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FFVI Phoenix Cave WM iOS

The Phoenix Cave on the World Map.

The Phoenix Cave (フェニックスの洞窟, Fenikkusu no Dōkutsu?) is a location in Final Fantasy VI. It appears only in the World of Ruin, and is the resting place of the magicite Phoenix. The cave and the events shortly thereafter marks the culmination of Locke's long quest to find the Phoenix.

The Phoenix Cave is located northwest of Tzen, marked by a star-shaped mountain range and can only be reached by using the Falcon to drop the party members into the center of the mountain. The dungeon requires two parties to be traversed, working together to open new paths for each other to reach the final room of the cave where Locke has found the Phoenix magicite. Due to using two parties, the player can exploit the save point glitch.

FFVI Android Locke found a Phoenix Magicite

Locke discovered the treasure of Phoenix magicite.

The dungeon has two floors, an upper area filled with water, and a lower area filled with lava. Late in the dungeon the player can drain the water from the upper area to the lower area, cooling the lava and opening new paths on both levels. Once Locke is found, the party returns to Kohlingen where Locke attempts to use the Phoenix to revive Rachel. Afterward, Locke rejoins the party.

The Red Dragon, one of the Eight Legendary Dragons, can be fought in the cave.


FFVI Phoenix Cave Inside iOS

The party system of the Cave: Terra holds down a switch, lowering a series of spikes to allow Celes to pass safely.

Though there are numerous chests in the cave, many of them are empty. Once Locke rejoins the party, he reveals it was he who emptied the chests, and the treasures he retrieved are given to the party.

Enemy FormationsEdit

Upper level
Lower level

Other AppearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

FFRK Phoenix Cave FFVI

Castle Cornelia PS
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Musical ThemesEdit

"Esper World" from Final Fantasy VI
FFVI - Another World of Beasts
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"Esper World", also known as "Another World of Beasts", is the background theme of the Phoenix Cave.


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