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FFL Port Town

Port Town on the world map.

Port Town (港町, Minatomachi?) is a location in The Final Fantasy Legend, located east of the Tower.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

The citizens of Island Town tell the party that a voyage on the sea would be too dangerous because of pirates. They also learn that Sei-Ryu has banished Ryo-O.

Spoilers end here.



Name Cost
Axe 412 GP
FFL Sword IconBattle 989 GP
SMG 400 GP
Colt 80 GP
FFL Shield IconGold 400 GP
FFL Helmet IconGold 175 GP
FFL Armor IconBronze 80 GP
FFL Book IconElec 500 GP
FFL Book IconFog 500 GP
Rod 1,000 GP


Name Cost
Strong 300 GP
Agility 300 GP
HP200 100 GP
HP400 1,000 GP
Potion 50 GP
XPotion 200 GP
Bell 100 GP
Needle 500 GP
Eyedrop 500 GP
Heart 10,000 GP

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