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FF7 Protect ring

Protect Ring artwork from Final Fantasy VII.

Protects you from various attacks.
Final Fantasy IX description

The Protect Ring (守りの指輪, Mamori no Yubiwa?), also known as Protector Ring and Ring of Renewal, is a recurring piece of armor and accessory in the series. It can be classified either as a ring, or as an armlet. It usually defends against Instant Death or grants the user the Auto-Protect status.

Appearances Edit

Final Fantasy Edit


Ring that guards against instant death.

The Protect Ring is an armlet that protects against Death-elemental attacks, has +8 Absorb, and -1% Evade. It can be bought for 16,000 gil at Gaia, or found in the Flying Fortress, and the Chaos Shrine (past).

Unlike what the description states, Protect Rings do not resist all instant KO attacks, only ones that are Death-elemental (Death and Kill). Many instant KO spells and abilities, such as Earthquake and Break, require alternate resistance protection (Earth and Petrification, respectively).

Final Fantasy II Edit


A ring affording protection against instant death.

The Protect Ring boosts Defense by 18 and protects against the element Death. It drops from Lamia Queen, and is found in Raqia.

Though the Protect Ring prevents Instant Death from the spell Death, it does not protect against Instant Death inflicted by the Warp or Teleport spells, which are Matter-elemental.

Final Fantasy III Edit

III The Protect Ring is an armlet that resists Fire, Thunder, Ice, Wind, and Light and boosts all stats by two. It can be equipped by all jobs. It can be found in the Temple of Time and Ancients' Maze, or dropped from King Behemoth (rare).

Final Fantasy IV Edit


Ring resistant against fire, ice, and lightning.

The Protect Ring resists all elements. It can be found in the Lunar Subterrane, and drops from Ahriman and Magic Dragon. It provides +10 Defense, +12 Evasion, +5 Magic Defense, and +10 Magic Evasion.

In the SNES version, when characters equip elemental resistant equipment, they become weak to the opposite element. A character with the Protect Ring is thus weak to Fire and Ice-elemental physical attacks (however, no enemy uses physical elemental attacks, so this isn't usually an issue). This is changed in the Advance version where characters are no longer weak against the opposite element.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Edit

FFIVTAY The Protect Ring provides 10 Defense, 12 Magic Defense, 5 Evasion, 10 Magic Evasion, and +15 Stamina, as well as resistance to Fire, Ice, and Lightning. It can be found in the Subterrane or dropped from Fiend Dragon.

There is also a glitch where if one has a piece of equipment that absorbs an element, they will absorb the other elements.

Final Fantasy V Edit


Ring with same effect as Regen.

The Protect Ring is an accessory and grants the wearer Auto-Regen and provides +10 Defense, Magic Evasion, and Magic Defense as well as +1 Weight and +5 Stamina. It drops from Odin, is found at Istory Falls, Pyramid of Moore, and the Island Shrine, and is stolen from Soul Cannon at the Phoenix Tower.

Final Fantasy VII Edit

VII The Protect Ring is an accessory that grants the wearer the constant Barrier and MBarrier statuses. It can be stolen from the right neck of Schizo, or morphed from Movers.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Edit

FFVIICC The Protect Ring grants Zack constant Barrier and MBarrier statuses. It can be bought from Mythril Mine Trading for 30,000 gil, and as a reward for completing mission 7-6-2, 9-3-2 or 9-5-3.

Final Fantasy IX Edit

IX The Protect Ring is an add-on that halves damage from all elements, and provides +1 Spirit, +2 Defense, +4 Evasion, +3 Magic Defense, and +6 Magic Evasion. It teaches Half MP, Long Reach, and Mag Elm Null. It can be bought from Mene for 8,500 points, or synthesized for 40,000 gil, Rebirth Ring, and Dark Matter at Hades's synthesis shop.

Others can be acquired by completing the Mognet sidequest by fixing Mognet Central, using a Dead Pepper at a mountain crack on the eastern part of the Lost Continent, completing the lost Nero family quest in Lindblum, and by answering all of the Ragtime Mouse's questions correctly.

Final Fantasy X Edit

X Yuna's armor will take the name Protect Ring when its dominant abilities are Auto-Protect or SOS Protect.

Final Fantasy XI Edit

XI Protect Ring only gives +1 to Agility, but can cast Protect II when used as an item.

Final Fantasy XII Edit

XII In the original version, Ring of Renewal generates a constant Regen status and provides +6 Defense and +5 Magick Resist. It is found in Accessories 16 on the License Board and costs 70 LP to use. It can be bought for 18,000 gil at the Necrohol of Nabudis, and is received as a reward for completing the sidequest "Ann and her Sisters" on the skyferries.

Ring of Renewal has the same stats and effect in the Zodiac versions, but now requires the Accessories 22 license for 160 LP. It can be found as a treasure in Great Crystal (Uldobi Phullam Udiipraa), and Pharos - Subterra (Penumbra - South), poached from Deadly Nightshade (5% chance) and stolen from Shield Wyrm (rare) in Trial Mode Stage 67, or obtained from the Ann and her Sisters sidequest.

Final Fantasy XV Edit

XV The Ring of Resistance protects party members from the effects of magical friendly fire. It is part of the Holiday Pack + downloadable content.

NameEffectsValueObtainEquippable by
Ring of Resistance
(Protective Ring)
All allies immune to friendly magical damage.Buy: —
Sell: 0
Download: Holiday Pack+ downloadAll
A protective piece of jewelry that renders the entire party impervious to magical friendly fire.

Final Fantasy Tactics Edit


A ring forged from a metal imbued with magick.

The Protect Ring immunizes against Sleep and Doom. It can be equipped by any class. It costs 5,000 gil and is available in the Outfitters after story battle 15, and after viewing the cutscene at Lionel. It can also be found as a rare item within the Lionel Castle with Treasure Hunter.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Edit


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Final Fantasy Dimensions Edit

FFD Protect Bangle grants Auto-Protect to the wearer. It is found in a cave in the Deist village, east of the armor/weapons shop. Fangs are scarce items that can be traded to the blonde gnome's friend for Fang Points (FP), which can in turn be traded for exclusive equipment. Protect Bangle can be bought for 50 FP.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit

FFRK Protect Ring from Final Fantasy VII appears as a Rarity 3 accessory.

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