XII The Pedestal of Night (転移装置, Ten'i Sōchi?, lit. Transferal Device) is a device in Final Fantasy XII, found in the Subterra. Its used for lighting up the rooms in the Penumbra, Umbra, and Abyssal. The Black Orbs are used to light up Pedestals of Night. Some enemies such as Nightwalker, Dragon Lich, and Zombie Warlock spawn near a Pedestal of Night.

Number of Orbs RequiredEdit

Pedestals of Night need a specific number of Black Orbs to light up. The number required to light a Pedestal of Night is a multiple of three. Some may need a little bit to light up and others may need a lot. The following table shows the floors and number of Black Orbs to light up a pedestal.

Floor Northeast Northwest Southeast Southwest Total
Penumbra 18 9 3 6 36
Umbra 15 9 15 18 57
Abyssal 15 21 27 12 75