hold, and Brother O-App-Pesi of the conjurers himself heads in the direction of the disturbance, as well. Whatever trouble has taken place, the situation is no doubt a perilous one. Make whatever preparations you must and escort Brother O-App-Pesi to the scene.

You find the young boy Khrimm, standing before a tree afire... Before long the arbor elemental within comes forth in a fury, and Brother E-Sumi-Yan is unable to quell its greenwrath. You are left with no recourse but to battle the elemental. Make use of Brother O-App-Pesi's powers over the elemtans, and fight alongside the members of the Gods' Quiver and Wood Wailers.

You defeated the enraged elemental, yet the fury of the forest will not be quelled so easily. Brother O-App-Pesi suggests that it may be in the best interest of all to have Fye and her brother leave the forest altogether. He has asked that you seek her out. Travel back to the Oak Atrium to find her.

Fye comes to the Oak Atrium to see Zezekuta after hearing that Khrimm has angered the elementals. Thinking Khrimm to have been in the forest searching for her brother in her place, she cannot help but feel responsible. Return to the Adventurers' Guild and speak to Miounne to see if you can learn anything more of Khrimm.

Miounne has informed you that there is word of a commotion at Stillglade Fane. Fearing Khrimm will become a wildling, it is likely he has been taken there to be seen to by the conjurers. Make your way there to see what is happening.

As you are asking Brother O-App-Pesi about Khrimm's condition, Papalymo and Yda return from the wood together with the wildling Dunstan, throwing Stillglade Fane into a maelstrom of confusion and terror. Go and have a closer look at this dreaded wildling.

Brother E-Sumi-Yan has ordered a grand rite of purification, but fears that saving young Khrimm may require Dunstan to give his life. There are many preparations to be made for the festival. Leave Stillglade Fane so as not to get in the way.

At the entrance to Stillgate Fane you find Fye, who has come after hearing about the commotion. She wants nothing more than to see Khrimm, but the conjurers will not permit her entry. She has asked you to seek out one of the Brothers to allow her within.

You have asked Brother O-App-Pesi's permission for Fye to see Khrimm, but he has refused out of fear of Khrimm's woodsin. He instead introduces you to Dunstan, and requests that you tell Fye that her brother has returned to Gridania. Perhaps the two of them will be able to meet at the grand rite of purification. Head to Mih Khello's Amphitheatre to make ready for the festival.

The grand rite is underway, and before long a group of moogles arrive, much to the delight of the children. They come bearing a message for you from the elementals. It seems that your role in being beckoned to the wood is to be a messenger of the goddess Nophica herself, the Matron. But what could that mean...? For now, seek out Fye and tell her brother is attending the festival.

You have told Fye of her brother's presence at the festival. The purification dances are almost underway, and the wildling Khrimm and Dunstan have taken to the stage. However, when Brother E-Sumi-Yan begins to chant the ritual verses, Dunstan collapses. As you move to help him, the Echo reverberates and you suddenly find yourself in the middle of the forest..." XIV