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Phantom Roll is the chief ability of Corsairs starting at level 5 in Final Fantasy XI. Using Phantom Roll plus a type of die modeled after each of the Jobs present in the game the Corsair may grant positive or negative status effects to his party.

When Phantom Roll is used, a random number between 1 and 6 is generated. A player may then Double-Up if he chooses to. This will generate another number between 1 and 6. He may continue doing this until he has found a number he likes or until he busts.

For each type of roll there is a lucky and unlucky number. This varies with the ability. The effect of each roll is enhanced with the corresponding Job-type is in the group (I.E. Chaos Roll will grant a larger attack bonus if a Dark Knight is in the group). Regardless of the type of roll, it is generally true that a roll of 11 (or XI as it is displayed in game) is the most lucky. If a corsair gets a 12 or greater, he busts and receives a negative status effect.

Phantom roll may only be used once every minute. The effect of the roll lasts for 5 minutes. Double-up may be used once every 8 seconds but only within the 45 seconds following the initial Phantom Roll.

Dice Types Edit

Lvl Name Lucky Bad Effect
5 Corsair's Roll 5 9 Increase EXP gained from defeating creatures.
8 Ninja Roll 4 8 Enhances Party's Evasion.
11 Hunter's Roll 4 8 Enhances Party's Accuracy.
14 Chaos Roll 4 8 Enhances Party's Attacks.
17 Magus's Roll 2 6 Enhances Party's Magical Defense.
20 Healer's Roll 3 7 Increases MP recovered while resting.
23 Puppet Roll 4 8 Increases Accuracy for Pets.
26 Choral Roll 2 6 Decreases Party's Spell Interruption Rate.
31 Monk's Roll 3 7 Enhances Party's Subtle Blow effect.
34 Beast Roll 4 8 Enhances Pet's Attacks.
37 Samurai Roll 2 6 Enhances Party's Store TP effect.
40 Evoker's Roll 5 9 Gradually restores MP for party members.
43 Rogue's Roll 5 9 Increases Party's Critical Hits.
46 Warlock's Roll 4 8 Enhances party's magical accuracy.
49 Fighter's Roll 5 9 Improves Double Attack rate.
52 Drachen Roll 3 7 Enhances Pet's Magical Attack and Accuracy.
55 Gallant's Roll 3 7 Grants Damage reduction.
55 Wizard's Roll 5 9 Enhances Party's magic attack.
61 Dancer's Roll 3 7 Grants Regen to Party.
64 Scholar's Roll 2 6 Enhances Party's Conserve MP effect.


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