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My name is....... Pri-scil-la!

Priscilla (プリシラ, Purishira?) is a Non-player character from Final Fantasy VII. She is a young resident of lower Junon and is friends with a dolphin nicknamed "Mr. Dolphin".


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Mouth to Mouth

Cloud gives Priscilla CPR.

Cloud Strife encounters Priscilla as she is attacked by the Bottomswell. After defeating Bottomswell, Cloud performs CPR on her. Priscilla requires 41 "breaths" to recover and a full bar in the CPR minigame is 10, meaning the player needs to take at least five lungfuls to revive her.

She recovers fully and becomes infatuated with Cloud. As a gift, Priscilla gives him her amulet, which turns out to be the Summon Materia Shiva. Priscilla gives a whistle by which Cloud can call Mr. Dolphin and use him to jump up into the upper levels of Junon.

On Disc 1 after obtaining the Buggy, the player can go back to the Dolphin and jump directly to the Cargo Ship instead of walking through all of Junon. It also saves the player 10 gil.

For the rest of the game Priscilla follows Cloud's actions carefully. She is aware of the fact Cloud fell into the Lifestream, and once they meet again, she orders Cloud to be more careful because she wants to marry him.

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The player must play a CPR minigame to revive her after the battle against Bottomswell. Five full lungfuls of air is enough to resuscitate her. The player must wait to press the confirm button when the gauge on the screen slowly fills, but if they wait too long the attempt fails and Cloud must start from the beginning.



Priscilla is a female given name derived from the Latin priscus (old). It is intended to bestow long life on the bearer.



Shirt of a girl in the Final Fantasy VII remake announcement trailer.

  • The girl going down the slide in the Final Fantasy VII remake announcement trailer wears a shirt that appears to depict the artwork for Mr. Dolphin (see gallery.)
  • If the player's Materia stock is full, Priscilla is unable to give the Shiva Materia to Cloud's party. If this happens, she leaves the Materia in her house, where the player can collect it when they have room in their inventory.
  • On disc 2, Mr. Dolphin is absent, as the player can access the higher parts of Junon by paying the Shinra guard a bribe. Though his absence is not fully explained, Priscilla mentions he frequents the waters of the Mideel region.
  • The way Cloud revives Priscilla is mistakenly referred to as CPR in the game, instead of AR (artificial respiration, a.k.a rescue breathing). CPR includes chest compressions, which are only necessary if the recipient's heart has stopped (no pulse) or they are choking on something solid.

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