BD Party Chats that have no set time in the storyline to occur, namely those related to the rebuilding of Norende and dangerous terrain in dungeons.

Norende's New BeginningEdit

Tiz: The Norende rebuilding effort is finally getting started!
I know nothing is going to get done overnight...
But we're taking that first step! I feel like the future finally looks bright.
Edea: Still, building a whole village from scratch is a huge undertaking.
You're taking a first step on a looong, hard road, Tiz.
Ringabel: She's right. There's no denying it will be tough.
What's more, there's no guarantee that success awaits you beyond all that hardship.
It could be an uphill struggle that doesn't get you anywhere.
Tiz: Come on, don't talk like that. I've already got no confidence as it is...
All I have, I guess? Or the sense that I've got to do this. It has to be me!
Agnès: That is all you need, Tiz.
Your quest to see Norende rise again is no different than our journey to be rid of the chasm.
We've no assurance of success. We may be walking a thorny path to no avail.
But we must press onward just the same. We must believe in our actions!
Tiz: Right!

Norende's DrawEdit

PChat Norende's Draw
Agnès: Progress on the village seems to be coming along nicely.
Tiz: Yes, not too bad, I suppose.
Ringabel: I trust you have a draw planned out to bring in the crowds, Tiz?
Tiz: A draw?
Ringabel: Sure. An attraction. A selling point. You need people to come here, right?
Well, think of that the other way around. Norende needs to be a place people want to go.
Tiz: Ahh, good point! Hmm, a draw... Someplace lots of people will want to go...
Ooh! What about a special move shop? That sounds exciting, right? Anybody?
Edea: Hmm, but is there really much consumer demand for special moves?
Tiz: Well, sure! They're fun, and flashy,
I bet warriors the world over would flock there to shop!
Ringabel: Enough to fill a village? You think this shop would have broad enough appeal?
Tiz: Uh...sure? Maybe?
I mean, special attacks! You have to meet special conditions before using them!
And they're extra powerful!
Ringabel: Hmm, you make a strong case. Perhaps I'll plan to take my next date to this shop of yours...
Tiz: D-date!? (Just what kind of brawler is he planning to go out with?)

Operation: Norende RisesEdit

PChat Norende rises
Tiz: I wonder how long it will take until Norende is whole again.
Am I really up to the task of building it all up again?
Agnès: Tiz...
Edea: There's no use in getting impatient.
Ringabel: The first step is to decide upon your building priorities.
Knowing what needs finishing first is key to budgeting your time wisely.
Edea: That was surprisingly helpful, Ringabel!
Ringabel: Of course. It's the same principle as dating multiple women at once.
Edea: Oooh, I take it back! You're a pig, Ringabel.
Tiz: Hmm, but what do I prioritize first?
Agnès: One can never be too prepared when it comes to healing items.
Perhaps an item shop would be a prudent choice?
Edea: Don't you mean armor? I feel like our defenses are a bit thin.
Ringabel: What better defense than a good offense? I vote weapons instead.
Tiz: Hmm, they all sound tempting. Better keep thinking on what we need the most!

Delegating Work in NorendeEdit

PChat Delegating Work
Agnès: Is something the matter, Tiz?
Tiz: No, just... I was just thinking. About Norende, I mean.
What's the most efficient way to rebuild, do you think?
Agnès: Most efficient?
Tiz: Right. Once we recruit people to help, how do I go about delegating work to them?
Agnès: Hmm...
Tiz: I haven't got a head for numbers.
Edea: Ah ha ha, me neither.
Tiz: How about you, Ringabel?
Ringabel: Not much, I'm afraid. I don't even know how many girlfriends I have right now.
I've been beating my head against a wall thinking of who to date in what order...
Edea: Perhaps you're not hitting the wall hard enough. I'd be happy to help.
Tiz: I suppose all we really need is simple division.
There are three buildings which each take three days to build.
If I have three people to allot...
Then assigning one person per building will take three days for all of them.
Or, I put all three on one and build it in one day. That's still three days to build all three.
Edea: Wait, so there's no difference? Then why bother worrying about it?
Agnès: It isn't the same, though. In the latter case, you have use of the first building after one day.
And the second after the second. It's a small difference, but a difference still.
Assigning all three to each project earns the quickest gains, and may be most efficient.
Tiz: Hey, you're right!

What the Eye Cannot SeeEdit

PChat What the eye cant see
Tiz: *cough* *cough*
Edea: What's--? My eyes! I can't see!
Ringabel: Blind gas!? Where is it coming from!?
Agnès: Be careful, everyone! This is clearly a trap!
Tiz: And our aim is completely shot. We can't go rushing into melee attacks with Brave.
Edea: Don't wanto to miss and then have to just stand there turn after turn!
Ringabel: Still... Even blind, I can see to the core of a woman's heart, clear as day.
Heh, the things that really matter can't be seen by the eye.
Edea: Augh, Ringabel! Stop spouting gross nonsense and watch where you're stepping!
Even when you're not blind, you can't see past your big, fat mouth!
Tiz: Oww, Edea, don't go stomping ar-- OW! Not again! Where are those eye drops!?

Tread CarefullyEdit

PChat Tread carefully
Tiz: Ugh, what's--!?
Edea: My legs... My whole body's tingling!
Agnès: This swamp... It's poison!
Ringabel: The wind carried off the miasma, but the swamp's still just as toxic!
Tiz: Is nothing easy?
I hate poison! Every step hurts, and I feel like I'm going to be sick.
Ringabel: We could always double back to town and stock up on antidotes...
Edea: You worry too much!
All we have to do is be careful to step around the marshy patches.
Agnès: Agreed. Let us be extremely careful where we walk.

A Spore LoserEdit

PChat A spore loser
Tiz: Ack! *cough*
Agnès: Spores erupted from that purple flower!
Edea: What? But it's so pretty!
Why would it look nice, then spit poison at us!?
Ringabel: Pretty flowers and pretty women always have thorns.
Edea: That has nothing to do with anything!
Agnès: And it's an insult to women!
Tiz: These spores... This is hushleaf.
Everybody, don't worry. This stuff isn't fatal.
It prevents you from casting magic, but a dose of echo herbs will have you cured in no time.
It's a natural defense to keep animals from eating them. If we stay clear, we're safe.
Edea: Wow, you sure know a lot!
Ringabel: Oh sure, he gets praised... And what animals use magic to eat plants?