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Quests, also known as Missions, are short series of objectives in Final Fantasy XIV. They provide significant rewards to the Adventurer, and are often necessary to advance the storyline.


Quests are divided in several categories, ranging from "Main Scenario" quests, which are the most involved and very cutscene-intensive, to the simpler "Sidequests", that are mostly small fetch quests that offer some insight on the game's lore and offer gil rewards. Unlike Guildleves, most quests cannot be repeated. However, some quests, especially Beast Tribe quests, can be done daily.

Some elements and areas of the game are locked until certain quests are completed. For example, players cannot own personal chocobos before enlisting in a Grand Company.

List of QuestsEdit

  1. FFXIV Main Scenario Quest IconMain Scenario Quests
  2. Chronicles of a New Era
  3. Amalj'aa Quests
  4. Sylph Quests
  5. Kobold Quests
  6. Sahagin Quests
  7. Ixal Quests
  8. Side Story Quests
  9. Lominsan Sidequests
  10. Gridanian Sidequests
  11. Ul'dahn Sidequests
  12. Ishgardian Sidequests
  13. Mor Dhonan Sidequests
  14. Class Quests
  15. Job Quests
  16. Grand Company Quests
  17. Seasonal Events
  18. Special Quests

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