What the hell is that?
—Zidane Tribal

The Prison Cage is a boss from Final Fantasy IX. The party fights it twice in the Evil Forest, once with Garnet imprisoned in it, and once with Vivi.




Formations Edit

Enemies Frequency AP
Can't escape.
Prison Cage (#014), Vivi 100% 3
Can't escape. Characters do not pose on victory.
Prison Cage (#012), Garnet 100% 3

Battle Edit

The Prison Cage will use its Absorb ability to drain HP from whichever character it has imprisoned, both curing itself and hurting its prisoner. The player must keep the imprisoned character alive. During the second battle, Vivi will use Fire on Prison Cage at regular intervals.

During the first fight, both Zidane and Steiner will be in the party, giving the player the first opportunity to use Steiner's Sword Arts ability. Zidane will begin the first fight entering Trance.

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FFRK Prison Cage FFIX
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  • The Heartless boss in Kingdom Hearts, Parasite Cage, resembles Prison Cage, and plays a similar function, capturing Pinocchio within its mouth.

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