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Provenance Watcher is the final boss of the Voidwatch storyline in Final Fantasy XI. As such, most normal Voidwatch rules and conditions apply to the fight against it, with the exception that spectral alignment is non-existent in Provenance and ascent items are thus unnecessary. In order to fight Provenance Watcher, each player must have conquered the Beguiling Radiance, Maddening Radiance, and Seductive Radiance fights in Provenance in order to obtain the necessary key items.

During the fight, its HP bar is not visible. However, it changes its stance at certain amounts of HP which can be used to give a rough indicator of its current state of health. Each stance also has a different set of attacks.

Whenever Provenance Watcher casts a spell, a Crystal Fetter may be summoned (up to three may exist at once). Besides having harmful aura effects on nearby players, the mere existence of these objects is enough to substantially reduce all damage taken by Provenance Watcher.


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