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FFLTnS Pumpkin Witch Artwork

The Pumpkin Witch (パンプキンウィッチ, Panpukin Witchi?) is a light-elemental summon in Final Fantasy Legends II. The summon appeared as a limited edition summon during the game's "Timeless Halloween" event.

The Pumpkin Witch's special attack is Holyja, which deals light-elemental damage to all enemies. Summoning the Pumpkin Witch costs 2 points from the Consumption Gauge. The summon is a rank SS+ phantom stone and has a cost of 16 to equip to a character.

Like other God summons, Pumpkin Witch's power can be increased by infusing other phantom stones into the summon.

Pumpkin Witch's artwork was done by a freelance artist named Kibannda Gohann.



The Pumpkin Witch allows the wielder to use the following abilities depending on the summon's rank:

  • Pumpkin Light I
  • Pumpkin Light II
  • Pumpkin Light III
  • Pumpkin Light IV

Upgrading statsEdit

Rank Maximum Level Phantom Stone Cost Max HP Max MP Max Attack Max Magic Max Speed Components Needed
☆ 5 50 16 748 144 31 180 68 None
☆ 6 60 16 918 176 39 220 83 Rank Pumpkin 1x
☆ 7 70 16 1071 205 48 255 97 Rank Pumpkin 1x
☆ 8 80 16 1271 247 58 296 112 Star Crystal 3x
Rank Jewel VII 1x

Passive abilitiesEdit

  • The following are bonus abilities granted to characters equipped with Pumpkin Witch.
Ability-Type Effect Minimum Rank to Activate
Pumpkin Light Dark damage - 15%
Instant death resistance


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