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Dissidia 012 menu

The Play Plan progress screen in the lower-right.

The Play Plan is a setting for Dissidia Final Fantasy and Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. When the player first begins the game, they are asked if they are a "Casual," "Average," or "Hardcore" gamer. Their choice will affect the chocobo in the character's status screen. To change the play plan again, the player must enter any character's customization screen and press the "R" shoulder button.

After completing all Destiny Odysseys in Dissidia Final Fantasy, the player will be able to purchase the "Grind-lover" and the "Treasure Hunter" play plans from the PP Catalog, which feature a black chocobo (using the Final Fantasy V sprite) and a Fat Chocobo, respectively.

The chocobo takes a step forward every time the player battles, even if they lose. Once the date changes, the chocobo stops, returns to the starting point and sleeps. Changing the PSP's clock to an earlier time in the day will prevent the chocobo from resetting. While the chocobo is moving it will encounter Treasure Chests that give chocobo accessories that increase the EXP gained, but have a chance of breaking after battle while equipped. The value of the chocobo accessories are higher for longer play plans.

The EXP Bonus multiplier is proportional to the chocobo's altitude. When a chocobo finds a Gysahl Green, it will grant an EXP Bonus. When a chocobo sings a note, it means an EXP Bonus is in effect despite not finding Gysahl Greens. It happens when the chocobo is flying and hits a Lucky Bonus, though it occurs randomly. The more the player battles, the higher the chance of gaining an EXP Bonus.

The Grind-lover play plan does not find Treasure Chests, but finds Gysahl Greens and gets EXP Bonuses quite often. Inversely, the Treasure Hunter play plan does not get EXP Bonuses or Gysahl Greens, but finds Treasure Chests often.

Accomplishments are unlocked by completing the Casual, Average, and Hardcore Play Plans. Other accomplishments are obtained by getting a 50% and 100% Luck Rate.

Play PlansEdit

Play Plan Requirements Effects/Description
Dissidia Dissidia 012
Casual Initial Initial Fast Luck Rate. Finds Treasure Chests holding a Chocobo Down every 15 battles.
Average Initial Initial Normal Luck Rate. Finds Treasure Chests holding a Chocobo Wing every 30 battles.
Hardcore Initial Initial Slow Luck Rate. Finds Treasure Chests holding a Chocobo Feather every 60 battles.
Grind-lover Clear all Destiny Odysseys then buy from PP Catalog. Clear Treachery of the Gods, then buy from PP Catalog. Does not find Treasure. Gets an EXP Bonus very often. Usually has a high EXP Bonus. Fast Luck Rate.
Treasure Hunter Clear all Destiny Odysseys then buy from PP Catalog. Clear Treachery of the Gods, then buy from PP Catalog. Finds Treasure Chests very often. Does not get EXP Bonuses. Fast Luck Rate. Obtains all the Chocobo accessories obtainable from the other courses randomly.

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