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POTION 2: Relaxin' with Final Fantasy is a "best of" type album of tracks from Final Fantasy III to IX. It contains a collection of "mellow" selections of tracks taken directly from other arranged albums and a previously unreleased track.

Track listEdit

  1. "Where Love Doesn't Reach" (Piano Collections: Final Fantasy IX)
  2. "Remnants of Distant Days" (Final Fantasy: Love Will Grow)
  3. "GAIA" (Final Fantasy: Love Will Grow)
  4. "Once You Meet Her" (Final Fantasy Vocal Collections I: Pray)
  5. "Não Chora Menina" (Final Fantasy Vocal Collections I: Pray)
  6. "My Home, Sweet Home" (Final Fantasy V: Dear Friends)
  7. "Theme of Love" (Final Fantasy IV: Celtic Moon)
  8. "As I Feel, You Feel" (Final Fantasy V: Dear Friends)
  9. "Into the Darkness" (Final Fantasy IV: Celtic Moon)
  10. "Celes' Theme" (Piano Collections: Final Fantasy VI)
  11. "Fisherman's Horizon" (Piano Collections: Final Fantasy VIII)
  12. "Melodies of Life" (Piano Collections: Final Fantasy IX )
  13. "Love Will Grow" (Final Fantasy Vocal Collections II: Love Will Grow)
  14. "Eyes on Me" (Acoustic Guitar Version) (Bonus Track)


A potion (from Latin potio "drink" derived from Greek poton "that which one drinks") is a consumable medicine or poison. In mythology and literature, a potion has magical properties and might be used to heal, bewitch or poison people.

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