XI Pulse Panoplia are a set of special, glowing weapons and armor in Final Fantasy XI.

All pulse panoplia are Rare/Ex equipment that can rarely be found in the Riftworn Pyxis that appears at the successful conclusion of a Voidwatch battle. Unlike other forms of equipment, however, the lucky player who finds a piece of pulse panoplia in their pyxis has two options: to receive it, or to convert it to a pulse cell. These pulse cells may then be traded or auctioned on the open market. Players who have defeated the appropriate voidwatch Notorious Monster may reconstitute the piece of pulse panoplia by accumulating five matching pulse cells and trading them to Ardrick in Jugner Forest.

Pulse Panoplia Cell Equipment-type Voidwatch NM Special Attribute
Anhur Robe Pulse Cell: An Armor (body) Celaeno Sphere: Magic Attack Bonus +5
Fazheluo Radiant Mail Pulse Cell: Fa Armor (body) Voidwrought Sphere: Store TP +6
Heka's Kalasiris Pulse Cell: He Armor (body) Akvan Sphere: Fast Cast +5%
Mekira Meikogai Pulse Cell: Mk Armor (body) Kaggen Sphere: Double Attack +3%
Mextli Harness Pulse Cell: Mx Armor (body) Hahava Sphere: Critical Hit Rate +3%
Toci's Harness Pulse Cell: To Armor (body) Pil Sphere: Haste +2%
Asteria Pulse Cell: As Dagger Botulus Rex Occasionally increases critical hit damage
Aytanri Pulse Cell: Ay 1h Axe Morta Attack occasionally varies with defense
Borealis Pulse Cell: Bo 2h Sword Ig-Alima Occasionally deals severe Weapon Skill damage
Coruscanti Pulse Cell: Co Dagger Qilin Occasionally deals severe damage
Delphinius Pulse Cell: De Polearm Bismarck (creature) Jump additional effect: Stun
Ephemeron Pulse Cell: Ep 1h Sword Aello Additional Effect: TP drain
Murasamemaru Pulse Cell: Mu 2h Katana Uptala Hidden effect: Weapon skills deal non-elemental damage