BD Party Chats that occur during Chapter 1: Sit & Stay are Tricks for Dogs. These chats include discussions about Ancheim, the Wind Temple and its acolytes, and events in the Yulyana Woods Needleworks.

Ancheim, Land of Sand and TimeEdit

PChat Ancheim Land
Tiz: I never expected to find such a clockwork wonder in the middle of a desert.
Edea: Yeah, it's great, but this heat! Ugh... I feel gross.
Agnès: The heat was always allayed by a steady breeze, but now...
The wind is stopped, the air stagnant.
Tiz: What about the water? Is that contraption drawing up drinking water?
Agnès: I believe so. I recall hearing it was quite costly, last I was here.
Tiz: Well, it is an impressive machine... Wait, you mean the water!?
Agnès: Indeed. I was surprised to learn water came free in Caldisla.
I had always known it as something to be bought, so you can imagine my delight.
Ringabel: More importantly, Agnès, what of the women here? Are they beautiful? Passionate? Devoted?
Where would you suggest for a date spot? I'll need a list of good restaurants if you ple--
Agnès: Unacceptable.

The Cogs of AncheimEdit

PChat Cogs of Ancheim
Tiz: Yaaaaaawn...
Ringabel: Just woke up and already that tired, Tiz?
Tiz: It's this city. You notice how there are always gears turning someplace close?
Ringabel: Sure, the sound is deafening, at times. Little wonder this place is known for its grand clock.
Tiz: The noise is bad, but the vibration is worse. I can't get to sleep with that hum.
Edea: I'm surprised you're so high-strung.
Tiz: Surprised...?
I'm jealous of your ability to pass out anytime, anywhere, Edea.
Agnès: Do you need a bit more rest, Tiz?
Tiz: Oh, no. I'll be fine. Let's get going.

Agnès' AngstEdit

PChat Agnes Angst
Tiz: You seemed on edge during that whole speech.
Agnès: ......
Tiz: You don't have to bottle it all in. I'm no expert, but I'm happy to listen.
Agnès: I cannot deny that the people of Ancheim are dissatisfied with my work as a vestal.
I've no intention of making excuses.
Tiz: But you didn't run away, either. Right?
Agnès: ...The king asked me directly.
He said that terrible things were happening in Caldisla, and asked that I investigate.
Yet now he paints an entirely different picture. I cannot understand his need to lie.
Does he bear me some grudge? Have I done him some slight?
Tiz: Do you regret listening to him in the first place?
Agnès: ...No. I do not regret my time in Caldisla.
Seeing that chasm first-hand showed me precisely what it is I must do.
Airy: And you met Tiz there, too!
Agnès: That's-- Airy, that's hardly...
Tiz: I'm glad you came and saw the chasm, too.
You've shown me a path forward.
Agnès: ......
Blessed is the person who is needed by someone else.
Edea: Hmm? What's this? What are we talking about?
Agnès: N-nothing! It's nothing.
Edea: Then why are you hiding it? Come on, don't leave me out. I want to know!
Agnès: Unacceptable. To me, and to Tiz. Right, Tiz?
Tiz: Er, yes, ma'am.

What's This Temple?Edit

PChat What's This Temple
Edea: So, what is this temple like, exactly? I have no idea what to expect.
Agnès: It is a holy place that has been a center of worship for millennia.
To each crystal is wed a vestal, who spends her lifetime in steady prayer.
Vestalings--girls chosen as successors to the vestals--go to live in the temples.
They leave its premises only very rarely.
And so, to a vestal, the temple is also a home.
Ringabel: A flower garden, with no boys allowed.
Edea: Be quiet, Ringabel.
Tiz: So you were inside the temple ever since you became a vestaling?
Agnès: It was quite rare to leave, save for a few public rites each year.
Tiz: Does that mean you were all alone? Wasn't that hard?
Agnès: I was not alone, no. The mother vestal--my predecessor--raised me to serve in her place.
And there were the acolytes. They would go into town and purchase all we needed.
Tiz: But you left for this journey. I guess that's proof it's important.
Agnès: No. Even so, I had never intended to leave the temple.
Never intended any of this...

Vestal and AcolytesEdit

PChat Vestals & Acolytes
Tiz: What was daily life here like for you, Agnès?
Agnès: Life in the temple?
The acolytes and I offered out prayers to the crystal every day without fail.
Tiz: Oof, no days off?
Agnès: The sole purpose for the vestal and acolytes' existence is to see those prayers go on unbroken.
Tiz: I see...
Agnès: Each day, we would awaken with the sun and perform morning prayers.
Edea: Ack, I couldn't drag myself out of bed that early.
Ringabel: That's just about bedtime for me.
Edea: Sure, because you're out philandering all night.
Tiz: So if you wake up at dawn, when do you go to sleep?
Agnès: Our days ended with the sun's setting.
Tiz: That all sounds very disciplined. Harsh, even.
Agnès: Perhaps. But I cherished it. Even now, I long to return to that life dearly...

Such Sweet SorrowEdit

PChat Such Sweet Sorrow
Edea: "How about a nip of breakfast for an old man?" Hah! He cooks just fine.
Ringabel: Quite. It was nothing especially fancy or out-of-the-ordinary, but it went down fine.
Tiz: I thought it was really good, actually.
Agnès: Likewise. I wonder why he would have wanted you to cook for him, Edea?
Ringabel: All alone, out here in the woods? Maybe he missed the taste of the big city.
Edea: Aww, when you put it that way, I feel bad for saying no.
Tiz: What sort of food do you like to cook, Edea?
Edea: Hmmm, I haven't cooked enough to have a specialty or anything, but if I had to pick something...
I make a mean jam and butter omelet.
Tiz: Beg my pardon?
Edea: Or whipped chestnut and sweet potato toast.
Ringabel: Uhh...
Edea: Or have you ever tried marshmallow and condensed milk risotto?
Tiz: Er, no, but it sounds sweet... Painfully so.
Edea: Yup! Mother and father were left speechless by its amazing deliciousness.
I'd be happy to whip some up for you next time.
Ringabel: R-right... Next time...

Ringabel's ReconaissanceEdit

PChat Ringabel's Reconaissance
Ringabel: Just a moment, Tiz.
Tiz: Huh? What is it?
Edea: Hmm? Something wrong?
Ringabel: Nothing at all. This is a matter between men, my dear.
Edea: Uh huh...
Ringabel: Now, where was I? Ah, Tiz!
Last night, I chanced to awaken and notice you and Agnès were absent from your beds.
What's more, you took your time coming back. Anything you'd care to confess, old chap?
Just what trouble does a stick-in-the-mud like you get up to?
Tiz: Wha-- That's none of your business!
Ringabel: Oh, come on, out with it! All of it, every last sordid, juicy, scandalous morsel! Out!
Tiz: ...I woke up and saw she wasn't in her bed.
Ringabel: Yes? Yes!? Then what!?
Tiz: I got out of bed to look for her.
Ringabel: Right, right. Sensible enough. Go on. Get to the good part!
Tiz: I heard a sewing machine running, so I went to to the sage's work space and found them talking.
Ringabel: What? Talk about a turn for the boring...
Tiz: He listened to what was on her mind and offered her some advice.
I promised myself I'd do a better job of helping her, too.
Ringabel: Hmph. Yes. Alright. So, is that it, then?
Tiz: That's it. What did you expect? We were only gone maybe fifteen minutes.
And besides, why were you up?
Ringabel: Hm? Me? Er, you know...
Anyway, I nodded off after a few minutes of watching Edea sleep.
Tiz: Yeah...
Edea: Alright, enough whispering. Just what is it, you two?
Ringabel: Ahem. Nothing at all, as I said! Eh, Tiz? Ha ha ha...

Proof, Not PromisesEdit

PChat Proof not promises
Agnès: The wind ought now return.
Tiz: I'm sure the people of Ancheim will be happy!
Agnès: Yes, with the wind returned, the kingdom can go back to its former, peaceful ways.
Edea: Let's hurry back and report. I want to see that lousy king squirm!
I'm still mad at what he did to you before, Agnès.
Mark my words, he's black as tar.
You agree with me, don't you? You have to!
Agnès: Not all of us are so set on seeing the world in terms of black and white, Edea.
Our task was to awaken the wind crystal, and so we have.
It has nothing to do with making anyone squirm.
Edea: Just watch, though. I bet he'll try to make everyone work just as hard, even with the wind back.
Agnès: What? But that's not...
Edea: Still, isn't it better if we head him off before he gets the chance?
Tiz: Head him off how?
Edea: Step one is making it darned clear that it was Agnès that brought the wind back.
Tiz: And how do we do that?
Ringabel: Talk is cheap. We show them proof!
Agnès: ...Ah!

The Wind ReturnsEdit

PChat Wind returns
Tiz: Yes! The wind is back!
Just look at the sky! The clouds are practically racing along!
Edea: Mmm, that breeze feels incredible!
Doubly so, after a job well done!
Agnès: All of Ancheim's people were so thankful...
One girl said that thanks to the wind, her father is able to come home again!
Edea: I heard, "We can all eat as a family again!"
Tiz: Or, "Now we can fly kites!" You should have seen the kids' grins.
Ringabel: "All the skirts ruffling in the breeze make me feel alive."
Edea: Gee, I wonder who said THAT.
Tiz: Ha ha ha! In any case, we've got the wind at our back, now!

The Minister's GenerosityEdit

PChat The minister's generosity
Ringabel: Ahh, leave it to the prime minister. He thought of everything!
Edea: Hm? What did he give us? It's... a piece of paper. Great.
Ringabel: Don't be silly, my angel. This is the bill of goods. They'll be sent to the ship later.
First off, there's the food. He arranged for bread, cured meat, salted grassbeans...
Fruit celery, green turnips, two barrels of pickled pink eggplant, Clocktower brand Firaga sauce...
Then a barrel of Ancheim's most tooth-rotting desserts. They do like their sugar.
There's at least two weeks' provisions here.
Past food, there's... Ah! Berthing permission for the Eschalot! That'll come in handy.
We can take on water, oil, even ammunition. Truly, the man is a bureaucratic wizard.
Edea: Sounds like we'll have a little party waiting for us at the ship!
Agnès: A party? We must make for Florem as soon as humanly possible.
Ringabel: Well, as soon as possible is at least half a day from now, given the time to load all this.
Tiz: Right. I think we've all earned at least that much of a rest. Let's enjoy it while we can.