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Pteraketos is a family of enemies in Final Fantasy XI.

Special Attacks Edit

  • Angry Seas: Area of effect damage, Gravity, and Encumbrance.
  • Baleen Gurge: Area of effect HP drain and partial draw-in.
  • Blowhole Blast: AoE damage and Paralysis.
  • Caudal Capacitor: Radial area of effect Stun centered on Bismarck.
  • Deep Sea Dirge: Ranged area of effect damage and Amnesia.
  • Depth Charge: Frontal cone damage, Terror, and Knockback.
  • Echolocation: Area of effect damage and Silence.
  • Thar She Blows: Frontal cone, inflicts Death.
  • Waterspout: Frontal cone damage and all attributes down.


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