BD Party Chats occurring during Chapter 2, One Day, Beneath a Blue Sky.

A Foul StenchEdit

PChat A Foul Stench
Edea: Hey, does anyone else smell something funny?
Tiz: Yeah. What IS that? It's strong... Augh, it's like something's rotting. My eyes are watering!
Ringabel: Perhaps we're smelling the Miasma Woods' namesake?
Agnès: I doubt it. The wind is blowing in the opposite direction.
Tiz: I feel like it's coming from the north.
Edea: Ringabel, when was the last time you took a bath?
Ringabel: Heh, if it were my natural musk, you and Agnès would be losing your minds with desire about now.
Edea: ......
Ringabel: ...Nothing? No response at all?

A Changed CityEdit

PChat A changed city
Tiz: Whoooa, this place is incredible!
Edea: Look at how shiny the floors are! I can-- Ringabel, what are you looking at?
Ringabel: Oh, uh...various things. I was deep in thought, you see.
Edea: Then why did I just catch you looking at my reflection!?
Agnès: It's different... All of this is completely different than the last time I was here!
I recall it being a two-tiered city built upon the river's surface, but...
Before, the lower tier was residential, while the upper was reserved for Crystalist institutions.
Ringabel: What of that giant stage at the top? Did that serve a religious function?
Agnès: I've no idea. Nor could I even guess what sort of place all that neon is advertising.
Just what in the world could have happened here?

Two Tired BoysEdit

PChat Two tired boys
Tiz: Yaaaaaawn...
Ringabel: You s-saaaaaaid it...
Edea: Yeesh, what's got you two yawning first thing in the morning?
Actually, don't answer that, Ringabel. I can guess. But Tiz, why are you tired?
Tiz: Isn't it obvious?
Those darn neon signs were flickering all night long.
Then as soon as I finally get to sleep, Mr. Night Owl here comes stumbling back to the room...
Edea: And we already know you're a neurotic sleeper.
Tiz: Can't we call it a "light" sleeper?
Edea: Look, here's some coffee. These are dire times, so I made it black.
Tiz: Thanks, that's great.
Edea: Ha ha, look at this one. He fell asleep still holding the cup.
Don't go drowning in your coffee, Ringabel.

The Water Vestal and MeEdit

PChat The water vestal and me
Tiz: It sounds like you and the vestal of water were really close.
Agnès: Olivia was my one and only friend. She is very dear to me.
We are the same age, and were selected as vestalings around the same time.
Then we succeeded our predecessors and became full vestals together as well.
We were always together, walking the same path in step.
I do not know that I could have endured the vestal training without her.
She was always the talented one. Smarter than I, but kinder as well. She shone so bright.
There was a time we traded letters nearly every day.
Despite the distance separating us, she always felt close by.
Once we became vestals, our responsibilities kept us from writing as often, but...
I never imagined anything like this.
Tiz: Don't worry. I'm sure we'll find her. She's probably busy looking for you right now, too!
Agnès: Yes, of course. And thank you, Tiz.

A Pious LifeEdit

PChat A Pious Life
Ringabel: Not a person in sight...
Tiz: Still, it's a relief to see the temple's unharmed.
The Temple of Wind was torn apart. I was worried we'd find the same here.
Agnès: Indeed...
At the very least, it seems the acolytes escaped harm. Or so I hope...
The smell of the air here is so nostalgic.
I hear all four temples share a similar design. Perhaps they all feel this way.
The construction is plain, just stone and simple windows. No ornamentation to speak of.
But when the sun filters in, the prayer hall was suffused with a calm warmth...
I used to love just watching the light pour through the windows.
Tiz: I can imagine how peaceful that would be.
Agnès: I'm certain it seems a dreadfully dull and monotonous life to outsiders.
But to in the temple was rich, and perfectly tranquil.
Edea: Tranquility's great, in moderation.
But didn't you ever get the urge to know what was going on in the outside world?
Agnès: It is not as if we completely forsook the world around us.
The world within the temple was simply enough for us. That's all...

Tres FashionaaabluhEdit

PChat Tres Fashionaaabluh
Edea: Hmmm, what's fashionaaabluh here...
Agnès: Fashion...what?
Edea: Fashionaaabluh. You know, fashionable? That's how the hip kids said it back home.
Ooh, have a look at this. Tadaaah!
An heirloom floral linen stole!
Agnès: That's lovely! And so fashionable!
Edea: Not fashionable. Fashionaaabluh!
Agnès: F-fashionaaabluh, then... Edea, where did you find it? I'm envious.
Edea: Aren't you!? It was a gift from my mother, years and years ago.
If you wrap it around you like...this! It makes for the perfect accent.
Ringabel: Absolutely fashionaaabluh!
Tiz: You're always fashionable, though, Edea.
Edea: Not fashionable! FASHIONAAABLUH!
Tiz: Ha ha...
Although you're nearly as fashion-minded as she is, Ringabel.
You're always fussing over your hair, and your shoes are blinding.
Ringabel: What can I say? I live my life in front of the mirror.
A proper pompadour is a joy and a responsibility. Shoes and belt must match.
But that's only the beginning. You don't know the half of it.
Clothing I really like, I never wear. Don't want to get it dirty, do I?
Tiz: What use are clothes you can't wear?
Edea: See, Tiz? You're the only country bumpkin in the group.
Give this stole a try. Stoles on guys are in this season.
Tiz: But this season is warm.
What's the point of wearing a scarf when it's not cold out?
Edea: Scarf!? It's not a... Here, just try it!
Ringabel: At times one must suffer to be fashionaaabluh.
Tiz: This has to look ridiculous... Oh, well. I'll think of it as a sweat towel.
Agnès: Tiz, you look very, er...f-fashionaaabluh...
You'd look right at home weeding a garden!

Florem's Finest FoodEdit

PChat Florem's Finest Food
Ringabel: Agnès, what is Florem's finest delicacy, food-wise?
Edea: Let me guess. "I would dearly love to escort you..." Right?
Ringabel: Without question. But I'm also just plain hungry. Aren't you?
Tiz: Now that you mention it...
Edea: So, Agnès. Any recommendations?
Agnès: Hmm, let me think... Florem is known for stream noodles. Oh, and water jellies for dessert.
Ringabel: Those sound lovely, but have you anything that sticks to the ribs a bit more?
Agnès: A bowl of eel wafers, perhaps? Hmm, or I believe queen perch is in season.
Ringabel: Eel wafers...bowl!? What in the world?
Agnès: It is a delicacy made by stacking thin slices of eel from Florem's marshlands. Quite famous.
Tiz: And what's a queen perch?
Agnès: A river fish, prized for their aroma. They swim upstream at this time of year, and are served salted or fried.
Tiz: I think some fried queen perch sounds good, then.
Ringabel: Perhaps I'll try these eel wafers, then.
Edea: Ooh, me too! Eel wafers, fried perch, and water jellies!
Tiz: Ha ha, what, one of everything?

I Want This, and That, and...Edit

PChat I want this and that
Tiz: Edea, did you take Ringabel off on another of your shopping sprees?
Edea: Tee hee. What can I say? I see these clothes and just can't help myself.
Tiz: That's abundantly clear, looking at the bags in Ringabel's hands.
Ringabel: My poor, numb hands...
Edea: Wooorth iiit! I mean, just look at this adorable one piece!
Agnès: But Edea, you already own a dress that's practically identical to that!
Edea: Whaaat? They're totally different!
See? The length is shorter on this one. It's all the rage.
Tiz: If you go buying new dresses every time hemlines change, you'll be broke in no time.
Ringabel: Yes, and my purse is in no condition to support her little habit... Heh.
Edea: Needless to say, mine is no fuller. I haven't got two coins to rub together... Heh.
Tiz: Don't tell me...
Edea: Thank you sooo much, Tiz!
Tiz: Aaah! That's MY wallet!

Sexy ClothesEdit

PChat Sexy clothes
Edea: I'm amazed an old man like the sage still travels town to town by foot.
Ringabel: Evidence of the man's tireless commitment to sexy clothes, my dear.
I knew from the moment I saw him he was no ordinary grandpa.
Tiz: Sooo, I have no problem with the fact that we wound up out here, but...
Do you two really plan to put Agnès in something
Agnès: I fear I am ignorant in such things. What makes a garment sexy, precisely?
Tiz: Er, goodness, how to put this...
Ringabel: Hold that thought! Agnès, my dear, why spoil the surprise, hmm?
Edea: Today's "black as pitch list", entry number one...Ringabel!

Her First BowEdit

Her First Bow
Agnès: Is this what they call a bow?
Tiz: That's right. First time using one, Agnès?
Agnès: Yes. I have heard about them, but never had a chance to actually lay hands upon one.
Would it be alright if I gave it a try over there?
Tiz: Equipping weapons suited to your job is very important.
Edea: Mm-hm, it has a major effect on your attack power, too.
Ringabel: The knight's weapon of choice is the sword! The white mage's, a staff! And the black mage's, a rod!
Tiz: Ah! Agnès is back! What did you think of the bow?
Agnès: Well... I think, perhaps, I expected too much.
It seems to me I could do better with my bare hands.
Ringabel: That doesn't make any sense. The bow is a powerful weapon, after all.
Edea: I know! Show her by loosing an arrow at that fence over there.
Ringabel: Alright, here goes!
Tiz: ......! Bull's-eye!
Agnès: What was that stick-like object that flew from the bow?
And what is an arrow...?
Edea: Eh? You're kidding...right?


PChat Anxiety
Edea: Hmmm...
Tiz: Is something wrong?
Edea: Do you remember the girl who won at the festival?
Tiz: Sure. The little one, right?
Ringabel: I have no interest in little girls. There's nothing sexy about a twig that's yet to bud. I can't imagine how she won.
Tiz: I don't think Edea was asking for all that...
Edea: I could swear I've seen her somewhere before. I just can't place where...

Agnès's AnguishEdit

PChat Agnès Anguish
Agnès: ......
Tiz: Agnès is beyond downhearted...
Edea: I wish I knew what to say to her.
It's my fault. I should have remembered who Victoria was sooner.
Ringabel: The two vestals shared a bond closer than I can begin to imagine.
For now, we'd best just give her space.
Tiz: ......

The PendantEdit