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Prompto taking a photo.

Photos is a menu option in the Archives in Final Fantasy XV that lets the player view the saved images Prompto Argentum has taken. Whenever Prompto is in the party he can take pictures with his camera. Photography is Prompto's leisure skill that levels up when he takes more photos and rests at camp sites and lodgings.


When the party rests the player gets a slideshow of the photos Prompto took that day, which can be saved to the player's menu and/or shared via social media. If the player shares the photos Prompto takes with the share option from the slideshow, the pictures will have a watermark. The other party members can comment on the photos as the player looks at them. A maximum of ten photos can be taken between rests, but this can be increased to fifteen if Prompto is equipped with the Camera Strap accessory. The player can hold 200 saved photos at once, viewable from the Archives menu. The limit was originally 150, but it was increased after version 1.05.

Prompto can learn new filters and the player can set in the menu what filters he can use and which camera he should have. After Noctis obtains Ramuh, Gentiana can appear on the background of photos, which the party marvels at as they don't recall meeting her there. Carbuncle can also appear on the background of photos.

Prompto's Snapshot can be used to take pictures in battle, although he will always take photos in battle randomly. Unlocking the Snapshot skill in Exploration grid of the Ascension has Prompto take up to 5 photos, generating 5 AP each. The Aperture Exploration ability yields 1 AP for every photo Prompto takes with Noctis in it.


A group photo at Wiz Chocobo Post.

When driving around in the Regalia Prompto sometimes asks to take a photo, and appeasing his request is a small quest. Sometimes during car rides Prompto will ask Noctis of whom he wants him to take pictures of, and Noctis can answer himself, Gladiolus, Ignis, or "nothing". For the rest of the day Prompto will photograph the person Noctis said he wanted more pictures of.

Vyv in Lestallum asks the player for photos, which Prompto will take. Some places, such as Galdin Quay, have a spot where the player can ask Prompto for a photo there.


  • Roadtrip (unlocked at Photography level 2)
  • Memory (unlocked at Photography level 3)
  • Dawn (unlocked at Photography level 5)
  • Bloom (unlocked at Photography level 7)
  • Journey (unlocked at Photography level 9)
  • Time (unlocked during the A Place to Call Home quest)
  • Pop

List of photo questsEdit

Vyv's questsEdit

Vyv Screenshot FFXV


Vyv is a journalist who is looking for photographs to publish in his magazine, and sends the party out to various locations for photos. Completing his quests yields EXP an gil, and the photos he requests can only be taken during daylight hours.

Certificate of CompletionEdit

One of the player's saved photos will become their "Certificate of Completion". The player gets to choose the photo before the final battle. After the ending credits and the post-credits scene, the framed photo will show the player's level and playtime and they can share it on social media.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

Luna looks at Noctis's photo.

When Noctis is about to enter his final battle, he asks to see the photos Prompto has taken of their journeys. The player views their album and the party will comment on them. Noctis takes the picture of the player's choosing with him.

In the final scene of the game Noctis and Luna appear on the Lucian throne in wedding attire. Noctis has the photo and shows it to Luna.

Spoilers end here.

Creation and developmentEdit

The photos feature was born out of the idea that more people are using smartphones and thus being connected to social media, and the developers wanted Final Fantasy XV to have an impact in that sphere.

If people are playing on their smartphones, then a lot of them are also using social media, right? So one of my goals in creating 15 was to craft a game that could have a big impact on social media. That's what you've seen with the photographs and all the videos the players are sharing, and that's a way of sort of reaching this audience. I think we did a pretty good job of it.
Hajime Tabata, director of Final Fantasy XV




The party signing "fifteen".

  • During the times the player is prompted to take a group photo, the party poses in scripted ways. One of the poses has the party hold up one finger in one hand, and five fingers in the other, as an allusion to the number fifteen.



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