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Paramina rift chocobo

Riding chocobo through the rift.

The Paramina Rift (パラミナ大峡谷, Paramina Daikyōkoku?) is a location in the land of Ivalice in Final Fantasy XII. It is a mountain pass that must be crossed to get to Mt. Bur-Omisace.

Final Fantasy XIIEdit


In Final Fantasy XII, The Paramina Rift is located on Jagd Ramooda, to the northeast of the Ozmone Plain, and is only accessible via the Golmore Jungle. Mt. Bur-Omisace lies to the north of the mountain range. To the west, the Rift connects with the Feywood, and the Stilshrine of Miriam is accessible to the south.

Sage KnowledgeEdit

Comprising a great ravine running through the mountains of the Jagd Ramooda, this is a barren land covered in hoarfrost and deep snows. The spent shells of airships hang in the frozen river, and here and there can be seen the ruins of great cities built during the years of the Galtean Alliance. Many are the scholars who believe that the Paramina Rift was once a rich and verdant land, and that a climate change brought about by Mist made it into the cold, harsh jagd we see today.
—Sage Knowledge 77, Paramina Rift


Ice Elemental

Ice Elementals come out when it is cloudy.

Paramina Rift has three different weather conditions:

  • Sunny
  • Cloudy (sky is grey, snow specks in the air)
  • Blizzard

When the Paramina Rift is in a blizzard, entering the Frozen Brook area resets the weather to cloudy. Ice Elementals come out during cloudy weather in the Frozen Brook and Silverflow's End areas. Only during a blizzard, can a Leshach Entite be encountered in the Head of the Silverflow and Icebound Flow areas, and the mark Fafnir appears in Silverflow's End.

Paramina Rift is of snow terrain and therefore all Ice damage is boosted. During a blizzard Fire, Ice and Wind attacks are all boosted, and Water damage is halved.


FF12 - Treasure Urn (Snow)
See also: Treasure (Final Fantasy XII)

The most common item treasures are Phoenix Downs and Blue Fangs. With the Diamond Armlet equipped, the common item treasure is Knot of Rust, and the rare item treasure is X-Potion.

The treasure in south and east of the Head of the Silverflow area may have the Osafune. In the dead-end to the east and north the player may find the Betelgeuse.

In Freezing Gorge there is a treasure that spawns 50% of the time, has 50% chance to contain gil, but when it is an item, it can be either Golden Armor or Serpent Rod. The treasure respawns, so the player may try it repeatedly. In the Frozen Brook area, the treasure that spawns nearest to the northern exits may contain the Quasimodo Boots. The treasure to the east and north may have the Golden Helm, the treasure in the middle is Bangle unless it is gil, and the treasure in the southwest can have the Musk Stick.

In Icebound Flow, the treasure that spawns between the two northern exits may have the Glacial Staff. The treasure right before exit to Feywood can have the Ice Shield. In Karydine Glacier, the player may find another Glacial Staff in the northeast dead-end above the frozen river. The treasures in the southeast and southwest may have gambits for attacking foes that are weak or vulnerable to Ice.

In the western cutoff area of the Silverflow's End many treasures can spawn at the southern end. The player may find Thief's Cuffs, Burgonet and Shielded Armor in there.


  • Fading Vale (to Golmore Jungle)
  • Head of the Silverflow
  • Icebound Flow (to the Feywood)
  • Frozen Brook
  • Freezing Gorge (to Mt Bur-Omisace)
  • Karydine Glacier
  • Path of the Firstfall
  • Spine of the Icewyrm
  • Silverflow's End (to the Stilshrine of Miriam)

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Final Fantasy XII: Revenant WingsEdit

Snowbound chasm in the northeastern reaches of Kerwon. The holy mountain of Kiltia, Bur-Omisace, rises nearby, welcoming pilgrim and refugee alike.
—In-game description

In Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, the party revisits the Paramina Rift after they learn the true location of the Judge of Wings.

Main MissionsEdit

Mission 36: Ye Who RestEdit

The Judge of Wings was sighted in the cold wastes of the Paramina Rift, but why has she traveled to this frozen place? What connection does she bear to those who rest here?

Mydia travels to the Paramina Rift to view the war memorial to her fallen love, Velis, who died at Battle of Nalbina Fortress. As the party approaches, Mydia taunts and incapacitates Basch, saying he is responsible for the deaths of so many of the soldiers now honored on the memorial. Basch breaks through Mydia's spell and says he can do nothing now but atone for his sins and put the dead to rest. Mydia departs, leaving the party to deal with a horde of undead monsters.

Map ParaminaRift RW
Goblin PouchEdit
  • Destrier Mane/Dragon Whisker

Side MissionsEdit

Mission 74: Dance of the DeadEdit

A scion in the Paramina Rift calls forth legions of the dead. Though they are loath to tread so close to holy Bur-Omisace, they are powerless to resist their master's command. They long only for rest...

The scion Zalera is battled in this mission, flanked by a massive number of undead creatures. Upon his defeat, he is summonable on the Ring of Pacts, and Basch gains his Quickening, Apocalypse Shield.

Map ParaminaRift RW
  • 22,500 gil
  • Volcano
  • Maximillian
  • Auracite
Goblin PouchEdit
  • Oakwood Stick/Oakwood Log

Summoning MeleeEdit

Open battle against foes who summon wave after wave of Yarhi.
Map ParaminaRift RW
  • 12,500 gil
  • Auracite
Goblin PouchEdit
  • Death Powder/Soul Powder


Note: areas highlighted in red are hidden passages that do not appear on the map.
FF12 Map - Paramina Rift


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