FFBE Purple Lightning art

Artwork of Purple Lightning.

Purple Lightning (紫電, Shiden?) is Lasswell's signature sword in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. A weapon that only reveals its true power to those with absolute resolve, it once belonged to Sir Raegen.

It is featured in the game's logo alongside Rain's sword, Crimson Saber, and together they frequently appear in the game's interface, including the dungeon and area "cleared" messages, and the battle icon for Limit Bursts.


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Purple Lightning was forged over 700 years ago by Veritas of the Flame. Rather than keeping it for himself, he gifted Purple Lightning to his comrade, Veritas of the Dark (real name Raegen), who used it in the war between Aldore and Hess. It remained in his possession even after the war's end and after his defection from the Sworn Eight of Paladia.

In conjunction with Raegen’s technique, the blade was a force to be reckoned with. In fact, at some point, Raegen used Purple Lightning to fight the esper Odin, who would not forget the sound of their blades ringing against each other after their duel.

After centuries of Purple Lightning remaining in his possession, Raegen decided to pass it onto a child he had all but adopted, Lasswell. One day, Lasswell was pushing himself hard in his sword training, so Raegen approached him and asked why he did so. Lasswell, who was frustrated after realizing for certain that he would never be as good as Raegen's biological son Rain, answered that he wanted to be strong—stronger than Rain, Raegen himself and everyone else—and that he did not want to give up.

Seeing his determination, Raegen gave Purple Lightning to Lasswell. Although Lasswell was surprised, Raegen believed he deserved the sword and told him that Purple Lightning would only reveal its true power to someone who "seeks strength no matter how circumstances conspire against him." Finally, Raegen told Lasswell to become strong and not to lose to Rain.

Although Raegen disappeared not long after that, Lasswell kept Purple Lightning, which became his personal weapon as a knight. It rests on his back most of the time, ready to use for battle. However, he is not able to draw forth Purple Lightning's true power until his and Rain's opposition to the Veritas lead their party to the Fire Shrine in Zoldaad.

Lasswell, who is wounded when he protects Rain from a monster, does not realize his wound is worse than it appeared at first and almost passes out. However, Purple Lightning begins to glow as if telling Lasswell not to die just yet. Along with the rest of the party, he then confronts Veritas of the Flame, and Purple Lightning awakens due to Lasswell's determination. He and his comrades defeat Flamelord, but Lasswell finally collapses from blood loss. He is saved only when Veritas of the Dark heals him, thinking that it would be a shame if Lasswell were to die before battling him.

Later on, while visiting the Eroded Castle, Purple Lightning responds to Odin's presence. When Lasswell and his comrades fight and win against Odin, Odin observes that Lasswell's skill with the swords pales in comparison to that of Raegen's, but that he shows potential, and grants him his power.

Inside Fina's Psyche, when Lasswell and the others meet a memory version of the Sworn Eight of Paladia, Flamelord observes that Lasswell's sword is similar to that of Darklord. He says the sword is good, as is Lasswell's skill, thinking he wields it well and that he may possibly stand face-to-face with Darklord one day.

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FFBE Shiden


Purple Lightning is a weapon obtainable at the Dimensional Vortex, as one of the rewards for completing the Trial of the Tranquil Will for the first time in the Training the Soul area. It is a katana that grants 92 ATK, and it has no element. Though it can be equipped by any character who can use katanas, when equipped by Lasswell or his Season 2 variant Pyro Glacial Lasswell, it also gives the exclusive ability Azure Soul, which raises the wielder's ATK by 40% of its base.

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearancesEdit

Brave FrontierEdit

Due to Purple Lightning being Lasswell's weapon, it makes an appearance along with Lasswell, as part of the collaboration with Brave Frontier in the Japanese version. In the Global version, however, Lasswell is seen wielding a sword that belongs to Arius, a character from Brave Frontier.



Lightning is a sudden electrostatic discharge during an electrical storm between electrically charged regions of a cloud (called intra-cloud lightning or IC), between that cloud and another cloud (CC lightning), or between a cloud and the ground (CG lightning).