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Put Safe on all your party members to avoid the Hit's dying 10-Hits attack. Either that, or equip shields with good evasion.
—PlayStation bestiary

Power, also known as Hit, is a boss in Final Fantasy VI. It is fought in the second tier of the final battle along with Tiger, Machine, and Magic. According to the Final Fantasy III Nintendo Player's Guide, the second tier which includes Power, Tiger, Magic, and Machine is supposed to be a rematch of Goddess from the Warring Triad.[1] No official material support this; the idea was created by Nintendo of America.


Power only attacks with physical strikes every turn, easily making it the weakest enemy in the second tier. Thus, it should be saved for second-last, with the player defeating Tiger and Machine first and inflicting Silence on Magic to prevent it from attacking. When Power is defeated, it uses its special attack 10-Hit Combo, which does more damage than normal attacks, followed by nine normal attacks. These attacks can easily be survived by casting Protect on the party before killing Power.

AI scriptEdit

Attack Turns:
1st Turn: Attack (100%)

If killed:

10-Hit Combo (100%)
Attack (100%)
Attack (100%)
Attack (100%)
Attack (100%)
Attack (100%)
Attack (100%)
Attack (100%)
Attack (100%)
Attack (100%)



  • The SNES version of Final Fantasy VI censored the appearance of Hit so that its sprite wore a loincloth. The female figure near it was similarly censored with clothing offering more coverage.

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