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Needles?! I hate needles!

The Qactuar is a fiend from Final Fantasy X. According to a book in the Travel Agency in the Thunder Plains, the Qactuars once inhabited the Djose continent. Because they mischievously tortured passersby, they were herded to the Thunder Plains by high summoner Gandof. There he linked the sign of Square, which sealed the Qactuars into several stones across the plains. The Gandof Thunder Plains were named after him in respect for his achievement.

There are eight Qactuar stones altogether; two in the South section and six in the North. If the player presses Square whilst in front of a glowing Qactuar stone, they will release the seal. From then on, players may face a single Qactuar in battle. Praying in front of a second Qactuar stone will allow two Qactuars to engage in battle at once, and praying to a third stone will mean the player may face three Qactuars in battle.

The Qactuar Stones are part of a sidequest to acquire all of the Celestial Weapons in the game. By examining three of them a Qactuar ghost will appear in the southern section of the plains. Following it will reveal the location of Kimahri's Spirit Lance.


Final Fantasy X enemy stats
#059#060 #061
Location Monster Arena Species Other information
Thunder Plains Thunder Plains Cactuar N/A
Sensor description Scan description
You'll get a treat if you can defeat it before it gets away.
HP MP Strength Magic Defense Magic Defense
500 (750) 1 19 1 1 255
Agility Accuracy Evasion Luck AP (Overkill) Gil
15 0 17 15 350 (525) 48
Elemental affinities
Fire Ice Lightning Water Holy
100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Statuses and immunities
Silence Sleep Darkness Poison (25%Percentage of maximum HP removed each turn) Petrify Slow Zombie Power Break
Immune 80 Immune 25 25 0 Immune Immune
Magic Break Armor Break Mental Break Threaten Death Provoke Doom (1Turns taken for target to die) Nul
0 Immune Immune 0 25 0 0 0
Shell Protect Reflect Haste Demi Regen Distill Sensor
0 0 0 0 Immune 0 0 0
Scan Bribe Delay Zanmato Berserk Capture Physical Magical
0 0 Immune Lv. 2 0 0 0 0
Common steal (75%) Rare steal (25%) Common drop (87.5%) Rare drop (12.5%)
Chocobo Feather Chocobo Feather Speed Sphere x1Overkill: x2 Speed Sphere x2 x1Overkill: x2
Equipment drop (100%) Weapon abilities Armor abilities Bribe
1-2 slots, 1-2 abilities Piercing, Initiative, Strength +5%, Magic +5% HP +5%, HP Stroll, MP Stroll None
Abilities Ronso Rage
Physical attack, 1000 Needles, Run Away None


Qactuars are dangerous enemies to face in battle, they are extremely agile, and physical attacks will often miss, even from characters with a high Accuracy rating. Even when attacks do connect, Qactuars are armored, reducing the damage output of weapons without the Piercing ability. Their extremely high magic defense renders nearly all forms of magic inconsequential.

They have a relatively weak physical attack, but do possess the signature move 1000 Needles, which inflicts exactly 1,000 points of damage. They also have the tendency to run away from battle; if this happens the player will not receive any AP, gil, items or equipment.

The easiest way to defeat Qactuars is to use any physical-based Overdrive, any offensive items (Electro Marbles deal 600 damage, enough to kill a Qactuar in one hit), or a special attack from any aeon.


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