Pitioss Ruins is an optional dungeon in Final Fantasy XV located in the Hulldagh Pixe in eastern Lucis. The player must complete a series of increasing difficult puzzles to locate the Black Hood accessory. Access to the dungeon is required to complete the sidequest, Stealing The Past.

The dungeon's entrance is magically sealed and will only open at night.

It is unknown who built Pitioss, but judging its arcane technology, it may have been part of the ancient civilization of Solheim.


Stealing The PastEdit

To begin this quest the party must first enter the town of Lestallum at nightfall, on the far east of the town the party will be able to eavesdrop a conversation by a window. After listening to the conversation the quest will begin and the party will be tasked with locating the Magitek Booster. First the party must head to the tipster at the Verinas Mart - Ravatogh outpost who will direct the party towards the Pitioss Ruins.

To reach the Pitioss Ruins the party must unlock the Regalia Type-F and fly to the location just north of the Rock of Ravatogh. Upon landing the party must venture north through a variety of tough foes.

As the party reach the exterior of the Pitioss Ruins the Magitek Booster can be found on the right hand side of the entrance. Collecting the Magitek Booster ends the quest and the party will receive 50,000 EXP.

Acquiring the Black HoodEdit

As the party enters the Pitioss Ruins it will disband and Noctis will be left to progress the dungeon alone. As Noctis enters the ruins the map will cease to function and the player must progress through the puzzle-themed dungeon. There are no enemies within the dungeon.

The puzzles become increasingly difficult until Noctis reappears above the entrance where the Black Hood lies.