The Purpurea is an enemy from Final Fantasy X-2.

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I want to get back my memories. I vaguely recall something red... and something sad. The red of the sun as it sets on the horizon. What happened to me in my previous life? How did I end up becoming a fiend?
That's right! I was a gorgeous rose, growing in the garden of a mansion along the Mi'ihen Highroad. A kind old couple lived there, and between them and their maid, I was well taken care of.
But one day, all that was stolen from me. Someone killed that lovely couple and set everything ablaze. No one else might remember that grand mansion, but I do. The red of the sun... The red of the fire... And that faint smell of perfume...
That's right. Before the couple was killed, I remember smelling that same perfume. Someone was arguing with the couple. I remember now, the couple had enormous assets, and someone was after their inheritance money... Was it... a young woman...? Gah! Why can't I remember!?

One notable Purpurea was created from the spirit of a flower cared for by an elderly couple. The said couple was murdered by a servant girl who killed them for gil. It later find out that the servant girl had become an old woman. Though intending to take revenge, the Purpurea sees that the woman suffered enough and renounces its revenge. It passes on to the Farplane, reuniting with its caretakers.

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They are of no threat and can be dealt with a simple Fire spell.

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Purpurea Coin
Silver Purpurea Coin
Gold Purpurea Coin
Coin No. 9 Coin Value 5
Trait -
Location Win: Luca Stadium (Dream Shop Core Sphere)
Found in the Western or Southern Expanses of the Bikanel Desert.

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