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Balfonheim Port concept art.

A city of men without countries. Pirates of the sea and of the sky.

The Port at Balfonheim (港町バーフォンハイム, Minatomachi Bāfonhaimu?), commonly referred as Balfonheim, is a location in the land of Ivalice in Final Fantasy XII. It is a town full of sailors and pirates, led by the infamous Reddas.

Despite being located in Archadia, Balfonheim stays out of the Empire's conflicts. Instead, it is a town willing to offer its services to whoever wants them. In the game, they are employed by the Resistance.


Balfonheim is located at the southern tip of the continent of Valendia, in the Archadia region, near the Cerobi Steppe. Originally, Balfonheim was a place full of troublemakers and cut-throats until Reddas came and got rid of the riffraff, making it a haven to pirates of both sea and air.

Sage KnowledgeEdit

Prosperous port on the Naldoan Sea renowned for its rich fishing grounds. In addition to fishing, the port is known for its shipwrights and their numerous contributions to the advancement of seacraft. Though demand has dropped with the spread of airships, the wrights are still able to turn a profit on their craft. The power in Balfonheim rests with the sea captains and pirates of wealth. Though belonging in name to the Archadian Empire, well-placed regular bribes have ensured the city autonomous governance. The city itself is small, being a classic port town, with many stone-cobbled alleyways winding between buildings which hug the curve of the hills. Fresh seafood can be found in the market stalls daily, along with many other items brought by traders and pirates. Several waterways run through the city, some carrying drinking water, others used as canals for the transport of goods. The manse of Pirate King Reddas stands in the western quarter of Balfonheim.
—Sage Knowledge 62, Port at Balfonheim


See also: Treasure (Final Fantasy XII)

Balfonheim is one of the few areas in the game that has treasures within a town area (area where only Vaan is controllable). The treasure in the Sea Breeze Lane next to Dyce is always gil, and will never respawn. Without the Diamond Armlet the treasure is 5040 gil, but with the Diamond Armlet equipped, the amount is reduced to mere 3 gil.

North of the Canal Lane area, the player can enter a residence on the right that has a treasure. The treasure will never respawn and without the Diamond Armlet is either an Elixir or a Megalixir. With the Diamond Armlet equipped the treasure is 90% Megalixir, 10% Ensanguined Shield.

Notable CitizensEdit

  • Reddas, the leader of the port's pirates.
  • Rikken, Reddas's comrade, holds a footrace minigame.
  • Elza, Rikken's friend.
  • Raz, Rikken's friend.
  • Dyce, merchant previously met at Jagd Yensa.
  • Fishing Enthusiast, helps the player with the Fishing minigame.
  • Viera Wayfarer, viera with a hunt found in the Whitecap Tavern, gives the player the Dragon Scales item.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

Balfonheim comes into the story after the events in Draklor Laboratory. The party storm the labs and find Reddas there after the same goal. Dr. Cid escapes with the pieces of deifacted nethicite, telling the party he's off to Giruvegan, and Reddas takes the party to Balfonheim on his airship.

Reddas tells the party Marquis Ondore has already been looking for the sky pirates' assistance to join the Resistance. The war seems closer than ever, but as long as it's Cid who holds the nethicite and not Vayne, there may be hope. The party decide to follow Cid to Giruvegan, but Reddas refuses to join them, saying he has other plans.

After coming back from Giruvegan the party end up in Balfonheim again and find Reddas has sent a fleet to Ridorana Cataract, but it caught trouble. After hearing Ashe's plan is to destroy the Sun-Cryst, Reddas joins the party to aid them and gives the party a skystone he stole from the Draklor Laboratory, one that can fly on the jagd.

Reddas sacrifices himself at Pharos at Ridorana, leaving Balfonheim without a governor, but the people of Balfonheim honor Reddas's memory and stay true to the path Reddas set before his death.


  • Sea Breeze Lane (to the Cerobi Steppe)
  • Gallerina Marketplace
  • Chivany Breakwater
  • Quayside Court
  • Canal Lane
  • Saccio Lane

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Footrace MinigameEdit



When the party leaves Reddas Mansion after the first time they visit Balfonheim, Rikken and his gang will be outside and give Vaan information about the Feywood. If the player talks to him a couple of times, Rikken will invite the party for a footrace minigame, which consists of 100 levels, that will reward the party with treasures, including the rare loot Slime Oil.

Racing them only requires pressing two buttons together. Beating them gets the party potions and curative items. At tier 100 the reward is 10,000 gil, any tier higher than tier 30 will give Unpurified Ether and/or Elixirs.

Rikken is normally in the lead, and travels at about the same speed as Vaan, making it difficult to pass him until near the final turn, where he slows down for a second. If the player did not steal Slime Oil from the mark Orthros, the only other way to obtain one is to win the tier 90 footrace.

  1. Potion
  2. Phoenix Down
  3. Eye Drops
  4. Antidote
  5. 10 gil, Echo Herbs
  6. Gold Needle
  7. Alarm Clock
  8. Handkerchief
  9. Bacchus's Wine
  10. 100 gil, Balance Mote x2
  11. Potion x2
  12. Phoenix Down x2
  13. Eye Drops x2
  14. Antidote x2
  15. 20 gil, Echo Herbs x2
  16. Gold Needle x2
  17. Alarm Clock x2
  18. Handkerchief x2
  19. Bacchus's Wine x2
  20. 300 gil, Float Mote x2
  21. Potion x3
  22. Phoenix Down x3
  23. Eye Drops x3
  24. Antidote x3
  25. 30 gil, 3 Echo Herbs
  26. Gold Needle x3
  27. Alarm Clock x3
  28. Handkerchief x3
  29. Bacchus's Wine x3
  30. 800 gil, Teleport Stone x3
  31. Potion x4
  32. Phoenix Down x4
  33. Eye Drops x4
  34. Antidote x4
  35. 40 gil, Echo Herbs x4
  36. Gold Needle x4
  37. Alarm Clock x4
  38. Handkerchief x4
  39. Bacchus's Wine x4
  40. 1500 gil, Vanishga Mote x2
  41. Potion x5
  42. Phoenix Down x5
  43. Eye Drops x5
  44. Antidote x5
  45. 50 gil, Echo Herbs x5
  46. Gold Needle x5
  47. Alarm Clock x5
  48. Handkerchief x5
  49. Bacchus's Wine x5
  50. 2500 gil, Reflectga Mote x2
  51. Potion x6
  52. Phoenix Down x6
  53. Eye Drops x6
  54. Antidote x6
  55. 60 gil, Echo Herbs x6
  56. Gold Needle x6
  57. Alarm Clock x6
  58. Handkerchief x6
  59. Bacchus's Wine x6
  60. 3500 gil, Hi-Ether x2
  61. Potion x7
  62. Phoenix Down x7
  63. Eye Drop x7
  64. Antidote x7
  65. 70 gil, 7 Echo Herb x7
  66. Gold Needle x7
  67. Alarm Clock x7
  68. Handkerchief x7
  69. Bacchus's Wine x7
  70. 4500 gil, Holy Mote x2
  71. Potion x8
  72. Phoenix Down x8
  73. Eye Drops x8
  74. Antidote x8
  75. 80 gil, 8 Echo Herbs x8
  76. Gold Needle x8
  77. Alarm Clock x8
  78. Handkerchief x8
  79. Bacchus's Wine x8
  80. 6000 gil, Hastega Mote x2, Caramel
  81. Potion x9
  82. Phoenix Down x9
  83. 9 Eyes Drops
  84. 9 Antidotes
  85. 90 gil, 9 Echo Herbs
  86. 9 Gold Needles
  87. 9 Alarm Clocks
  88. 9 Handkerchiefs
  89. 9 Bacchus's Wines
  90. 8000 gil, Scathe Mote x2, Slime Oil
  91. Potion x10
  92. Phoenix Down x10
  93. Eye Drops x10
  94. Antidote x10
  95. 100 gil, Echo Herbs x10
  96. Gold Needle x10
  97. Alarm Clock x10
  98. Handkerchief x10
  99. Bacchus's Wine x10
  100. 10000 gil, Elixir x2, Unpurified Ether

Cockatrice SidequestEdit


Miffed Moogle hires a cockatrice.

Main article: Giza Plains (Final Fantasy XII)#Great Cockatrice Escape Sidequest

A cockatrice called Moomer is in the chocobo pen at Sea Breeze Lane of Balfonheim. The player must talk to the Chocobo Wrangler by the chocobo pen and show her the Feather of the Flock, then talk to the Miffed Moogle, and then Gurdy, to receive the Defender. The Feather of the Flock item, needed to talk to cockatrice, is found in an urn in the Giza Plains Tracks of the Beast area during the Rains.

Fishing RodEdit

Main article: Fishing (Final Fantasy XII)

Fishing is a minigame played in the South Bank Village of the Dalmasca Estersand. To begin the fishing sidequest, the player must have completed the Cactuar Family sidequest and the portion of the game's storyline at the Draklor Laboratory. After speaking with Ruksel at the South Bank village, the player must travel to the Port at Balfonheim and speak to the Fishing Enthusiast outside of the Aerodrome.

The player must talk to him twice and ask about the fishing rod, then run to the Aerodrome's entrance and back to the same spot without leaving the area. The Muramata fishing rod will be near the wall where she was sitting. The player can return to Ruksel at the Dalmasca Estersand to begin the minigame.


Note: The items available for purchase change throughout the game. These items may not all be available at the same time.

Beruny's ArmamentsEdit


Consult the Weapons article for more information on individual weapons.

Weapon Cost
Diamond Sword 12500 gil
Yoichi Bow 12500 gil
Trident 12500 gil
Yakei 12500 gil
Zephyr Pole 11200 gil
Hunting Crossbow 12500 gil
Empyrean Rod 6200 gil
Defender 13000 gil
Spica 13000 gil
Morning Star 13500 gil
Doom Mace 11800 gil
Runeblade 14500 gil
Perseus Bow 14500 gil
Weapon Cost
Holy Lance 14500 gil
Caliper 14000 gil
Deathbringer 16000 gil
Greataxe 15500 gil
Ame-no-Murakumo 15000 gil
Save the Queen 15500 gil
Zwill Crossblade 15000 gil
Antares 16000 gil
Ivory Pole 13500 gil
Penetrator Crossbow 15500 gil
Caldera 16000 gil
Cloud Staff 8000 gil


Consult the Armor article for more information on individual armor pieces.

Armor Cost
Chakra Band 8100 gil
Power Vest 8100 gil
Hypnocrown 8100 gil
Jade Gown 8100 gil
Platinum Helm 9300 gil
Platinum Armor 9300 gil
Crystal Shield 7200 gil
Thief's Cap 9300 gil
Ninja Gear 9300 gil
Gold Hairpin 9300 gil
Gaia Gear 9300 gil
Giant's Helmet 11000 gil
Carabineer Mail 11000 gil
Gigas Hat 10700 gil
Gigas Chestplate 10700 gil
Armor Cost
Celebrant's Miter 10700 gil
Cleric's Robes 10700 gil
Dragon Helm 12500 gil
Dragon Mail 12500 gil
Kaiser Shield 8300 gil
Chaperon 12400 gil
Minerva Bustier 12400 gil
Black Mask 12400 gil
White Robes 13500 gil
Aegis Shield 9600 gil
Crown of Laurels 14500 gil
Rubber Suit 14500 gil
White Mask 14500 gil
Black Robes 13500 gil

The Leapin' BangaaEdit

Consult the Items and the Accessories article for more information on these individual items.

Wares Cost
Cameo Belt 9000 gil
Power Armlet 5200 gil
Opal Ring 16000 gil
Potion 70 gil
Antidote 50 gil
Eye Drops 50 gil
Phoenix Down 250 gil
Echo Herbs 50 gil
Gold Needle 100 gil
Alarm Clock 50 gil
Handkerchief 50 gil
Hi-Potion 210 gil
Bacchus's Wine 120 gil
Wares Cost
Smelling Salts 50 gil
Remedy 400 gil
Chronos Tear 50 gil
X-Potion 630 gil
Vaccine 200 gil

Odo's TechnicksEdit

Consult the Technicks article for more information on individual technicks.

Technick Cost
Expose 3800 gil
Revive 10000 gil
Wither 3500 gil


A treasure containing 5040 gil (without Diamond Armlet) can be opened near him.

Wares Cost
Teleport Stone 200 gil
Gysahl Greens 108 gil

Quayside MagickeryEdit

Consult the Magick article for more information on individual Abilities.

Ability Cost
Curaja 11700 gil
Dispelga 8200 gil
Arise 9700 gil
Esunaga 14900 gil
Holy 11200 gil
Firaga 8200 gil
Thundaga 8200 gil
Blizzaga 8200 gil
Ability Cost
Shock 9400 gil
Scourge 11200 gil
Flare 11200 gil
Slowga 10400 gil
Sleepga 7900 gil
Shellga 9900 gil
Protectga 9400 gil
Darkga 9400 gil

Waterfront GambitsEdit

Consult the Gambits article for more information on gambits.

Gambit Cost
Ally: any 50 gil
Ally: party leader 50 gil
Ally: lowest HP 50 gil
Ally: strongest weapon 50 gil
Ally: lowest defense 50 gil
Ally: lowest magick resist 50 gil
Ally: HP <100% 50 gil
Ally: HP <90% 50 gil
Ally: HP <80% 50 gil
Ally: HP <70% 50 gil
Ally: HP <60% 50 gil
Ally: HP <50% 50 gil
Ally: HP <40% 50 gil
Ally: HP <30% 50 gil
Ally: HP <20% 50 gil
Ally: HP <10% 50 gil
Ally: MP <100% 50 gil
Ally: MP <90% 50gil
Ally: MP <80% 50 gil
Ally: MP <70% 50 gil
Ally: MP <60% 50 gil
Ally: MP <50% 50 gil
Ally: MP <40% 50 gil
Ally: MP <30% 50 gil
Ally: MP <20% 50 gil
Ally: MP <10% 50 gil
Ally: status = Regen 50 gil
Ally: status = Float 50 gil
Ally: status = Bubble 50 gil
Ally: status = Stop 50 gil
Ally: status = Sleep 50 gil
Ally: status = Confuse 50 gil
Ally: status = Reverse 50 gil
Ally: status = Slow 50 gil
Ally: status = Lure 50 gil
Ally: status = Reflect 50 gil
Ally: status = Berserk 50 gil
Ally: status = HP Critical 50 gil
Ally: item AMT >= 10 100 gil
Ally: status = KO 50 gil
Ally: status = Stone 50 gil
Ally: status = Petrify 50 gil
Ally: status = Doom 50 gil
Ally: status = Blind 50 gil
Ally: status = Poison 50 gil
Ally: status = Silence 50 gil
Ally: status = Sap 50 gil
Ally: status = Oil 50 gil
Ally: status = Disable 50 gil
Ally: status = Immobilize 50 gil
Ally: status = Disease 50 gil
Ally: status = Protect 50 gil
Ally: status = Shell 50 gil
Ally: status = Haste 50 gil
Ally: status = Bravery 50 gil
Ally: status = Faith 50 gil
Ally: status = Invisible 50 gil
Foe: any 50 gil
Foe: targeting leader 100 gil
Foe: targeting self 100 gil
Foe: targeting ally 100 gil
Foe: undead 100 gil
Foe: furthest 50 gil
Foe: nearest 50 gil
Foe: highest HP 50 gil
Foe: lowest HP 50 gil
Foe: highest max HP 50 gil
Foe: lowest max HP 50 gil
Foe: highest max MP 50 gil
Foe: lowest max MP 50 gil
Foe: highest level 50 gil
Foe: lowest level 50 gil
Foe: highest strength 50 gil
Foe: lowest strength 50 gil
Foe: highest magick power 50 gil
Foe: lowest magick power 50 gil
Foe: highest speed 50 gil
Foe: lowest speed 50 gil
Foe: highest defense 50 gil
Foe: highest magick resist 50 gil
Foe: HP >= 100,000 50 gil
Foe: HP >= 50,000 50 gil
Foe: HP >= 10,000 50 gil
Foe: HP >= 5,000 50 gil
Foe: HP >= 3,000 50 gil
Foe: HP >= 2,000 50 gil
Foe: HP >= 1,000 50 gil
Foe: HP >= 500 50 gil
Foe: HP < 100,000 50 gil
Foe: HP < 50,000 50 gil
Foe: HP < 10,000 50 gil
Foe: HP < 5,000 50 gil
Foe: HP < 3,000 50 gil
Foe: HP < 2,000 50 gil
Foe: HP < 1,000 50 gil
Foe: HP < 500 50 gil
Foe: HP = 100% 50 gil
Foe: HP => 70% 50 gil
Foe: HP => 50% 50 gil
Foe: HP => 30% 50 gil
Foe: status = Petrify 50 gil
Foe: status = Stop 50 gil
Foe: status = Sleep 50 gil
Foe: status = Confuse 50 gil
Foe: status = Doom 50 gil
Foe: status = Blind 50 gil
Foe: status = Poison 50 gil
Gambit Cost
Foe: status = Silence 50 gil
Foe: status = Sap 50 gil
Foe: status = Oil 50 gil
Foe: status = Reverse 50 gil
Foe: status = Disable 50 gil
Foe: status = Immobilize 50 gil
Foe: status = Slow 50 gil
Foe: status = Disease 50 gil
Foe: status = Protect 50 gil
Foe: status = Shell 50 gil
Foe: status = Haste 50 gil
Foe: status = Bravery 50 gil
Foe: status = Faith 50 gil
Foe: status = Reflect 50 gil
Foe: status = Regen 50 gil
Foe: status = Berserk 50 gil
Foe: status = HP Critical 50 gil
Foe: fire-weak 500 gil
Foe: lightning-weak 500 gil
Foe: ice-weak 500 gil
Foe: earth-weak 500 gil
Foe: water-weak 500 gil
Foe: wind-weak 500 gil
Foe: holy-weak 500 gil
Foe: dark-weak 500 gil
Foe: fire-vulnerable 250 gil
Foe: lightning-vulnerable 250 gil
Foe: ice-vulnerable 250 gil
Foe: earth-vulnerable 250 gil
Foe: water-vulnerable 250 gil
Foe: wind-vulnerable 250 gil
Foe: holy-vulnerable 250 gil
Foe: dark-vulnerable 250 gil
Foe: undead 100 gil
Foe: flying 100 gil
Foe: item AMT >= 10 100 gil
Foe: character HP = 100% 100 gil
Foe: character status = Blind 100 gil
Foe: character status = Silence 100 gil
Foe: character status = Bravery 100 gil
Foe: character status = Faith 100 gil
Foe: character status = HP Critical 100 gil
Foe: character MP >= 90% 100 gil
Foe: character MP >= 70% 100 gil
Foe: character MP >= 50% 100 gil
Foe: character MP >= 30% 100 gil
Foe: character MP >= 10% 100 gil
Foe: character MP < 90% 100 gil
Foe: character MP < 70% 100 gil
Foe: character MP < 50% 100 gil
Foe: character MP < 30% 100 gil
Foe: character MP < 10% 100 gil
Foe: character HP >= 90% 100 gil
Foe: character HP >= 70% 100 gil
Foe: character HP >= 50% 100 gil
Foe: character HP >= 30% 100 gil
Foe: character HP >= 10% 100 gil
Foe: character HP < 90% 100 gil
Foe: character HP < 70% 100 gil
Foe: character HP < 50% 100 gil
Foe: character HP < 30% 100 gil
Foe: character HP < 10% 100 gil
Self 50 gil
Self: HP <100% 50 gil
Self: HP < 90% 50 gil
Self: HP < 80% 50 gil
Self: HP < 70% 50 gil
Self: HP < 60% 50 gil
elf: HP < 50% 50 gil
Self: HP < 40% 50 gil
Self: HP < 30% 50 gil
Self: HP < 20% 50 gil
Self: HP < 10% 50 gil
Self: MP <100% 50 gil
Self: MP < 90% 50 gil
Self: MP < 80% 50 gil
Self: MP < 70% 50 gil
Self: MP < 60% 50 gil
Self: MP < 50% 50 gil
Self: MP < 40% 50 gil
Self: MP < 30% 50 gil
Self: MP < 20% 50 gil
Self: MP < 10% 50 gil
Self: status = HP Critical 50 gil
Self: status = Petrify 50 gil
Self: status = Doom 50 gil
Self: status = Blind 50 gil
Self: status = Poison 50 gil
Self: status = Silence 50 gil
Self: status = Sap 50 gil
Self: status = Oil 50 gil
Self: status = Reverse 50 gil
Self: status = Immobilize 50 gil
Self: status = Slow 50 gil
Self: status = Disease 50 gil
Self: status = Lure 50 gil
Self: status = Protect 50 gil
Self: status = Shell 50 gil
Self: status = Haste 50 gil
Self: status = Bravery 50 gil
Self: status = Faith 50 gil
Self: status = Reflect 50 gil
Self: status = Invisible 50 gil
Self: status = Regen 50 gil
Self: status = Float 50 gil
Self: status = Bubble 50 gil

Musical ThemesEdit

"The Port of Balfonheim" from Final Fantasy XII
The port of balfonheim
Trouble with the audio sample?

The theme of Balfonheim is called "The Port of Balfonheim" (港町バーフォンハイム, Minatomachi Bāfonhaimu?).


FF12 Map - Balfonheim



"Heim" is a German word meaning home.



Balfonheim before Draklor Laboratory.

  • It is possible to come to Balfonheim before the events in Draklor Laboratory. If the player takes a chocobo from Phon Coast and rides it all the way across the Tchita Uplands to the east, the player can enter the Cerobi Steppe that has a way into Balfonheim. If the player comes to Balfonheim at such an early time, only the Sea Breeze Lane area is explorable.

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