BD Party Chats occurring in Chapter 3, Beloved Bonds.

A Glamorous LifeEdit

PChat A Glamorous Life
Tiz: This thing is enormous! How many Eschalots do you think would fit in there!?
Ringabel: Is it a ship? An island?
Have we chanced upon the forbidden sanctuary of the bikini tribe!?
Edea: Here's hoping they're cannibals with a taste for philanderer.
From its look, it has to be a ship. Some luxury cruise liner, maybe?
Tiz: A luxury what? Crew who? What are you talking about, Edea?
Edea: It's like a super-duper huge boat with every extravagance imaginable!
Every cabin a king's bedchamber, every meal a five-star feast, you name it, they have it aboard!
Tiz: Whoa, such a thing really exists!?
And here I've never seen anything bigger than a crabbing ship!
Ringabel: Tiz, please. You're getting bumpkin all over my feral bikini woman fantasy.

Datz's NameEdit

PChat Datz' name
Edea: Datz Strongberry is kind of an adorable name. Strawberry... Hee hee hee!
Datz: Something funny about my name? What, I amuse you, girly? Huh?
Edea: Oh, er—N-no, I just... It's a lovely name. Very unusual! Ha ha ha... I'm sorry. I meant no offense.
Datz: Bah ha ha! Just kidding! Did I lay it on a little thick?
I haven't got mad at people making fun of my name since I signed up. Eh, Zatz?
Zatz: Not since you flattened two squads worth of jokers and got tossed in the brig.
Edea: Yeesh...
Datz: Ha ha, all four of us wound up there on the day we enlisted.
Guess time mellows even the rowdiest of us, huh?
Tiz: All four of you?
Datz: Yeah, it's been the four of us together, for better or worse, ever since that first brawl.
Zatz: Been awhile since I've seen Steiner and Neuer... You figure they're alright?
Datz: Sure, they're with the commander. Why don't we show the vestal around and drop by?

The Shoreline BathsEdit

PChat Shoreline Baths
Edea: Hey Datz, what's that smoke rising over the coast?
Datz: Oh, that's steam from a natural hot spring. A vein of magma empties into the sea there, heating the water.
Tiz: Wow, a real hot spring.
Datz: They say the waters work wonders on cuts and scrapes. Even burns.
And, uh... See that cape out there? That one's a mixed bath. Everybody in one big tub.
Ringabel: Ngh!?
Tiz: Huh? Ringabel, where are you—
Datz: Wow, he's nearly out of sight. Heck of a pair of legs on that guy.
Edea: Is it alright to let him go? We'll be hearing screams from the cape in no time.
Datz: Naw, it's fine. Nothing to worry about.
Around this time...ah, that's right. The mix oughtta be mostly valtoras in the bath now. Bah ha ha!
Tiz: Hey, now he's sprinting back this way. He's shouting something...
Edea: Sounds like, "I'" Ah ha ha, and he's crying!
Tiz: Ah ha... ha...

The Swordmaster's StingEdit

PChat Swordmaster Sting
Datz: That Kamiizumi... We lost an entire squad to the swordmaster alone.
Thinking back on it, we probably only survived because he let us.
He seems all calm and peaceful, but as soon as he draws that sword, he's a hurricane.
Just talking about it has all the wounds he gave me throbbing...
Ringabel: And that same swordmaster and commander of the mercenary Black Blades is our Edea's teacher.
Edea: I'm sorry. I guess that's another secret I kept from you... But I didn't want to believe the stories.
Agnès: ......
If it is too painful for you, you are free to walk away, you know.
No one is forcing you to join us in this journey.
Edea: What?
Tiz: Agnès, you don't have to say it like that.
Agnès: I fear I haven't the time to hesitate or the leisure to doubt. We must press forward.
Edea: ......

Symbol of the ShieldbearersEdit

PChat Symbol of Shielbearers
Tiz: Commander Goodman really lives up to his name, huh? Down to earth and understanding.
Datz: Right? Everybody here loves him, soldiers and townsfolk alike. Respect him, too.
He's the reason the Shieldbearers have held together this long. He's the glue.
And he practices what he preaches. He's a paragon of self-defense.
We never fight to take anything from anybody else. Ever.
Edea: ......
Agnès: ......
Datz: So, Tiz. Mind if I ask what's got the vestal and Edea all in a bunch?
Tiz: Er, yeah... It's kind of-
Ringabel: Girls are complicated things, and it's a foolish man who asks too many questions.
Datz: Y-yeah? That certainly sounds complicated...


PChat Tragedy
Agnès: This town is awash with sadness. I never truly knew the depths of war's tragedy...
It creates nothing, brings happiness to no man... Why do we persist in this madness?
Ringabel: Because both sides have beliefs they can't let go, I suppose.
Agnès: Something so precious that it warrants the deaths of countless innocent people?
The world is faced with a crisis dire as it has ever seen, and this is what we are doing?
Ringabel: Humans fight to secure peace as they envision it. The trouble is, everyone's vision is different.
Agnès: I fear I cannot understand it...
However lofty the ideals of sword and shield, the fact remains that they are engaged in murder.
Ringabel: Wherever people gather, emotions run high, and justice and truth are subjective.
Where the majority has reached consensus, it is difficult for any one person to resist.
Agnès: ......
Tiz: Even so, I don't want to be the sort of person who just accepts all that as a given.
Edea: Me neither.
Ringabel: At the very least, I swear I will take no woman for granted. I'll give my all, always.
Edea: Aaand there's the sad, strange Ringabel we know and love again.

Eleanor's Home CookingEdit

PChat Eleanor's Home Cooking
Datz: So, what did you think of Eleanor's cooking? Pretty great, right?
Ringabel: Absolutely! The sausage was tender and juicy.
Edea: The potatoes au gratin were like a gooey dream!
Tiz: It was all delicious.
Datz: Heh, sounds like she rolled out all the classics. They're our wartime staples.
Tiz: You eat them a lot?
Datz: As you can see, this isn't the most fertile patch of land. Potatoes are all that'll grow.
And meat shortages mean we're always padding out the sausage with something.
Ringabel: All the more impressive, then, that such a feast came from meager supplies.
No doubt it was her love for me that gave it such flavor!
Edea: Yeah, I'll bet...
Datz: I'm sure poor Eleanor's got plenty of love stocked up by now, with her husband away.
But the commander's stuck out on the front lines. He barely gets home, these days.
I just feel awful for her, stuck in that big house all alone...
Tiz: Well, I hope we can pitch in to help her out somehow.
Agnès: ......

Keeping Up With RingabelEdit

PChat Keeping up with Ringabel
Ringabel: Edea! Care to guess who I was just with? Hmm? Curious!?
It's quite the surpriiise!
Edea: Fine, fine, tell me about this woman you met.
I'll put up with you for a while.
Ringabel: So! Last night I chanced across a most unusual lady...
She was crawling along the walls and ceilings!
Edea: What!? What kind of girl was this!?
Ringabel: I couldn't say. An acrobat or somesuch, I expect?
Edea: An acrobat...? Hmm, I suppose she could have been practicing.
Ringabel: Ah, or perhaps she was on patrol! Noble girl, keeping her home safe.
Edea: You make her sound like a guard dog...gecko...thing. And wait, why were you in her house!?
Ringabel: Ah! Owww...
Just remembering the feel of her elbow strike has me all aflutter!
Edea: Oof. I can't keep up...