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Pulse Vestige artwork

The Vestige being carried through the Hanging Edge.

The Pulse fal'Cie. It held our future - and our fate.

The Pulse Vestige (下界の異跡, Parusu no Iseki?) is a location in Final Fantasy XIII. It is a large towering structure with a maze inside. It was located in Bodhum and later moved to the Hanging Edge by PSICOM. The Pulse fal'Cie Anima resides inside it.


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The fal'Cie sculpted Cocoon in antiquity, using resources harvested from the world below. When Cocoon's shell was fractured in the war, they repaired it with raw materials again gathered from Pulse - buildings chief among them. Remnants of these structures, termed Vestiges, can still be found throughout Cocoon today. The centuries-old Vestige outside of Bodhum was believed to be nothing more than a harmless curiosity. The discovery of a Pulse fal'Cie inside its walls proved this false, however, leading to the detainment and subsequent Purging of countless citizens whose only crime was being in the wrong place at the wrong time.


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Serah's wish

Lightning and Snow find Serah.

The Pulse Vestige is a "strange ruin" located in Bodhum and did not have an entrance until thirteen days before the game's beginning. It was taken to Cocoon in secret by Barthandelus in the aftermath of the War of Transgression. The entrance formed when Fang and Vanille, who were inside the ruins, awoke from crystal stasis. Serah Farron accidentally found the entrance and was turned into a l'Cie by the fal'Cie Anima. Nine days later, Anima took Serah captive into the ruins.

After the Sanctum discovered the existence of a Pulse fal'Cie inside the ruins, they decided to destroy it, and so it was taken to the Hanging Edge. Lightning and Snow Villiers both ventured inside the ruins to rescue Serah, and were accompanied by Sazh Katzroy, Hope Estheim, and Vanille.


The party outside Anima's Throne.

Inside, they recover Serah, who turns into a crystal, having fulfilled her Focus as a l'Cie. Snow refuses to believe she is dead, clinging to the concept of crystallization equaling eternal life, but Lightning is adamant that she is. Nevertheless, the team make their way further into the Vestige to confront Anima.

They successfully attack the fal'Cie, but end up becoming l'Cie in the aftermath. PSICOM use lasers to destroy the Pulse Vestige, slaying Anima and sending its remains along with Lightning and the group tumbling down towards Lake Bresha, which Anima turns to crystal upon impact.


  • Sacrarium
  • House of Stairs
  • Ambulatory
  • Oblatorium
  • Nave
  • Anima's Throne


Item Location
30 gil Sacrarium
Potion x4 Sacrarium
Iron Bangle Sacrarium
Potion x2 House of Stairs
Phoenix Down Ambulatory
Gladius Ambulatory
Potion x2 House of Stairs
Fortisol Sacrarium
100 gil Oblatorium
Power Wristband Ambulatory
Potion x5 Anima's Throne

Enemy FormationsEdit


  • Zwerg Scandroid x2
  • Zwerg Scandroid x3 (Two separate encounters)
  • Zwerg Scandroid x4
  • Pantheron x1 (Two separate encounters)
  • Pantheron x2 (Three separate encounters)

House of StairsEdit

  • Zwerg Scandroid x1, Pantheron x1
  • Pantheron x2


  • Zwerg Scandroid x3
  • Zwerg Scandroid x4
  • Ghoul x1 (Five separate encounters)
  • Zwerg Scandroid x2, Pantheron x1
  • Ghoul x2 (Three separate encounters)
  • Pantheron x2
  • Ghast x1
  • Pantheron x3
  • Myrmidon x1
  • Pantheron x1, Myrmidon x1


  • Pantheron x2
  • Ghoul x3


  • Ghoul x1 (Five separate encounters)
  • Ghast x2

Anima's ThroneEdit


"The Vestige"
FFXIII - The Vestige
Trouble with the audio sample?

The theme "The Vestige" is played within the Pulse Vestige. "Taejin's Tower" is also played.

The backing chorus is actually a recording of my daughter Aya's voice. I had her sing for a demo, but I ended up using it. Since I was told that FF13 has various dark scenes especially in the beginning of the game, I wanted to create a mood of light tension here. By writing using conventional minor sounds, it would sound tacky and too heavy, so I deliberately tried to use chords which could sound neither major nor minor.
Masashi Hamauzu on "The Vestige."



  • As seen in Vanille's flashback of the first day, she and Fang awoke from crystal stasis inside the Oblatorium area.
  • Pulse Vestige is the best location in the game to farm for Shrouds (12% drop chance, increases to 96% with 0 star battles).
  • An identical structure can be seen in Final Fantasy XIII-2, located atop the highest point in Academia in 400 AF, as Proto fal'Cie Adam's base of operations.

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