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Psyched Up

Aire, Yunita, and Jusqua psyched up.

Psyched Up is a gameplay feature that appears in Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light. Being psyched up indicates the player characters' level of enthusiasm during battle. When the heroes are psyched up they become surrounded by a yellow aura and get a stat boost. Correspondingly, when the heroes are feeling down they become surrounded by a blue aura and their stats decrease.

If more than one character is psyched up simultaneously, they will combine their attacks if the Attack command is chosen for both in the beginning of the round. Characters get psyched up randomly during battles, and they are only feeling sad in response to certain actions some enemies can inflict upon them during battle. Some enemies are also capable of cancelling out a character's psyched up status.

The Hero crown gets psyched up more often than other jobs. The Party Host crown learns abilities that focus on psyching up the party. The Lone Wolf accessory stops psyched characters from taking part in joint attacks. The Courage Ring makes the wearer get psyched up more frequently.

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