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FFMQ Warrior Statue

The Prophecy refers to an ancient prophecy in Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. A full account of it is never given, but White recites the following as part of it:

"The Vile 4 will steal the Power
and divide the World behind 4 doors.
At that time the Knight will appear."

Thus, in essence the Prophecy is the motivation for the entire game - the Vile Four have stolen the Crystals and sealed the doors of the Focus Tower, cutting the four regions of the world off from each other. The Crystal of Light believes Benjamin is the knight the Prophecy speaks of, and thus is destined to defeat the Vile Four and save the Crystals.

Prior to the events of the game, Captain Mac goes on a voyage and finds a lost verse of the prophecy:

"The one behind the 4 is
darker than the night,
and rises midst the land."

This part of the prophecy refers to the Dark King, who is stationed in Doom Castle atop the Focus Tower. With Mac's Ship, Benjamin enters Doom Castle and finds the Dark King. When confronted, the Dark King claims that the Prophecy was a rumor he started centuries ago, but if he was lying or not is not revealed. Either way, Benjamin defeats the Dark King and saves the world, fulfilling the Prophecy's predictions.

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