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The player accepts a hunt.

Hunts are quests in Final Fantasy XV that have the player slay a specific enemy or a group of enemies somewhere in the world for a reward. Hunts can be undertaken from places where the player can eat, whose servers act as tipsters. The player can have one hunt active at a time, but a completed hunt can be turned in to any tipster. Hunts can be repeated.

Hunt-ffxv-mapicon HuntHard-ffxv-mapicon

Yellow markers denote easier hunts, whereas red markers denote harder hunts. Some monsters only come out during certain times of day. If the player takes on a nighttime hunt during the day, they have an option to skip to 8 PM. The player has a hunter rank that determines which hunts they can take on: the player must be of sufficient rank to take on increasingly more difficult hunts.

Completing a hunt earns the My First Hunt achievement/trophy.

Hunter rankEdit

Rank Title Stars Required Reward
1 Apprentice 0
2 Trapper 5 Silver Bangle
3 Chaser 15 Sapphire Bracelet
4 Ranger 30 Gold Bangle
5 Slayer 50 Champion's Anklet
6 Officer 40 Black Choker
7 Guardian 40 Blue Diamond Bracelet Bracelet
8 Grandmaster 40 Centurion Bangle
9 Hand of Mercy 30 Legatus Bangle
10 Alleyway Jack 43 Dark Matter Bracelet

List of huntsEdit

Howling Wind of HungerHammerhead1
Yellow Hunt Icon
Sabertusk x7The Weaverwilds (All Times)2740 gil, Hi-Elixir1
Varmints of the WastelandsHammerhead1
Yellow Hunt Icon
Mesmenir x5The Weaverwilds (Daytime)5980 gil, Hi-Elixir1
Gorgers in the DustHammerhead1
Yellow Hunt Icon
Flexitusk x3Ostium Gorge (All Times)71,570 gil, Iron Bangle1
Raindrops in the NightHammerhead2
Yellow Hunt Icon
Jumbo Flan x1The Weaverwilds (Nighttime)152,390 gil, Megalixir2
Wild BeautiesHammerhead3
Red Hunt Icon
Anaklaban x3The Weaverwilds (Daytime)223,350 gil, Megalixir2
Bounty-Hunted BeautiesHammerhead3
Red Hunt Icon
Anakadom x3, Anak x3The Weaverwilds (Daytime)284,220 gil, Megalixir2
Rookie Hunter TragedyHammerhead4
Red Hunt Icon
Ashenhorn x3The Weaverwilds (All Times)397,330 gil, Mega Phoenix3
The Pride of the KingHammerhead6
Red Hunt Icon
Behemoth x1Keycatrich Ruins (All Times)4710,020 gil, Mega Phoenix3
Serpent of the AbyssHammerhead1
Red Hunt Icon
Jormungand x1Crestholm Channels (All Times)5816,560 gil, Ruby Bracelet4
Lonely Rumblings in LongwytheHammerhead1
Red Hunt Icon
Adamantoise x1Longwythe Peak (All Times)9950,000 gil, Adamantite Bangle5
Mineside Mischief MakersLongwythe Rest Area1
Yellow Hunt Icon
Goblin x7The Callaegh Steps (Nighttime)71,740 gil, Hi-Elixir1
The Hunter-Slaying HerdLongwythe Rest Area1
Yellow Hunt Icon
Magnanir x2, Mesmenir x4Longwythe Peak (Daytime)81,830 gil, Hi-Elixir1
Squash the SquirmersLongwythe Rest Area1
Yellow Hunt Icon
Flan x5Longwythe Peak (Nighttime)142,280 gil, Hi-Elixir2
Cranky CrustaceansLongwythe Rest Area2
Red Hunt Icon
Shieldshears x3Longwythe Peak (All Times)183,160 gil, Megalixir2
Sting in the TailLongwythe Rest Area3
Red Hunt Icon
Saphyrtail x5Longwythe Peak (All Times)253,720 gil, Megalixir2
Beast over BrawnLongwythe Rest Area3
Red Hunt Icon
Grandhorn x2, Dualhorn x3The Weaverwilds (All Times)274,010 gil, Megalixir2
In the Drylands, It Rains SpinesLongwythe Rest Area5
Red Hunt Icon
Gigantuar x3Longwythe Peak (Daytime)407,550 gil, Rainbow Pendant3
A Fistful of GilLongwythe Rest Area1
Red Hunt Icon
Yojimbo x1The Three Valleys (Nighttime)6117,450 gil, Anti-darkness Inners4
Peace to the BeachGaldin Quay1
Yellow Hunt Icon
Rubyshears x3Vannath Coast (All Times)111,950 gil, Hi-Elixir2
The Gourmands of VannathGaldin Quay1
Red Hunt Icon
Sparkshears x3Vannath Coast (All Times)173,040 gil, Megalixir2
Stealers of LivesGaldin Quay1
Red Hunt Icon
Glamhoth x7Vannath Coast (Nighttime)173,070 gil, Fencer's Anklet2
Footfalls in the DarkGaldin Quay3
Red Hunt Icon
Hobgoblin x5Vannath Coast (Nighttime)203,250 gil, Megalixir2
A Nightmare Came by FerryGaldin Quay3
Red Hunt Icon
Seadevil x5Vannath Coast (All Times)284,250 gil, Carbon Bangle2
Galloping GarulasCoernix Station - Alstor1
Yellow Hunt Icon
Green Garula x3, Garula x3Alstor Slough (Daytime)122,010 gil, Hi-Elixir2
Beasts Wallow in the WetlandsCoernix Station - Alstor1
Yellow Hunt Icon
Yellowtooth x5Alstor Slough (All Times)142,330 gil, Warrior's Anklet2
Untamed Wild HorsesCoernix Station - Alstor3
Red Hunt Icon
Spiracorn x7Alstor Slough (Daytime)253,870 gil, Megalixir2
Reign TriumphantCoernix Station - Alstor4
Red Hunt Icon
Garulessa x1, Garula x5Alstor Slough (Daytime)325,280 gil, Mega Phoenix3
The Rogues of Rydielle LeyCoernix Station - Alstor4
Red Hunt Icon
Cockatrice x3Rydielle Ley (Daytime)355,880 gil, Mega Phoenix3
Marsh Madness! The Giant AwakensCoernix Station - Alstor4
Red Hunt Icon
Catoblepas x1Alstor Slough (All Times)386,560 gil, Blue Choker3
Red in Tooth and ClawWiz Chocobo Post1
Yellow Hunt Icon
Voretooth x9The Malacchi Hills (All Times)122,140 gil, Hi-Elixir2
A Behemoth UndertakingWiz Chocobo Post1
Yellow Hunt Icon
Deadeye x1The Nebulawood (All Times)153,020 gil, Amethyst Bracelet2
Exorcism of the NebulawoodWiz Chocobo Post1
Red Hunt Icon
Mindflayer x3The Nebulawood (Nighttime)193,190 gil, Moon Pendant2
Thunder in Them Thar HillsWiz Chocobo Post3
Red Hunt Icon
Thunder Bomb x5The Malacchi Hills (Nighttime)213,330 gil, Megalixir2
A Most Behemoth UndertakingWiz Chocobo Post8
Red Hunt Icon
Behemoth Tyrant x1The Nebulawood (All Times)6219,540 gil, Gold Bangle x14
Secure the Mountain PassLestallum – Surgate's Beanmine1
Yellow Hunt Icon
Saberclaw x9Pallareth Pass (All Times)122,270 gil, Hi-Elixir2
Cool Callatein MistLestallum – Surgate's Beanmine1
Red Hunt Icon
Ice Bomb x5Callatein's Plunge (Nighttime)223,380 gil, Megalixir2
To Sting in AngerLestallum – Surgate's Beanmine1
Red Hunt Icon
Brutal Bee x3 gil, Killer Bee x5Coernix Bypass (All Times)223,390 gil, Green Choker2
Help Needed in EXINERISLestallum – Surgate's Beanmine1
Red Hunt Icon
Garchimacera x8EXINERIS Power Plant (Nighttime)243,540 gil, Megalixir3
To Catch a FrogLestallum – Surgate's Beanmine3
Red Hunt Icon
Hekatontoad x2Pallareth Pass (Day / Rainy)274,070 gil, Megalixir2
Long Necks on the PlainsLestallum – Surgate's Beanmine3
Red Hunt Icon
Arba x5Kelbass Grasslands (Daytime)284,480 gil, Megalixir2
They Came Back from the MountainLestallum – Surgate's Beanmine4
Red Hunt Icon
Megaloclaw x5Coernix Bypass (All Times)304,890 gil, Mega Phoenix3
Rainstorm Duel! Poison Frog of WennathLestallum – Surgate's Beanmine4
Red Hunt Icon
Gaiatoad x1Upper Wennath (Day / Rainy)325,350 gil, Mega Phoenix3
Acquit Not EvilLestallum – Surgate's Beanmine4
Red Hunt Icon
Alphagin x3, Sahagin x2Upper Wennath (All Times)386,650 gil, Knight's Anklet3
No Stopping the Great StinkLestallum – Surgate's Beanmine1
Red Hunt Icon
Malboro x1Kelbass Grasslands (All Times)386,780 gil, Golden Hourglass3
Trembling KillersLestallum – Surgate's Beanmine1
Red Hunt Icon
Ziggurat x5Kelbass Grasslands (Nighttime)5716,480 gil, Safety Bit4
An Omen Crawls Upon the GroundLestallum – Surgate's Beanmine1
Red Hunt Icon
Grootslang x2Kelbass Grasslands (All Times)6826,840 gil, Red Choker4
Bones Seek an OfferingLestallum – Surgate's Beanmine1
Red Hunt Icon
Iseultalon x1Kelbass Grasslands (Nighttime)7233,790 gil, Dark Crest5
Dead General Strikes Down the KingLestallum – Surgate's Beanmine1
Red Hunt Icon
Ayakashi x1Kelbass Grasslands (Nighttime)9942,000 gil, Ribbon5
Avenge the AnglersLestallum – Tostwell Grill1
Red Hunt Icon
Albinogin x3Callatein's Plunge (All Times)243,660 gil, Megalixir2
Ruler of the Brave SkiesLestallum – Tostwell Grill1
Red Hunt Icon
Griffon x1Kelbass Grasslands (All Times)304,935 gil, Mega Phoenix3
Off with Their Heads!Lestallum – Tostwell Grill1
Red Hunt Icon
Arbagadol x2, Arba x3Kelbass Grasslands (Daytime)315,070 gil, Lightning Crest3
Disquieted QueensLestallum – Tostwell Grill4
Red Hunt Icon
Killer Queen x3Coernix Bypass (All Times)386,850 gil, Mega Phoenix3
The Web-Weaving PrincessesLestallum – Tostwell Grill1
Red Hunt Icon
Ariadne x1, Kokyangwuti x3Greyshire Glacial Grotto (All Times)417,950 gil, Mega Phoenix3
In a Heat Haze of GloryLestallum – Tostwell Grill1
Red Hunt Icon
Aramusha x1EXINERIS Power Plant (Nighttime)5214,490 gil, Silver Bangle4
Hammer the CannibalsCauthess Rest Area1
Red Hunt Icon
Skarnbulette x3, Bulette x3Kettier Highland (All Times)386,910 gil, Mega Phoenix3
Things from the PastCauthess Rest Area1
Red Hunt Icon
Necromancer x3The Fallgrove (Nighttime)418,080 gil, Rune Earring x13
Baby SnatchersCauthess Rest Area5
Red Hunt Icon
Bussemand x3, Hobgoblin x5Saxham Outpost (Nighttime)448,890 gil, Mega Phoenix3
A Daemonic OrchestraCauthess Rest Area7
Red Hunt Icon
Ereshkigal x7Kelbass Grasslands (Nighttime)5214,800 gil, Mega Phoenix4
Cruel Giants of DuscaeCauthess Rest Area8
Red Hunt Icon
Ganymede x3Kettier Highland (Nighttime)6523,730 gil, Mega Phoenix4
Fiend of the FallgroveCauthess Rest Area1
Red Hunt Icon
Jabberwock x1Costlemark Tower (All Times)6624,020 gil, Mega Phoenix4
Devils Cry CursesCauthess Rest Area9
Red Hunt Icon
Molokujata x1The Mencemoor (All Times)7235,940 gil, Black Choker5
Horned Hunting LizardsTaelpar Rest Area1
Red Hunt Icon
Dualhorn x3Secullam Pass (All Times)233,480 gil, Megalixir2
Hunters of Secullam PassTaelpar Rest Area1
Red Hunt Icon
Coeurl x5Secullam Pass (Daytime)345,600 gil, Earth Pendant3
Reclaiming Schier HeightsTaelpar Rest Area4
Red Hunt Icon
Redlegs x3, Hundlegs x4Schier Heights (All Times)376,220, Mega Phoenix3
A Roaring in the NightTaelpar Rest Area4
Red Hunt Icon
Iron Giant x2Schier Heights (Nighttime)376,310 gil, Mega Phoenix3
Old Denizens of the WoodTaelpar Rest Area8
Red Hunt Icon
Elder Coeurl x3Thoemmels Glade (Daytime)6322,540 gil, Fire Crest4
The Last SpiracornsOld Lestallum1
Red Hunt Icon
Duplicorn x2, Spiracorn x3Lower Wennath (Daytime)294,610 gil, Megalixir2
Shear ForceOld Lestallum1
Red Hunt Icon
Mightyshears x3Lower Wennath (All Times)345,730 gil, Mega Phoenix3
Blobs AshoreOld Lestallum1
Red Hunt Icon
Gelatin x3Malmalam Thicket (Nighttime)355,920 gil, Titanium Bangle3
Herald from the DepthsOld Lestallum1
Red Hunt Icon
Karlabos x1Leirity Seaside (All Times)407,730 gil, Mega Phoenix3
Starving Beast Seeks FoodOld Lestallum6
Red Hunt Icon
Aspidochelon x1Lower Wennath (All Times)4711,790 gil, Mega Phoenix3
Malmalam MirageOld Lestallum1
Red Hunt Icon
Bandersnatch x1Malmalam Thicket (All Times)5113,500 gil, Mega Phoenix4
Scrap it Now!Old Lestallum7
Red Hunt Icon
Leukorn x3Coernix Bypass (Daytime)6118,330 gil, Mega Phoenix4
Rulers of the BanksOld Lestallum8
Red Hunt Icon
Coraldevil x3, Seadevil x3The Maidenwater (All Times)6220,550 gil, Towel4
Voltage FluctuationMeldacio Hunter HQ1
Red Hunt Icon
Thunderoc x9Pallareth Pass (Daytime)294,650, Megalixir2
Threat from the ThicketMeldacio Hunter HQ1
Red Hunt Icon
Killer Wasp x7The Vesperpool (Daytime)335,550 gil, Mega Phoenix3
Softly Now, Mighty FoesMeldacio Hunter HQ1
Red Hunt Icon
Lich x3Steyliff Grove (All Times)356,060 gil, Mega Phoenix3
Mission InvincibleMeldacio Hunter HQ1
Red Hunt Icon
Black Flan x3The Vesperpool (Nighttime)387,020 gil, Mega Phoenix3
Divine Beast of the UnderworldMeldacio Hunter HQ1
Red Hunt Icon
Quetzalcoatl x1Steyliff Grove (All Times)387,110 gil, Mega Phoenix3
Hunter HQ Line of DefenseMeldacio Hunter HQ1
Red Hunt Icon
Mushmahhu x3, Mushussu x3Risorath Basin (All Times)428,660 gil, Ice Crest3
Lovable Little GluttonsMeldacio Hunter HQ5
Red Hunt Icon
Regaltrice x5The Vesperpool (Daytime)448,980 gil, Mega Phoenix3
Felling Mad, Old TreesMeldacio Hunter HQ1
Red Hunt Icon
Treant x1The Vesperpool (Nighttime)469,900 gil, Mega Phoenix3
Serpent of Risorath BasinMeldacio Hunter HQ7
Red Hunt Icon
Midgardsormr x1The Vesperpool (All Times)5415,690 gil, Mega Phoenix4
Breeding Season: Hen ExterminationMeldacio Hunter HQ9
Red Hunt Icon
Royalisk x2The Vesperpool (Daytime)6221,120 gil, Mega Phoenix4
Breeding Season: Rooster ExterminationMeldacio Hunter HQ9
Red Hunt Icon
Kingatrice x1, Basilisk x3Risorath Basin (Daytime)7030,320 gil, Mega Phoenix5
People-Eating Snake Has Got to GoMeldacio Hunter HQ9
Red Hunt Icon
Hvitrormr x1The Vesperpool (All Times)7836,070 gil, Mega Phoenix5
A Wall in Our WayMeldacio Hunter HQ9
Red Hunt Icon
Daemonwall x1Steyliff Grove (All Times)8438,000 gil, Emerald Bracelet5
Deadly ExterminationVerinas Mart - Ravatogh1
Red Hunt Icon
Soldier Wasp x3, Killer Wasp x3Ravatoghan Trail (All Times)376,440 gil, Mega Phoenix3
Verinas Mart Under ThreatVerinas Mart - Ravatogh1
Red Hunt Icon
Wyvern x7Ravatoghan Trail (All Times)387,290 gil, Sapphire Bracelet3
Red Lightning of RavatoghVerinas Mart - Ravatogh5
Red Hunt Icon
Copperoc x3, Thunderoc x3Ravatoghan Trail (Daytime)449,140 gil, Mega Phoenix3
Pointiest Pins in the VolcanoVerinas Mart - Ravatogh6
Red Hunt Icon
Reaperking x3Ravatoghan Trail (All Times)4712,090 gil, Mega Phoenix3
Feathered Giant of the FiresmokeVerinas Mart - Ravatogh1
Red Hunt Icon
Zu x1Rock of Ravatogh (All Times)6725,300 gil, Champion's Anklet4
Bewitched Blade Stains the WatersAltissia1
Red Hunt Icon
Ronin x1Altissia (Nighttime)173,130 gil, Megalixir2
A Nightmare Upon the WaterAltissia1
Red Hunt Icon
Hecteyes x2Altissia (Nighttime)203,280 gil, Megalixir2
Ill Weeds Grow at NightAltissia1
Red Hunt Icon
Alv x3Altissia (Nighttime)223,450 gil, Megalixir2
Back Alley SpookAltissia1
Red Hunt Icon
Mindflayer x2Altissia (Nighttime)263,990 gil, Heliodor Bracelet2
The Case of the Disappearing HuntersAltissia1
Red Hunt Icon
Tonberry x2Altissia (Nighttime)294,740 gil, Megalixir2
Will o' the Wisps out on the TownAltissia1
Red Hunt Icon
Grenade x2Altissia (Nighttime)315,120 gil, Mega Phoenix3
A Lost PaintingAltissia1
Red Hunt Icon
Chadarnook x1Altissia (All Times)325,480 gil, Handkerchief3
Tourists Fade into the NightAltissia1
Red Hunt Icon
Salpinx x2Altissia (Nighttime)356,140 gil, Mega Phoenix3
The Tragic FactsAltissia1
Red Hunt Icon
Master Tonberry x1Altissia (Nighttime)418,360 gil, Mega Phoenix3
King of the Great EscapeAltissia1
Red Hunt Icon
Bavarois x1Altissia (Nighttime)5013,190 gil, Crusader’s Anklet4



A hunt poster.

  • The hunt posters around the world say: Kenny and Kelly Crow say: "Only YOU can keep our nests safe!" Talk to a local tipster and join the hunt today! This refers to Smokey Bear, an American advertising mascot created to educate the public about the dangers of forest fires. His later slogan "Remember... Only YOU Can Prevent Forest Fires" was created in 1947.

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