FFXI Power Attack

Power Attack in Final Fantasy XI.

Power Attack (パワーアタック, Pawā Atakku?) is a recurring ability in the Final Fantasy series.


Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-Edit

Power Attack is a subset of Command Materia that consists of four materia: Power Attack, Vital Slash, Exploder Blade, and Blast Wave. When using any of the four in battle, Zack pauses for a moment to swing his sword back, then attacks over a wide area doing greater damage than normal. The wider area of attack also makes hitting multiple enemies at once easier.

Each of the four materia has an extra effect. Power Attack has a chance to inflict Stun, Vital Slash always inflicts a critical hit, Exploder Blade leaves a shockwave to strike adjacent enemies, and Blast Wave has a chance to remove an enemy from battle. Power Attack costs 4 AP to use, Vital Slash requires 6 AP, and both Exploder Blade and Blast Wave require 12 AP.

Final Fantasy XIEdit

Power Attack
MP 5
Effect Critical
Duration N/A
Casting Time 0.5 sec
Recast Time 7.25 sec
Magic Type Physical
Element None
Jobs BLU 4

Power Attack is a Blue Magic physical spell usable by Blue Mages at level 4. The spell can only be learned from Beetles. It physically strikes one enemy, dealing blunt damage. Damage varies with the Blue Mage's current TP. The spell costs 1 Blue Magic Point to set.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

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