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The Pumpkin Star is a plant/mandragora-type boss in the game Final Fantasy XII fought in the Sochen Cave Palace, and later a regular enemy in the Feywood.

Bestiary Entry Edit

Page 1: Observations Edit

Being named for its prominence in the upper echelons of pumpkin head society. These creatures know of learning, and all are dedicated to the pursuit of some form of knowledge. For those who know the most success, there is a reward: a star-shaped lantern. In recent years, their intellect has advanced by leaps and bounds, causing some natural philosophers to fear a coming clash with our civilization in the days to come.

Page 2: A Curious Treasure Edit

There once lived a young boy who was wont to study even as the sun fell and the moon rose. In time, people came to call him a sage. Born to a farm, he took a pumpkin grown from his own patch and made of it a lantern, thereby reading at night when all of his daily duties were discharged. So did the boy grow in knowledge until he was wise. Therefore do we say that the light of the pumpkin is a symbol of great learning, and so has the jack-o'-lantern become a favored affectation of scholars.

Battle Edit

To spawn Pumpkin Star as a regular enemy, the player must clear out all enemies in Ice Field of Clearsight area in the Feywood, zone to Redolent Glade area and return to the Ice Field of Clearsight. Pumpkin Star will spawn with the other four Mandragora-type enemies. To spawn it again after defeating it, the player must return to Redolent Glade and back to Ice Field of Clearsight without leaving the Feywood. All five of the Mandragora-type enemies will have reappeared.

The mandragoras will run away constantly: In Sochen Cave Palace they run to the corners of the area, and in Feywood they will run to different Shrines of the Lost. The same strategy can be used both times, but the player must be more careful in Feywood and pursue them faster as Pumpkin Star is one of the few enemies in the game that can reach a level of up to 99. At this level, all physical attacks will be nullified, and only magick attacks can hurt it. They change level when they spend too much time away from the party, when they use the technick Mystery Waltz. One can see from afar a blue aura surrounding the enemies, and it increases about ten levels every time they use it.

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Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

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