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Pure energy... a power beyond all human knowledge!
Prepare to meet your doom!
If you think you're going to survive, think again.

Ffx-2 Psychic The Psychic (サイキッカー, Saikikkā?), also known as Psychiccer, is a dressphere that appears in the International and HD Remaster versions of Final Fantasy X-2. The girls wear school uniforms and stylized futuristic visors. As the name suggests, Psychic utilizes mental energy and the law of physics to engage in combat. The dressphere's icon is a lightning bolt.

Acquiring the DressphereEdit

Acquiring the dressphere is rather simple: during the player's first trip on board Celsius, Shinra will mention that he has completed a "thing". The player must then speak to Shinra and choose the Creature Creator! option which is highlighted in green. After the tutorial, the player must win the Standard Cup in the Fiend Arena. The player will face seven groups of fiends, and win by successfully defeating three swarms of fiends, earning the dressphere as reward.


Mastering Psychic requires 760 Ability Points. Psychic abilities cannot be used outside of this dressphere.

Name AP MP Description Prerequisite Image
Attack Initial N/A Attack one target. None Psychic Attack


Name AP MP Description Prerequisite Image
Psychic Bomb Initial 10 Inflicts physical damage on all members in target party, ignores Protect and targets' Defense stat. None Psycho Bomb
Maser Eye 30 18 Inflicts physical damage on one target. None Mazer Eye
Telekinesis 30 12 Attempts to eject target from battle. Mazer Eye FFX-2 Telekinesis
Brainstorm 30 18 Inflicts Confusion and Silence on all enemies. Telekinesis Brain Storm
Express 40 20 User is granted Haste and also increases Accuracy and Evasion by 10 points. None Express
Teleport 30 N/A User teleports herself behind the selected target. Express Teleportation
Time Trip 100 20 Everything stops except for user, ATB bar is stopped for 10 seconds; during this time user is free to input any command she likes, User cannot change dressphere during Time Trip. Teleportation Time Trip
Magic Guard 80 28 User benefits from Null Magic status, becoming temporarily immune to any and all magic-type attacks. Gravity Eater Magic Guard
Physics Guard 80 28 User benefits from Null Physical status, becoming temporarily immune to any and all physical-type attacks. Magic Guard Physics Guard
Excellence 120 N/A User benefits from Invincibility status, becoming immune to any type of damage; however, she can still be affected by status changes. Physics Guard Excellence

Auto AbilitiesEdit

Name AP Description Prerequisite
Fire Eater 40 User absorbs any type of fire damage as HP recovery. None
Ice Eater 40 User absorbs any type of ice damage as HP recovery. None
Lightning Eater 40 User absorbs any type of lightning damage as HP recovery. None
Water Eater 40 User absorbs any type of water damage as HP recovery. None
Gravity Eater 60 User absorbs any type of Gravity damage as HP recovery. Fire Eater, Ice Eater, Lightning Eater, Water Eater



A psychic is a person who has an ability to perceive information hidden from the normal senses through extrasensory perception (ESP); it can also denote an ability of the mind to influence the world physically using psychokinetic powers.


  • The dressphere has a recurring theme of school outfits. Rikku wears a short skirt and white shirt, bearing resemblance to a school girl. Yuna has a sailor-like outfit, but with a unique skirt. Paine is wearing a version of a boy's uniform.
  • The Psychic dressphere can only be obtained once per save file. As the game keeps track of how many times the Fiend Arena Cups have been beaten even in a New Game Plus, it is not possible to get duplicates. The same was true for the Adamantite in the original versions, but in the International version, it can be obtained infinitely, making the Psychic dressphere the only truly unique item in the game.
  • Psychic is the only dressphere that allows the user to specifically reposition themselves on the battle field.
  • If the party equip Ribbons with this dressphere, they become immune to all attacks, which make the dressphere arguably the most powerful job class aside from Mascot.
  • The Psychic's image data is on the North American PS2 disc, despite the dressphere not being available in that version.
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