Final Fantasy X-2 Enemy
ファントム (Fantomu)
Phantom ffx-2
Level HP MP
44 1,755 852
Strength Magic Defense
33 84 25
M. Defense Agility Accuracy
62 73 2
Evasion Luck
0 0
950 1 140
Elemental affinities
Fire Lightning Water
Weak - -
Ice Gravity Holy
- Absorb Weak
Location Ruin Depths
Via Infinito Floors 70 - 74
Chapter(s) 5
Common Steal Hi-Potion
Rare Steal Hi-Potion x2
Gil Steal 700
Common Drop Phoenix Down
Rare Drop Phoenix Down x2
Bribe Amount {{{Bribe Amount}}}
Common Bribe Mega-Potion x5
Rare Bribe Mega-Potion x6
Abilities Doom, Drain, Osmose, Oversoul Fever
Blue Bullet None
Status Resist Eject (30), Zantetsu (15)
Status Immunity Death, Petrification, Sleep, Silence, Darkness, Poison, Confusion, Berserk, Curse, Stop, Delay, Preparation Interruption, Multiple Damage
Other Information This enemy does not Oversoul.
A minion of death from the Farplane. It has the power to cause its allies to oversoul. After doing so, it focuses primarily on defending itself.

The Phantom is an enemy from Final Fantasy X-2. It can be defeated easily with Fire or Holy-elemental attacks, and is recommended to defeat them quickly if they come in groups as they have the ability to send any monster that can Oversoul into Oversoul rather quickly. It is also recommended to either have Ribbons or pass through the yellow gate on the Bitter Farewell Garment Grid to avoid Doom. It is otherwise not a powerful enemy.

Sphere BreakEdit

Phantom Coin
Coin No. 13 Coin Value 7
Trait Coin
Location Win: Luca Stadium (Dream Shop Core Sphere)
Found in the Western or Southern Expanses of the Bikanel Desert.



A phantom is a ghost, a physical manifestation of the soul or spirit of a deceased person.

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