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Join young Noctis and his magical guide as you explore the fantastical world of his dreams—a sneak peek of the excitement to come in FINAL FANTASY XV.
—Loading screen description

Platinum Demo - Final Fantasy XV is the free-to-play prologue to Final Fantasy XV. It was released in all regions for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 30, 2016.


While exploring the world of Noctis's dreams, players can collect yellow crystals to unlock plates that impact gameplay a variety of ways when stepped on. A maximum of 999 crystals can be collected after Noctis has gained access to gold plates in Altissia.


Plate Type Crystals Required Effect
Bronze Plate 15 Speed up time, change the weather, reveal a Summon, transform into a vehicle or monster, or spawn soccer balls (in Altissia).
Silver Plate 100 Unlock Radiant Sword, unlock Shining Hammer, unlock Hero's Shield, unlock Thunderbolt, unlock Raindrops, receive Fire x3 (adult Noctis), restore MP (adult Noctis), or transform into a vehicle.
Gold Plate 250 Unlock Meteorain, receive Thunderbolt x5, receive Fireworks x5, receive Raindrops x5, receive Meteorain x5, or respawn monsters (in Altissia).
Platinum Plate N/A (Defeat Iron Giant) Respawn Iron Giant, unlock Cross Shuriken, or end the Platinum Demo.

Crystal ValuesEdit

Small Crystal +1
Large Crystal +10
Defeat Nightmare (Small Goblin) +1
Defeat Nightmare (Large Goblin) +5
Defeat Nightmare (Sabertusk) +2
Receive Damage -1


Battle Controls (Young Noctis)
Move/Aim spell - Left stick
Sprint - L3
Look around - Right stick
Defend - Hold Square
Attack/Magic - Circle
Jump - X
Select weapon/spell - D-pad
Lock on - R3
Battle Controls (Adult Noctis)
Move/Aim spell - Left stick
Sprint - L3
Look around - Right stick
Defend - Hold Square
Attack/Magic - Circle
Jump - X
Select weapon/spell - D-pad
Lock on - R3
Warp - Triangle
Point-warp - Hold Triangle
Field Controls
Move - Left stick
Sprint - L3
Look around - Right stick
Jump - X
Roll dodge - Square
Attack - Circle
Select weapon/spell - D-pad
Equipment menu - Touchpad
Menu Controls
Select - X
Back - Circle
Remove - Triangle
Navigation - D-pad / Left stick
Driving Controls
Steer - Left stick
Accelerate - R2
Break/Reverse - L2
Back to Noctis - X
Monster Controls
Move - Left stick
Look around - Right stick
Attack - Circle
Back to Noctis - X


  • Noctis Lucis Caelum - The young Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Lucis. He has suffered an injury and now must escape the world of his dreams to return to those he loves.
  • Regis Lucis Caelum CXIII - Noctis's father and the ruler of Lucis. He tasks Carbuncle with protecting Noctis through his darkest dreams.
  • Carbuncle - A creature that helps Noctis navigate his dreamworld and reach his safe place.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

Eight-year-old Noctis Lucis Caelum wakes up in the world of his dreams after he is gravely injured. The boy is approached by Carbuncle, who gives him a cellphone that allows it to communicate with him. Together, Noctis and Carbuncle venture through Noctis's dreamworld in an attempt to reach the exit.

When Noctis and Carbuncle reach a dream version of the Citadel, they are attacked by an Iron Giant. Words from Noctis's father give the boy courage, and he transforms into his adult self. Noctis defeats the Iron Giant, returns to normal, and proceeds to return to the real world when his safe place is revealed: the Regalia.

Spoilers end here.


The Final Fantasy XV team had already told the press it was thinking of releasing a playable tech demo; the Platinum Demo is what ultimately was created from this desire. Platinum Demo - Final Fantasy XV was finished in under two months, and it made use of assets already completed for Final Fantasy XV itself. The demo was originally intended to be "less emotional," but it was decided a more story-driven experience would be better for introducing new fans to the Final Fantasy series.[1]

Platinum Demo - Final Fantasy XV was intended to be playable immediately after its announcement at Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV. Players' reactions to the demo would also give developers insight on what needed fixing and improvement for the final version of Final Fantasy XV.[2]



  • Noctis can find the hidden weapons Cross Shuriken and Hero's Shield during his battle against the Iron Giant.
  • One of the playing cards that appears on the floor of the second area of Noctis's dreamworld has a l'Cie brand on it.
  • By pressing the Attack button and holding down the left analog stick, the player can have Noctis use special "techniques" while wielding the Broadsword or Hero's Shield.


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