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Pirate Hideout

Jusqua and Aire in the Pirate Hideout.

The Pirate Hideout (海賊のアジト, Kaizoku no Ajito?) is a dungeon in Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light. The Pirate Hideout is the headquarters of Captain Drake and his crew of pirates. The dungeon is located east of Liberte. When the player enters the hideout, they must answer "Freedom" to the guardsman in order to enter.

Story Edit

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

After a boy named Apollo asks Jusqua and Aire to save his parents, they travel to the Pirate Hideout. In the Pirate Hideout, the two discover that the pirate leader, Captain Drake, is actually a Trollud assuming Drake's form. After defeating the monster, the party finds the real Captain Drake and Apollo's parents. Aire opens a vase and finds a fairy named Lilibelle. Aire is shocked and asks Jusqua if he can see the fairy, but Jusqua thinks Aire is simply talking to herself. The two return to Liberte after.

After being sent fifteen years into the past, the party returns to the Pirate Hideout to save Lilibelle and Pione after Captain Drake kidnapped them. Inside the Pirate's Hideout, they find Captain Drake, possessed by one of Leviathan's servants, attempting to kill Lilibelle, but the party interrupts just in time. After setting Drake free, the party rescues Lilibelle and Pione and they find the Rusty Compass. The party returns to Liberte, so they can awaken the Cetus.

Spoilers end here.

Treasure Edit

Before Darkness Edit

Item Location
300 Gil Chest on B1F.
Rock Lance Chest located on the west side of B2F.
Terra Stave Chest located on the east side of B2F.
500 Gil Bottom level of the dungeon.
Icebrand Bottom level of the dungeon.
500 Gil Bottom level of the dungeon.
Ocean Stave Bottom level of the dungeon.
Hunting Horn Bottom level of the dungeon.
Antarctic Wind Bottom level of the dungeon.

After Darkness Edit

Item Location
Fresh Meat Bottom level of the dungeon.
Dancer's Clothers Bottom level of the dungeon.
1000 Gil Bottom level of the dungeon.
Monk's Robe Bottom level of the dungeon.
Death Tome Bottom level of the dungeon.
1000 Gil Bottom level of the dungeon.
Rusty Compass Bottom level of the dungeon.

Enemies Edit

Musical themes Edit

The typical dungeon theme, "Cave of Wraiths" (あやかしの洞, Ayakashi no hora?) is the location theme for the Pirate Hideout. The track can be found in the original soundtrack as Track 9 and is composed by Naoshi Mizuta.

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