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Piano Collections: Final Fantasy XII is a piano arranged album of selected tracks from Final Fantasy XII. It was arranged and performed by Casey Ormond and released on November 7, 2012.

Track listEdit

  1. "Opening Movie (FFXII Theme) - To be a Sky Pirate" (オープニング・ムービー(FINAL FANTASY XIIのテーマ) ~ 空賊への夢, Ōpunigu Mūbī (FINAL FANTASY XII no Tēma) ~ Kūzoku e no Yume?)
  2. "Streets of Rabanastre" (王都ラバナスタ/市街地上層, Ōto Rabunasuta/Shigaichi Jōsō?)
  3. "The Dalmasca Estersand" (東ダルマスカ砂漠, Higashi Darumasuka Sabaku?)
  4. "On the Riverbank" (水のほとり, Mizu no Hotori?)
  5. "To Walk Amongst Gods" (神々の場所へ, Kamigami no Basho e?)
  6. "Penelo's Theme" (パンネロのテーマ, Pannero no Tēma?)
  7. "Ashe's Theme" (アーシェのテーマ, Āshe no Tēma?)
  8. "The Archadian Empire" (帝国のテーマ, Teikoku no Tēma?)
  9. "A Moment's Rest" (一時の休息, Ichiji no Kyūsoku?)
  10. "Nalbina Fortress" (ナルビナ城塞市街地, Narubina Jōsai Shigaichi?)
  11. "Lowtown" (ラバナスタ・ダウンタウン, Rabanasuta Dauntaun?, lit. Rabanastre Downtown)
  12. "Eruyt Village" (エルトの里, Eruto no sato?)
  13. "The Skycity of Bhujerba" (空中都市ビュエルバ, Kūchū Toshi Byueruba?)

Sheet musicEdit

PC-FFXII cover color

Book cover.

Published by Yamaha Music Media, the Final Fantasy XII Piano Collection Sheet Music book contains the sheet music for Casey Ormond's arrangements on the Piano Collections: Final Fantasy XII album. These pieces are arranged for solo piano and the difficulty level is advanced.

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