BD Party Chats that occur during the Intro: On the Precipice of Despair.

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A Common DestinationEdit

PChat A Common Destination
Tiz: They left...? Lucky us, I suppose.
Agnès: ......
Tiz: Are you alright? Are you hurt?
Agnès: They were clearly after me. Why did you not run?
Tiz: Er, it didn't cross my mind I guess... I was a little distracted.
But more importantly, are you hurt?
Agnès: ...I am fine.
You...You have my thanks. But they will be back for me. I'm certain of it.
For your own sake, it is best our paths diverged here.
Tiz: But...there's only one road back to town.
Agnès: ......
Tiz: Wha-- Hey, wait!

The Miracle ManEdit

PChat The Miracle Man
Tiz: Hey...
Agnès: ......
Tiz: Hear me out. This isn't the place to go charging on alone.
The crags are dark even by day. It's always been a nest for monsters.
Agnès: Airy, are you truly certain this boy is the miracle bringer?
Airy: Absolutely! Right time, right place; he's your miracle man. I'd bet my wings on it!
He saved your life, didn't he? Just like my prediction said he would!
I'd call that pretty darn miraculous.
Agnès: Yes, but...
Er...Mr. Tiz, was it?
Tiz: Just Tiz is fine.
Agnès: Tiz, then. Was it you that my prayer reached?
Tiz: I don't know about "reached", but I heard you say it, anyway.
Airy: He's the sole survivor of a village swallowed up whole. How much more miracle do you need?
Tiz: That was no miracle... There was nothing miraculous about it...!
My family is gone. All my friends. Everyone... That was no miracle...
Agnès: ......

Rebuilding a VillageEdit

Rebuilding a Village
Tiz: ......
Agnès: ...... I truly appreciate your desire to help.
Tiz: ......
Agnès: Do you intend to just leave your village like this?
Tiz: No! Of course not...
I'll rebuild it someday.
Agnès: ......
I am wanted by the duchy.
Eternian assassins may lurk in any shadow, at any time.
What's more, I must leave this place at once to purify the crystals.
If something were to befall you, who would be left to put your village to rights again?
Tiz: I'll rebuild it... I will.
You don't have to tell me I'm the only one who can.
Agnès: Then surely it's best you stayed and--
Tiz: But Norende will never be whole again until that chasm is gone.
And here I meet you, the one person who knows how to make that happen.
It seems the obvious thing to do is help you, keep you safe, and solve this thing together.
Agnès: Yes, but how do you propose--
Tiz: I don't know yet.
First, the king needs to know what's happened.
Agnès: ......

Agnès's IntentionsEdit

PChat Agnes Intentions
Tiz: Agnès? What did you mean, you'd "resolve the matter"?
Agnès: ......
Tiz: Don't tell me you're thinking of storming the Eternian camp at the southwest lake alone...
Agnès: Don't be ridiculous.
I'm well aware that I am no match for an airship.
Tiz: Good. It sounds like they have this city in their crosshairs, besides.
Agnès: As long as these people are held hostage, I have no choice.
Tiz: They didn't seem the types to talk this out...
Agnès: ......
Tiz: Wait... You wouldn't. You can't!
Agnès: ......

Tiz the NavigatorEdit

PChat Tiz the Navigator
Airy: Your sense of direction is so bad it's almost magical, Agnès.
Agnès: What? Surely it's not so--
Airy: How many times did you get lost in that ravine? There was only one path!
Then it took you two hours to find me at the top, despite perfect visibility.
Airy: Er, the canyon path was... very twisty. I'm certain it's a maze even to the locals...
Tiz: Ha ha ha... Not really.
Agnès: ......
Tiz: But at least this way I have an excuse to tag along and... Er, nevermind...
Stay close. The lake we make for is said to be unreachable by any but the most knowledgeable.
Agnès: R-right! Of course!
Airy: Mmm-hmm. I'll bet.
Tiz: So, um... What do you plan to do once we get there, Agnès?
Agnès: ......
That is no concern of yours, Tiz.
I've no choice...
Not as long as they have the people of Caldisla in their sights.
It will be fine. Enemy or no, they are men, not monsters.
Tiz: ......

Two BumpkinsEdit

PChat Two Bumpkins
Tiz: Hm? What's wrong? You seem distracted.
Agnès: Hm? Oh, ah...
I've just never before walked through such a lively city as this...
Tiz: Oh, really?
Agnès: I don't suppose it's anything special for you... You grew up here.
But to me, this is all--
Tiz: Actually... Me, too.
Agnès: I'm sorry?
Tiz: I grew up in Norende. Norende has...sheep. And grass. Nothing like this...
It's kind of overwhelming, to be honest.
So I think I can relate pretty well, actually.
Agnès: Oh... Oh, I see. Well, yes, then.
Tiz: What parts jump at you the most? What's the strangest?
Agnès: Hmmm, well... The number of people, and buildings.
And the fact they all seem so tranquil astounds me.
The seas are rotted, the duchy has invaded, and still...
I suppose it's a testament to their faith in the king's rule.
A far cry from the kingdom I left...
Tiz: Hm?
Agnès: Ah! I'd nearly forgotten!
Owen informed me just before we left.
Apparently the innkeep is preparing a special feast for us this evening.
Best we did not keep him waiting.
Tiz: Ooh, right!

A Man of MysteriesEdit

A Man of Mysteries
Agnès: Tiz, might I... Might I have a word?
Tiz: Sure. What's on your mind?
Agnès: That Ringabel fellow. I'm just not... Are we truly certain...?
Tiz: True, he doesn't seem like the most dependable guy. Nice enough, though...
Agnès: That isn't my point!
He knew our names, Tiz. Before we'd ever spoken.
Tiz: Right. He said they were in that book of his or somesuch.
Agnès: Our names alone is troubling enough...
But he knew I was the vestal as well!
Tiz: What!?
Hmm, now that you mention it, he knew we were out to seal the chasm, too.
Agnès: I'd noticed him mumbling strange things in the streets ever since I arrived.
Ringabel: Not so strange as to give milady offense, I hope?
Agnès: Eep!
Tiz: Er... Mr. Ringabel.
Ringabel: Please. No need for formality.
Tiz: Would you tell us how you knew Agnès was the vestal of wind?
Ringabel: Hm? Oh, that.
All written in this journal, my good man. Simple as that.
Tiz: And would you mind if I had a look at this journal?
Ringabel: By all means. Turn it over and shake it, if you like. See what falls out.
Tiz: And what is your tie to the girl traveling with that pyromancer?
Ringabel: I'm to save her, apparently.
Don't ask me how or why. I just know.
Tiz: Save her?
You realize our errand at the Centro Ruins is to put an end to the firestarter's threat, yes?
Ringabel: Quite. And I understand the girl may have something to say about it.
In any case, I'm confident I won't be a burden.
And I certainly have no intent of stopping you, if that's a concern.
Why don't you hold onto the journal for now?
Investigate it to your satisfaction.
And, once satisfied, I hope you'll choose to place your trust in me.
Tiz: Well, I...I suppose we'll see.
Agnès: ......

Talk of TitlesEdit

Talk of Titles
Edea: So, how should I address everyone from here on?
Going by the look of it, I'm the youngest one here...
Is it best if I stuck to sir and ma'am?
Tiz: Please, just Tiz.
Agnès: ...And Agnès for me, if you please.
Edea: Really? Even though you're a vestal? Shouldn't it be Lady Agnès or something?
Agnès: I would really rather you didn't...
Tiz: Besides, it's best we didn't go around shouting "vestal" too loudly.
Edea: Ooh, right. Almost forgot she's a wanted woman.
In that case, just Agnès is probably smarter.
Agnès: Thank you.
Ringabel: Yes, that's certainly wise. Especially considering the volume of our Edea's voice.
Edea: What's wrong with my voice!
Tiz: You said her voice was gentle as a spring breeze before, Ringabel.
Ringabel: Yes, well. Spring has a way of giving over to summer.
And breezes build. Up close, it's more of a torna-- Don't think I'll finish that thought.
Edea: Ooooooh!
No, I think I'd like to hear this! Speak up, Ringabel!
Ringabel: Ah, I've remembered an errand. A very pressing, very distant errand.
Edea: Hey! You get back here this instant!
Tiz: Ha ha ha... She sure got on familiar terms with Ringabel pretty quick.

Edea's MisunderstandingEdit

Pchat Edea's Misunderstanding
Tiz: Owen...
Agnès: ......
Ringabel: ......
Edea: ...... I can't believe this! How could Heinkel be so cruel?
Tiz: What do we say to the innkeep? What can we say...?
Agnès: Owen saved you after Norende fell. Took you in...
And since then, his father has shown you and me both a great deal of kindness.
Ringabel: I'm no different. Owen trusted me, despite my circumstances. Helped me get by...
As for what to tell his father... It's hard.
Edea: He deserves to know his son died nobly. Fighting bravely.
Tiz: I know that. I know...but what small comfort...
Edea: "Small comfort"...!? I think--
Agnès: Edea, try to understand. Tiz and Ringabel are only thinking of the innkeep's feelings...
Edea: That's exactly what I'm doing!
Is it not a comfort to know his son fell defending his king?
Tiz: Enough. ...Just forget it.
I'll talk to him.
Let's get moving.
Agnès: Tiz...

A Father's CareEdit

PChat A Father's Care
Ringabel: It looked as if the innkeep gave you something, Edea.
Mind if I ask what?
Edea: Hm? Oh yes, I'm not sure. I'll open it now.
Ooh, he packed us lunch! The basket's near bursting.
Tiz: It looks amazing. And he made enough for all of us...
Ringabel: Mmm, looks like emperor trout sandwiches. Caldisla's finest! What a treat!
Tiz: He made one special for you, Agnès.
"For the young lady who doesn't eat meat", it says.
Agnès: Grilled leaf buds and spring mushrooms...and apricot jelly for dessert!
Tiz: What did you get, Edea?
Edea: Looks like I got what you did, plus the same dessert as Agnès. And...
Agnès: And a letter.
Edea: Yeah...
Ringabel: Hm? Let's have a look.
"Your words were a great comfort, my dear. Best of luck in battle, and best of health!"
Tiz: ...Alright. Let's eat, then it's off to save the king!
Edea: Right!

But You're a TraitorEdit

PChat But You're a Traitor
Tiz: Edea, you said you'd get us VIP access, but are you really sure?
Isn't there a chance they'll know you've defected?
Edea: I don't think there's any worry of that yet.
If word had reached them, the road to the villa would have been swarming with guards.
That's how Heinkel operates. Thorough and merciless.
Ringabel: I see. So, what of after we reach the villa, then? Any bright ideas?
Tiz: If the man running the place is as careful as she says, we can't expect to--
Edea: Heh heh, I may not look it, but I'm actually a fairly respected figure.
I can talk our way past a couple of rank-and-file sentries no problem.
Ringabel: A respected figure, eh?
I smell a story here. Care to elaborate?
Edea: Er, yes, well... You know. I just have a...a way about me, I suppose.
Ringabel: In that you're a terror when you're mad, or that you rush in blind, or that you ignore authority?
Edea: Excuse me! Isn't that a little harsh, Ringabel? ...And all of the above.
Agnès: ......

A Hard DiscoveryEdit

PChat A Hard Discovery
Agnès: ......
Edea: Er, Agnès? Look, I didn't...
Agnès: ......
Tiz: Try to understand, Agnès. Edea didn't mean anything by it. She had to say that.
Ringabel: Right, exactly. It was just a ploy to get us inside. And it worked, didn't it?
Edea: But still. I didn't have to be so... I'm sorry!
Agnès: No, it's not that... I am not upset with you, Edea.
But the way they felt about the vestal...about the Orthodoxy. It frightens me.
Tiz: You spoke in horrific terms, and they accepted it without question.
Ringabel: Which means that was in line with their expectations of the vestal...
Agnès: Just what has happened in the duchy to cause this hatred?
Eternia was once the seat of the Crystalist Orthodoxy...
Can people's hearts really change so dramatically?
Edea: Still, I'm sorry. I didn't have to say as much as I did.
Agnès: You said enough, and I thank you for it. Do not feel bad, please.
Ringabel: Alright. Time we all focused on the task at hand!
Tiz: Right!

Edea's IreEdit

PChat Edea's Ire
Tiz: Any guess where he's headed, Edea?
Edea: The villa rooftop. To the airship berth!
Ringabel: Wasn't this villa a retreat for the Caldislan royal family? Why would they have a berth?
Agnès: I agree, it seems incongruous.
Edea: I use "berth" loosely. They've driven an airship anchor into the building's roof.
Tiz: Not much for finesse, are they?
Edea: We can discuss it later. Now, hurry! He'll get away!
Ringabel: Don't confuse haste for speed. We need to be smart.
Edea: Right, I know... I know, but I just can't forgive what Heinkel's done.
He's a knight who has ground chivalry into the dirt!
Agnès: As I recall, knights are called to serve as the sword and shield of the weak.
Not to threaten the public, or burn down homes, or abduct royalty...
I am in agreement with you, Edea. This man is no knight.
Perhaps our views are more similar than I had dared believe. For now, let us hurry.
Edea: Agnès...!
Tiz: To the roof, then!

About AncheimEdit

PChat About Ancheim
Ringabel: So, Agnès. Refresh my memory--amnesia joke, by the way. Which way to Ancheim?
Agnès: Er, yes, it's...southeast...
Ringabel: So will this course serve, or...?
Agnès: S-southeast...please.
Ringabel: Hm? My dear, I'm afraid I've no recollection to go by. I need reliable directions, or--
Agnès: (What should I do? The innkeep said southeast and nothing more...)
Tiz: (Ha ha, I think I see what happened.)
Ringabel, she means it's southeast of Caldisla, specifically.
Ringabel: Aye aye!
Edea: Ooh, Agnès. Just what sort of place is Ancheim?
Agnès: It's...covered in a vast desert. And hot, as though it were always midsummer.
Edea: Wow! That sounds like the complete opposite of where I was born.
Tiz: Huh. I guess there's all sorts of places out there.
Edea: This your first time leaving Caldisla then, Tiz?
Tiz: It is. What about you, Edea?
Edea: Me? Er, I was a former Sky Knight! I've flown all over the world!
Tiz: Where have you seen?
Edea: Oh, lots of places. Eternia, Caldisla...Caldisla.
Tiz: Aw, you're barely any better than me.
Ringabel: The world is vast, my friends! There are countries of perpetual summer, others of winter...
Verdant lands rich in water, entire kingdoms built on volcanoes, nations hidden in forests...
Agnès: That sounds amazing!
Ringabel: ...Or so I'd imagine. I've no memory, remember?
Edea: Whaaat? You're just guessing?
Ringabel: Ah ha ha ha! The world is vast! Keep it that vague, and you're sure to be right!

Ancheim's GourmandEdit

PChat Ancheim's Gourmand
Edea: Is anyone else hungry? Agnès, what sort of food is Ancheim known for?
Agnès: Hm? Oh. I'm afraid I so rarely left the temple... I couldn't say.
And when I passed through on my way to Caldisla, it was as a fugitive...
Edea: Well, just tell us about what you have eaten, then.
Agnès: Hmmm... I seem to recall a great deal of Ancheim's cuisine being spicy.
One bite, and I felt as though I were spewing flames. I broke into a full-body sweat...
Tiz: That sounds pretty intense.
Ringabel: Leave it to a desert people to develop a taste for searing heat.
I'm sure their women are no less fiery in--
Edea: Ooh, what about sweets!? Any cakes and things?
Agnès: Ah! I'd nearly forgotten! I had the most curious delicacy in a port on the inner sea.
Edea: Yes? Yes?
Agnès: was ice cream... th-that stretched!
Edea: Huh? Stretchy ice cream? That sounds so weird! I can't wait!
Get ready, weird stretchy ice cream--Edea's coming for you! Full speed ahead!
Tiz: Ha ha ha!
Ringabel: Temperament. Fiery in temperament...
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