Prometheus is an enemy family in Final Fantasy Type-0. It contains three variants and two enemies.

Enemy CompendiumEdit

Developed as an improvement upon the Striker not long after its creation, the Prometheus features a 18mm flamethrower instead of the original model's howitzer. Not only does the S-242 Terrain MA Mark.02 match its predecessor's capabilities in close quarters combat, its flamethrower allows it to function effectively at mid-range as well. However, because the Prometheus was unable to launch an assault from a long distance, imperial officials began phasing out the Mark.02 as newer models became more widespread.

List of enemiesEdit


Prometheus was a Titan in Greek mythology best known for stealing the gift of fire from the gods and bestowing it upon humans. As punishment, Zeus had him chained to a boulder and had an eagle eat his liver every day, which would grow back the next day to be eaten again. To punish man, Zeus later sent Pandora to live among them, an event that ultimately unleashed the evils of Pandora's box on mankind. Eventually, Prometheus would be freed by Hercules.