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FFT Pharism (ファラ, Fara-kyō?), also known as the Fara Church, was the dominant religion in Final Fantasy Tactics at the time of Saint Ajora Glabados. It was also the religion of the Holy Ydoran Empire. Mullonde, one of the seven kingdoms in Ivalice, was the center of the Pharist teachings.

Pharism was an influential religion that seeped into the politics of the Empire. Followers of the Pharist teachings began to dwindle due to Saint Ajora's miracles and his growing influence. Fearing they may lose their hold upon the faithful, Pharist priests sought the Empire's intervention, leading to the saint's capture and execution.

This proved to be the faith's downfall. Soon after Saint Ajora's execution at the Golgollada Gallows, Mullonde was wrought with a cataclysm that sunk the holy capital into the sea. Pharism died out as many converted towards the Church of Glabados, which glorified Saint Ajora as the child of the gods.


Pharism possibly takes its name from the Pharisees, a religious group that Jesus came into conflict with in the New Testament, further reinforcing the parallels between Saint Ajora and Jesus.

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