Panjandrum is an enemy in Final Fantasy Type-0. It is a weapon used by the Militesi Empire which detects intruders. It appears only in the missions in Chapter 3.


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Troubled by Martinet's lack of firepower, Militesi scientists set out to develop a new droid capable of defending the empire's key strategic locations. What they created was an amalgam of trinotrotuluene and parts from scrapped Martinets—the Panjandrum. Simple in design and thus idea for large-scale production, the Panjandrum serves one function: to halt an enemy assault any means necessary, including self-destruction. This drone was first sanctioned as the Type-37 Automated Battle Droid 2.0 on the cusp of the Great War and employed in combat shortly thereafter. However, because the Panjandrum was designed as a single use weapon, the fleet was expended rather quickly, and only a few machines remained in the aftermath.


Panjandrums are found planted in the ground. When they discover the party, they will sound an alarm, and later self destruct.


It is best to avoid Panjandrum, unless they take up too much space to proceed in an area. If they discover the player, they must be killed quickly. It is best to use ranged party members and kill them with Killsight if this happens.

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